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Wood Ornament
Wood Ornament
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Wood Ornament
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Wood Ornament

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Embrace a cherished memory with a Print On Demand Wood Ornament. Each piece, crafted from ASH Plywood, is designed to celebrate moments from weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, company events, to Christmas. These ornaments bring a unique touch to your retail collections, consistently proving themselves as best sellers. There are no minimums, and we guarantee fast processing and shipping for each made-on-demand order.

However, if the ornament isn't hanging as it should, we've ensured ease of reattachment. Use the hanger string provided, or switch to your choice of ribbon or twine. In the unlikely event of damage, a minor fix can be made using wood filler for smaller cracks. For more significant damage, replacement may be necessary. Our Print On Demand Wood Ornament blends beauty with durability, offering a product that stands the test of time.

  • Easily customizable
  • MOQ: 1
  • Made in Vietnam

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Average Est. Processing Time

1-3 business days


Average Est. Shipping Time

US: 4-7 business days

EU: 10-20 business days

ROW: 10-25 business days

2-6 additional days due to external factors beyond our control



Wood Ornament Information

Product Details

Mockup & Template

Care Instruction

Custom Wood Ornaments can be used as home decorations or meaningful gifts for friends and relatives on special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine’s, and birthdays. The product is cut with precision, presenting even the small details in your design.

    • Material: Ash Plywood – Polished, lightweight, durable wood with a natural bright grain. This material has a high tolerance to humid environments.
    • UV printing and Laser Cut technology create details with high precision.
    • Wood thickness: 3mm (1/8 inch).
    • 3 available decoration types:
      • Printed Wood Ornament: one-layered printable & cutout shape.
      • Layered Wood Ornament: double-layered printable & cutout shape.
      • Cutout Wood Ornament: one-layered cutout shape.
    • Size 4×4 inches
  • Each ornament comes with 3 hanger strings: Gold Metallic, Red Ribbon, Jute Twine Strings.

Tracking Country Origin: US.

Wood Ornament Print Guidelines

  • Submit JPEG/PNG files with at least 300 DPI
    ‍To ensure the highest quality when printing make sure your files follow our Design Template.
  • Download templates and mockups for products:
    Printed Wood Ornament here. 
    Layered Wood Ornament here.
    Cutout Wood Ornament here.
  • Save your files with the right format
    Our printers accept both PNG and JPEG files. For printing purposes, always convert them to CMYK.
    You can learn more about creating suitable print files over here.
    Note for artwork with transparency: Since .PNG files are only in RGB color space, we recommend creating your print files in CMYK and then converting them to an RGB color profile.
  • Fill the entire design space
    ‍‍Make sure your image covers the entire print area to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Keep important design elements within the safe print area
    The Safe Print Area line appears as a green dotted line when you’re designing your product.
    Keep important parts of your design, like text or photos within the Safe Print Area to prevent them from being trimmed off.
  • Keep opacity greater than 25%

This following tutorial is guide about:

– How to use the .PSD Templates of Layered Wood Ornament

– How to generate mockups from the print file

You can follow mostly steps of above template guideline for other decoration types.

How To Get The Best Results

  • Everything outside the safe print area is considered to be a bleed margin. You should extend your design to the edge of this area to prevent the appearance of irregular borders.

Print Outcomes Disclaimers

  • Due to the variability of computer and printer settings, we can not guarantee an exact 100% color match between the actual color printed and the color as seen on-screen for each order.
  • It is highly recommended that you double-check some artwork files that you’re unsure about with our Support team first, before processing your order.

Questions about colors, fonts, placements etc? Send us a message for further customization.

Avoid prolonged exposure to water and high temperatures

Fulfillment Price

Type Size Base cost ($) Ship US ($) Ship EU ($) Ship ROW ($)
Tier 1 (0-999) Tier 2 (1000-2999) Tier 3 (>3000) First Additional First Additional First Additional
Cutout Wood Ornament 4x4 2 1.9 1.8 5.49 0.25 7 1 11.98 2
Layered Wood Ornament Pack 1 3.7 3.6 3.5 5.49 0.25 6.99 1 11.98 2
Layered Wood Ornament Pack 2 7.4 7.2 7 5.49 0.5 6.99 2 11.98 2
Layered Wood Ornament Pack 3 11.1 10.8 10.5 5.49 0.75 6.99 3 11.98 2
Printed Wood Ornament 4x4 2 1.9 1.8 5.49 0.25 6.99 1 11.98 2

Orders to US military zones (AE, AO, AA, AP), unincorporated territories (PR, VI, GU, MP, AS) will use Royal Mail services and follow ROW shipping rate.