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At the homepage of your store at, access on Order, you can be directed to the default screen as following:

Here, sellers can:

  • Import external orders (import orders from other marketplaces to fulfil with Merchzie)
  • Import order tracking (import shipment tracking of order)
  • Export orders (sellers will receive a CSV file to update the information of customers’ orders)

The orders will be displayed following the default criteria:

  • Payment Status is Paid
  • Fulfillment Status is All
  • Fulfillment By is All
  • Artwork Status is All
  • Tracking Availability is All
  • Address Status is All
  • Shipment Tracking Status is All

Then you can see the order’s information such as:

  • Number (order number)
  • Time (order time)
  • Customer (name, e-mail and address)
  • Tags: this part includes 2 main tags: the name of the platform that customer orders and the order weblink

    +For example: in the image, customers order from my Woocommerce store, weblink is

  • Artwork Status: this item represents which orders are missing design and which are ready to be printed
  • Payment Status is Paid/ Refund depending on the customisation above.
  • Fulfillment Status is Unfulfilled/ Fulfilled/ Partial depending on each order.
  • Fulfillment By is Sellers/ To be decided/ Merchize depending on each order.
  • Artwork Status is Completed/ Incompleted/ Missing depending on each order.
  • Tracking Availability is Completed/ Incompleted/ Missing depending on each order.
  • Address Status is Verifying/ US Valid/ US Invalid/ US Valid Buyer Confirmed/ Other depending on each order.
  • Shipment Tracking Status is Created/ Unknown/ Pre Transit/ Out of Delivery/ Delivered/ Return to Sender/ Failure/ Cancelled/ Expired depending on each order.
  • Tracking: tracking code of each order
  • Revenue (order value)

You can also find orders based on:

  • Number – Order number.
  • Tags – Order tags
  • External Number – Order number on the platform that Sellers are selling.
  • Customer Email – Email address of customers.
  • Customer Name – Name of customers
  • Product Titles – Name of products
  • Product Collections – Product Lists
  • Product Tags 

In the Order search based on Product Titles, Merchize added the option of Includes “[input text]” to the list of suggestions, the display position is the first option. When you choose this option, the result is all the orders which have product title includes [input text].

→ Example: Enter “Mask”, the first option will be Includes “Mask”. If you choose this option, the system will take all orders which have the product title include “Mask”. The search result will be non-case sensitivity.

→ This filter has compatible with the Export Orders feature.

After that, to edit the order information, you click on the number of orders and will be directed to the new screen as following:

  • When the product has the first sale, you need to access the order to upload artwork front/back so that the system can handle it. If it has more orders for this product, the system will automatically take the previous artwork file to fulfill.
  • You can edit the information of receivers under the Buyer Details section. For example, I have customer information as below:


  • The default tags section includes 2 available tags: the name of the platform that the customer orders and the order weblink. You can add other tags as you want.

  • Order notes section: fill in the notes for fulfilling.

Cancelling an unfulfilled order

  • When an order is cancelled/ refunded or you don’t want to fulfill via Merchize, as soon as having an order, you can go to More Actions → Cancel Fulfillment before the system can fulfill the order. The system will not accept refund/ cancel after fulfilling the order.

  • When you have the first order, you need to contact Merchize supporters at Fanpage Fulfillment by Merchize to resolve the fulfillment issues. And from the next time, fulfillment staff will actively contact and work will sellers.
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