How to Process TikTok Shop Orders With Merchize

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Please note that:  Our integration now supports TikTok Shop US, catering exclusively to shipping within the United States.

I. Registering for TikTok Shop US

Begin by creating an account on the TikTok Seller Center. US merchants should visit TikTok Seller US.

Follow the step-by-step guide provided here for detailed instructions.

Complete the registration by clicking “Submit". TikTok may take 1-2 days to review your account. Once approved, you can proceed to set up your TikTok Shop and link it with Merchize.

II. Select a Shipping Option for your TikTok Shop

TikTok Shop US provides two shipping options, “Shipping by TikTok” and “Shipping by Seller”. Merchize currently supports both options for our fulfillment orders.

  • TikTok Shipping: Merchize will print orders and prepare your packages. Afterward, the designated carrier will collect the package and deliver it to your customers. With this option, sellers will be eligible for Seller compensation for any logistic issues. TikTok will also handle any issues regarding logistics and cover the cost of the package in case of Returns.
  • Seller Shipping: Merchize will handle fulfillment and shipping for your orders on your behalf.
    In the shipping settings of your TikTok Shop US, as illustrated below, you can choose either “Shipping by TikTok” or “Shipping by Seller”.

III. How to Process TikTok Shop orders with Merchize

1. For Seller Shipping orders

You can fulfill TikTok orders with Seller Shipping option by one of the following methods:

(1) Automatically synchronize TikTok orders by integrating your TikTok Shop account with Merchize

(2) Create manual orders in Merchize

(3) Import orders via CSV file

(4) Automate order using API

With (2), (3), and (4), the fulfillment process of TikTok’s Seller Shipping orders is essentially similar to regular orders. Note that “tiktok" tag must be added to differentiate TikTok Seller Shipping orders from other fulfillment options. 

How to automate Automatically synchronize Seller Shipping orders

To link your Merchize account with your TikTok shop, visit the TikTok channel integration page. 

On the integration page:

  • Tick the box indicating agreement with the documentation and click “Connect".
  • You’ll be redirected to TikTok. Choose “North America seller” as your account type to initiate authorization.

  • In the “Duration” dropdown, select “Unlimited”. Ensure you check the box next to “By clicking confirm…” and then click “Confirm to install”.

  • Click on “Authorize".

  • You may need to wait until the authorization process is complete and the screen redirects to the TikTok integration page on Merchize.
  • Your TikTok shop should now be connected to Merchize. The “Accounts connected" column will display your account as active.

Once your TikTok account is linked with Merchize and you select Seller Shipping for your TikTok Shop, the system will automatically synchronize all orders labeled as “Awaiting shipment."

  • To see all TikTok orders using the Seller Shipping option, from the Order import log page, select “TikTok” from the “Source” dropdown.

Any errored orders will be listed under the Failed tab, along with an error message.

  • To proceed with fulfillment for your Seller shipping orders, navigate to your order detail page and upload the print file to each order item.

Merchize will automatically process and update the tracking information for the orders in your TikTok store.

(Your “order history" keeps track of all transaction and processing activity for an order, with status updates along the way.)

The tracking displayed in the TikTok order details page

Product details will also be synchronized with your Merchize store.

You have the option to fulfill the entire order or parts of it, and include branding labels and other packaging customizations.


2. For TikTok Shipping orders

Currently, Merchize only supports manually importing fulfillment order details into Merchize using a CSV file. 

Note: A label handling fee of $0.5 will be charged for each TikTok Shipping label.

