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Selling custom print on demand toys & games is a great way to upsell for your customized home & living collection. Whether your customers want their kids to practice the logical skill or they are planning to make a surprise perfect gift for their friend’s birthday, customized toys & games are sure great ideas to make an impression.
Get creative with our full range of print-on-demand customizable toys and games which could be the personalized wooden puzzle or something else. Otherwise, easily level up the difficulty by choosing various sizes & puzzle pieces to make customers come back to your store times and times.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to the the most questions we get asked about custom puzzles and other toys

Basically, you can sell print on demand puzzle on Shopify same as other print on demand products. Creating your designs, adding to online store, then when you get the custom design the print on demand partner will automatically handle manufacturing & shipping products.

Insteading of buying some custom expensive games from board companies, you might want to make your own games with print on demand business which is less expensive.

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