Deliver customized, scalable, on-brand order fulfillment with every package

Don’t miss an unprecedented opportunity to stand out from the crowd and make a unique impression on your customers with your brand.


Why You Should Use Branding Services?

One of the great things about using custom packaging as a retail business is its ability to differentiate you from your competitors.

From colorful mailer bags to thank-you notes, these elements of marketing collateral all serve to build a favorable impression of your brand in the eyes of customers.

Customized labeling & packaging help you add value to the purchase. Doing so then helps justify the slightly higher price your customer has to pay.

Full Suite Of Branding Services

Tags & Labeling

Packaging & Inserts

How We Help You With Product Branding

Strengthen your brand identity

We can help power up your business growth with over 250+ high-quality products that can be added with branding customization. We deliver service with high precision and effectiveness.

Deliver extensive options of custom labels and packaging

We provide a range of custom branding options that vary in terms of materials, types, locations, finish, and more. Our team will provide advice based on your project needs to ensure all requirements.

Adjust for all business needs

We’re now able to develop the tailor-made products to your volume and technical specifications, typically based on our manufacturing technologies. You can benefit from our high production capacity with maximum flexibility.

Start at low MOQ

We offer low minimum order quantities. That is the lowest you’ll find because we tailor our solutions to the small merchants and businesses. We can offer multi-tier pricing up to thousands of labels & packing units.

Branding Services Fees

Options Types Price/Piece MOQ Advanced Payment Merchize Notes
Sew in Labels Sew in Labels (Inside Neck) Woven/Printed $0.45 500 $225.00

Sellers should pay for 500 pcs of tags/labels in advance and they will be processed and stored at our warehouse. Whenever you get an order to be included with the branding tag, we will take it from the warehouse and process.

Sew in Labels Sew in Labels (Sleeve/Hem) Woven/Printed $0.40 500 $200.00

As above

Packing Bags Packing Bags (Wrap Packaging) Printed $0.30 500 $150.00

As above

Hang Tags Hang Tags Printed $0.30 500 $150.00

As above

Thank-you Cards Thank-you Cards (Packing Inserts) Printed $0.50 1 Pay per order

Set up cards to go in all/specific orders by configuring "Thank-you Card" Feature.
See Details

Brand Packaging Kit Brand Packaging Kit (Packing Inserts) Printed $0.80 1 Pay per order

See Details

  • OTHER CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: We try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to tailored branding & packing requirements. To request, simply get in touch with us.
  • VOLUME DISCOUNTS: The more pieces you order, the more you save. Discount rate is determined by the quantity of each order. Choose from +300 products in our catalog you can customize with branding options.


Use this form to give us your label/packaging specifications so we can provide you with a custom label quotation.


    We don’t have high minimum order restrictions. The MOQ is based on every unique package (e.g. size, design). Fill out your packaging requirements in the GET QUOTE form, and we’ll get back to you will all the needed information.

    The process of getting your packaging made differs from project to project due to individual needs. While the steps for each project might be different, our typical process consists of the following stages: Packaging Consultation (Determine Project Requirements), Quotation, Structural & Artwork Design Preparation, Sampling & Prototyping, Mass Production, Shipping & Fulfillment. For more detailed information on our process or what it would be like to work with us, contact our Account Manager.

    Order Fulfillment with Custom Branding:

    You should pay for MOQ pcs of tags/labels in advance and they will be processed and stored at our warehouse. Whenever you get an order to be included with the branding tag, our team gets to work picking, packing, and shipping your order from one of our fulfillment warehouse.

    Our production time is 5-7 days depending on the type of branding and quantity. Once you place order, you will be able to get an estimated in hands date.

    It depends on the custom branding options you chose. Feel free to ask us for a dieline on our live chat and our account managers will provide you with specific templates.

    You should simply reach out to our team from your first time order. When an order is completed, a message will be sent to you with a summary of your order and payment options.

    Sky’s the limit! If you have large order quantity with special requirements and can’t find our solutions that fit your specific needs, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

    Before moving forward to mass production, our Production Team will review your artwork to ensure there are no errors and send you a final proof for you to approve. If your artwork is not up to our printable standards, our team will advise and guide you to through fixing these errors as best as we can.