How to import TikTop shipping fulfillment order information

To import your TikTop shipping fulfillment order information:

  1. Navigate to “Orders” on the left-side menu of your dashboard.
  2. On “Orders” page, select “Import External Orders”. A pop-up will appear as shown below.

import external order screen

3. Click “Download example CSV” to get the sample CSV file. 

4. Open the CSV file and fill in the details of your TikTok Shipping order.

Compulsory fields must be filled in for each order item (exclusively for TikTok Shipping order importer):

  • shipping provider: The name of the shipping provider. Currently, Merchize exclusively uses USPS as our shipping provider for all TikTok Shipping orders. Therefore, the only accepted value in this column is “USPS”. If any other value is entered in this column, the respective item will not be successfully imported.
  • label: The image link to shipping label provided by TikTok. The only accepted format for label files is PDF.
  • tracking number: The tracking number of orders provided by TikTok.
  • Merchize warehouse:  The location of selected Merchize warehouse. Merchize currently has two warehouses in two locations, which are California and New Jersey. So, “CA" and “NJ" are the only two accepted values in this column.

Other required fields for CSV files include mockUpFront, mockUpback (and such), designFront/ designBack (and such), type, title, size, color, orderNumber, quantity. For more details about each field on the CSV file, you can read our guidelines on how to import orders to Merchize manually.

Note: When using the TikTok Shipping CSV file, sellers do not need to fill out the sections pertaining to customers’ information, such as name, address, city, state, country, and postal code.

5. After completing your import file, click the “Import” button on the TikTok Shipping section and select the file you wish to import.

import CSV file

6. Once the importing process is completed, you will see if your items were imported successfully.

  • Valid item: The number of successfully imported items
  • Invalid item: The number of items that failed to import successfully. To view which items failed to import, click “download invalid link items”.
import CSV file - success
All orders have been imported successfully
import CSV file - failed
Errors found when importing orders

You can also check the importer status for all items from your “Order import log” dashboard (Visit this link or go to “Orders” on the menu > Click on “More Actions” dropdown > Select “Order import log”). Select “TikTok Shipping” from the “Source” dropdown menu.

Any errored orders will be listed under the “Failed” tab from “Importer Status” bar, along with an error message.

How to check TikTop Shipping order import errors

  • For CSV file errors, check the “error” column on the invalid link item file downloaded from the import error message.
invalid link items
  • For order import errors, check “Error message” on the “Order Import Log” page.

order import log screen

Error Message Reasons & How to Fix

CSV File

The following field(s) are not found or invalid, please check and resubmit csv file to import your orders: label, shipping provider, tracking number

Missing or invalid value for one of the required fields (shipping provider, label, or tracking number).

Please fill in the missing details and import the CSV file again.

Order items must have the same link label!

In the imported CSV file, every item within a specific order should share a single label link. 

Please verify and correct your label link information before re-importing. 

Order items must have the same tracking number

Items within an order that share the same order number are assigned different tracking numbers.

Please correct your tracking number and import again.

Invalid link label The link label isn’t in the right format. 

shipping provider is required/

tracking order is required/

label link is required

Missing information for the respective fields.

Please fill in the missing information and import again. 

Import is only supported for orders shipped by USPS

The shipping provider isn’t “USPS”. (We currently only use USPS as the shipping provider for our TikTok shipping orders)

Please change the shipping provider to “USPS” and import again. 

Order import log

Order duplicated!

An order with this order number has already been entered into our system. 

Please modify the order number and attempt the import once more.

Invalid format, only support PDF files:

The label you submitted is not in PDF format. 

Please convert the file to PDF and resubmit.

IV. How to check details of TikTok Shop orders with Merchize

1. Tags

All Seller Shipping orders will be tagged with “tiktok” and “tiktok_[your account name]” for easy identification of the originating TikTok account.

All TikTok Shipping orders will be tagged with “tiktok”, “csv_tiktok”, “TikTok Shipping” and “tiktok_[your account name]”.

tag tiktok shipping information

2. Shipping information (TikTok Shipping)

To check Shipping information, including Shipping provider, Tracking number, Shipping Label, and Merrchize’s warehouse name, click on “Shipping Information” on the order detail page.

Shipping information new

3. Shipping Plan

Shipping Plan will be shown on the left sidebar, under the “Shipping Plan” section.

shipping plan tiktok shipping order

If you have any inquiries or need assistance with processing TikTok Shop orders, please reach out to our Support team for prompt help.

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