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Our Mission

To bring customers the most convenient and professional print-on-demand one-stop solutions to customers around the world.

Merchize wants to help businesses succeed on any eCommerce platform, whatever they are and wherever in the world, with a transparent 5-star global eCommerce ecosystem and high-quality print-on-demand products.

We build a wide range of services to help print on demand sellers, whether they are individuals or big companies to achieve their goals.

We are youthful, dynamic, and professional people that are always focused on achieving the best results possible.

What We Do


All in One Print on Demand Fulfillment Solution

Merchize now provides a one-stop solution for print on demand sellers which allows users easily to create their storefronts, upload their products, and manage their orders from multiple marketplaces and platforms. 

Orders are then automatically fulfilled and synced back to these marketplaces or platforms in the quickest and most convenient way to save sellers time and effort.


Building Next-Generation eCommerce Platform

Merchize Platform is one of the first leading platforms built solely for Print-On-Demand & Dropshipping. We are focused on building an exceptional eCommerce platform by listening to every single feedback from merchants.

Merchize brings together the best ideas to provide the most freedom and flexibility for customers who are using our system.


43,000 sqft Vietnam Based Manufacturing Facility

Merchize owns in-house manufacturing so we are in charge of every aspect of the supply chain and output methodology.  

It opens up the ability to do short runs of seasonal or trending print-on-demand products. Another major benefit of owning a factory is we can make an order with a minimum of 1 item instead of producing in bulk.

Our Core Values & Culture

We work with a can-do attitude to deliver the best service quality to customers & conduct business in the most transparent, honest, and professional manner.


Technology First

Understanding technology is one of the most useful tools to solve problems for us and our customers, Merchize always put technology first in any case.


Absolute Transparency

Always be honest to our customers by providing updated data & real-time statistics in anything we do.


Critical Thinking

Always use an open mind & ambitious attitude to analyze & solve problems. We understand that that is the key to solving any conflict in the business.


Speed & Flexibility

The key to success always includes speed. Thus, whatever we do, we always keep it fast and bring the most flexibility to the customers.


Customer Obsession

We put customers at the center and all decisions are made based on the needs, desires, and delights of the customers.

Gallery of Our Recent Events & Activities

“Not all events are created equal"

A study from Buzz Marketing Group in 2016 stated that work-related social gatherings have been a proven way to increase employee happiness.

Some events are more impactful than others. Celebrations like parties, picnics, and other celebrations that bring people together, have been proven to have a greater impact on company morale and employee engagement.

Company events can mean the difference between engaged, happy employees and people who feel like they’re just going, so It is important that a company’s mission statement is not only related to the company’s.

Below are some photos of Merchize in our recent events and activities

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