Make A Superlative Custom Merchandise Store

Show your personality and what you stand for with your own custom merchandise store. And Merchize helps you build your direct-to-fan store, no matter who you are, Gamers, KOLs, Influencers and so on

Low Base Cost

Our custom product base cost is the most competitive and guaranteed to beat with any print on demand suppliers

Sell Without Hassle

All you need to do is promoting your store and Merchize will handle everything for you from producing to shipping

Low Investment, Lower Risk

Owning the largest manufacture in Vietnam, we produce all products with high quality control.

How Your Merchandise Store Works?

It’s so easy to create and sell your merchandise store with Merchize services and system


Open Merchandise Store

Set up your merchandise store and create your products with our Mockup Generator


Promote Your Store

Implement the marketing campaign to promote and spread your store



Your fans interest and buy your custom products


Produce And Ship

Once your fans complete the purchase, we will produce and sent directly to them

We Produce And Ship To Your Fans

Merchize offers an end-to-end fulfillment solution, from creating a web store to sell your merchandise goods, manufacturer and ship straight to customers.

Online Mockup Creator

With our online Mockup Generator, you can easily add designs to T-shirt, mugs and hundred of other products

Dedicated Support

Our enthusiastic customer service team is ready 24/7 to support you with fulfillment and technical issues

In-house Manufacturer

We own the largest manufacturer in Vietnam which can ensure the high quality of your merchandise products along with diversity of prinint-techniques.

Diversity Catalogue

More than 150 custom print on demand for you to create and sell on your merchandise store

Fast Fulfillment

We produce and ship your goods to anywhere in the world with efficiency and care

Visualize Your Ideas For Your Fans

Create your own fully-customisable products with Merchize and visualize your personality from ideas to the streets by opening and selling your merchandise

    Is Print On Demand Merchandise A Good Idea?

    Yes. The merchandise market is moving beyond the ready-to-buy products and deep into the realm of customization. The idea of making personalised products is a concept that many people resonate with since they can express their personality, style, political ideology or anything else through their own print on demand products and custom merchandise store.


    Your fans, followers or lovers will be easily attracted by the custom products with your personal mark.


    Create your merchandise store with the unique personalized products has been faster than ever.

    Gain More Profit

    It has never been easier to reach not only your loyalty fans, but also the new audiences.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some typical questions that you might ask

    Since we are print on demand and fulfillment service provider, it is no minimum order required. The product will be produced once your customer complete the purchase. As a result, you will no longer worry about inventory, 

    The order will be produced when your customers complete the purchase and. It will be taken 1-6 business days for production based on the type of product.

    In term of delivery, it is normally taken 4-7 business days for US shipping, 10-12 business days for EU shipping and 10-15 business days for ROW shipping.  

    Merchize is now offering 8 different printing techniques, which are:

    1. Direct to Garment (DTG): a simple and easy way for exceptional print quality. It is a process of printing on textiles using specialized inkjet technology.
    2. Dye Sublimation: or also known as Sublimation is a process of turning solid ink into a gas, avoiding a liquid stage and permanently fusing the graphic with the polyester material.
    3. UV Digital Printing: a printing technique that directly inkjet with UV ink and instant drying by UV light. 
    4. Cut Laser/ Engraving Laser: A laser cutter is capable of two separate techniques- laser cutting and laser engraving. Laser cutting utilizes a high-powered laser to cut the material into various shapes whereas a laser engraver can engrave a piece with a design. 
    5. Heat Transfer Decal & Vinyl: this printing technique uses the vinyl heat transfer material to design and print on products. By using heat, the design will firmly stick on product's surface, even better than other techniques.
    6. PET: This is a technology that directly prints the design on PET film sheet then apply a layer of thermal transfer glue on top and use the heat press machine to press the adhesive on the printed surface.
    7. Decal: This is a method of using ink to print on the decal sheet and the product has an adhesive layer underneath.