Candle (Label Printing)
Candle (Label Printing)
Candle (Label Printing)
Candle (Label Printing)
Candle (Label Printing)
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Candle (Label Printing)

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Lotus Scent Green Tea Scent Lavender Scent
3oz 8oz

Check out our elegant Print On Demand Candle – it's like having a custom-made candle with a unique and appealing fragrance! Want your place to feel cozy and romantic with a hint of a sweet smell? This candle's got you covered. Plus, you can pick from three romantic scents, promise a burst of freshness and tranquility for every household member.

Merchize's print on demand service presents an excellent opportunity for you to capitalize on home decor sales. And the best part? You order when you want, and we ship it out super quick with no minimum order constraint. Dive in and enjoy our Print On Demand Candle – made just for you and your nose's pleasure! Create your own custom-made candle today!

  • Easily customizable
  • MOQ: 1
  • Made in Vietnam

Average Est. Processing Time

  • 2-4 business days

Average Est. Shipping Time

  • US: 4-7 business days
  • EU: 10-20 business days
  • ROW: 10-25 business days
  • 2-6 additional days due to external factors beyond our control


  • 2500 x 700 px

Candle (Label Printing) Information

Product Details

Mockup & Template

Care Instruction

Need a cozy and calm space to relax after a tiring day at school or work? Light this custom scented Candle and you will feel instantly at peace. 

Not only helping to relieve stress with a pleasant fragrance, but this Custom Candle also creates a romantic and cozy space for your house. 

  • Wax: Paraffin and Stearin – Non-toxic, non-smoke, and eco-friendly to use.
  • Essential oils in our print on demand candle are dosed up in the wax for a stronger aroma that will last longer. 
  • Wax is poured into a sturdy and recyclable glass jar with a gold metal lid to keep the fragrance from emitting when the candle is not in use. 
  • Our custom candles come in 3 scents: Lotus, Green Tea, and Lavender.
  • Burn time:
    • 3oz from 5 to 7 hours.
    • 8oz from 8 to 10 hours.
  • Design printed on a transparent label wrapped around the candle jar. 
  • Each candle comes with a jute twine for decoration.

How to use our custom Candle:

  • Always trim the cotton wick to between 1/4 and 1/8 inches long. 
  • After lighting the candle, the glass jar will be heated and might cause a burn to your skin. Don’t touch the jar while it is still hot from the burning. 
  • Don’t put the lighted candle nearby flammable objects.
  • Don’t light the candle in a narrow or windy space.  
  • Always blow off the candle when not needed. 
  • Keep the candle away from the reach of children.

Tracking Country Origin: US.

Print Guidelines For Candle

  • Submit JPEG/PNG files with at least 150 DPI
    ‍Follow our Design Template to get the highest printing quality. Download mockup here.
  • Save your files with the right format
    Our printers accept both PNG and JPEG files. For printing purposes, always convert them to CMYK.
    You can learn more about creating suitable print files over here.
    Note for artwork with transparency: Since .PNG files are only in RGB color space, we recommend creating your print files in CMYK and then converting them to an RGB color profile.
  • Fill the entire design space
    Your image must cover the entire print area to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Place important design elements within the safe print area
    The Safe Print Area line appears as a green dotted line when you’re designing your product.
    Keep important parts of your design, like text or photos within the Safe Print Area to prevent them from being trimmed off.
  • Keep opacity greater than 25%

How To Get The Best Results

  • Everything outside the safe print area is considered to be a bleed margin. You should extend your design to the edge of this area to prevent the appearance of irregular borders.

Print Outcomes Disclaimers

  • Due to the variability of computer and printer settings, we can not guarantee an exact 100% color match between the actual color printed and the color as seen on-screen for each order.
  • It is highly recommended that you double-check some artwork files that you’re unsure about with our Support team first, before processing your order.

Keep the pool of wax free of wick trimmings and any debris at all times. Trim wicks before each burn.

Fulfillment Price

TYPES SIZES Base cost ($) Shipping fee ($)
Tier 1 (0 - 999) Tier 2 (1000 - 2999) Tier 3 (>3000) US shipping fee (1st item) US additional shipping fee EU shipping fee (1st item) EU additional shipping fee ROW shipping fee (1st item) ROW additional shipping fee
Lotus Scent 3oz 6.99 6.74 6.49 6.29 2.25 - - - -
Lotus Scent 8oz 9.49 9.24 8.99 6.29 2.25 - - - -
Green Tea Scent 3oz 6.99 6.74 6.49 6.29 2.25 - - - -
Green Tea Scent 8oz 9.49 9.24 8.99 6.29 2.25 - - - -
Lavender Scent 3oz 6.99 6.74 6.49 6.29 2.25 - - - -
Lavender Scent 8oz 9.49 9.24 8.99 6.29 2.25 - - - -

Orders to US military zones (AE, AO, AA, AP), unincorporated territories (PR, VI, GU, MP, AS) will use Royal Mail services and follow ROW shipping rate.

For orders shipped to outside the US, the recipient's phone number and email are required.For orders shipped to the Middle East, the recipient's PO Box, phone number, and email are required.