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Print On Demand Phone Case - Custom Print Phone Case



Custom print on demand phone case is one of a multi-functional accessory that not only protects from damages but also enhances your phone’s general aesthetic look. Let’s customize your own phone case with family picture, funny design, or just a snapshot of an object in a wide range of iPhone and Android smartphone.

Easy to upgrade your phone’s appearance with our all over print phone case. The attractive customization is sure to turn your phone into one wonderful fashion statement. Make your own phone case now!

This product is made on demand. No minimums. Fast order processing and shipping time.

  • MOQ: 1
  • Easily customizable
  • Made in Vietnam

Average Est. Processing Time

1-2 business days

Average Est. Shipping Time

US: 4-7 business days
EU: 10-12 business days
ROW: 10-15 business days
2-6 additional days due to Covid-19


1400x2500 px

Print on Demand
Phone Case Information

Awesome super slim phone case. Fits perfectly around the corners and camera. Enjoy full functionality with the compatible buttons and slots cuts which allow you to use the amazing features of your smartphone with no restrictions!

  • Made from hardened polycarbonate, keep your device protected against scratches, dents or drops. The lifted outer edges protect the camera from edges, while the non-slip design avoids unpleasant accidents.
  • Sealed with a high gloss finish that helps protect and enrich the printed design. 
  • Protect your phone without adding bulk.

Tracking Country Origin: US.

Fulfillment price

Tier 1
(0-999 sale/mo)
Tier 2
(1000 - 2999 sale/mo)
Tier 3
(3000+ sale/mo)
Ship US
Ship EU
Ship ROW
iPhone 12 Pro Max$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 12 Pro$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 12 Mini$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 12$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 11$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 11 Pro$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 11 Pro Max$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 6$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 6+$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone 7+/8+$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone X$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone XR$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
iPhone XS Max$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.5$1$11.2$3
Samsung N8$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung N9$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S10$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S10+$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S6$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S6e$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S6e+$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S7$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S7E$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S8$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S8+$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S9$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3
Samsung S9+$4.59$4.59$4.59$5.4$2.25$7.6$1$11.2$3


Custom Product Mockups & Templates

Print Guidelines for Custom Phone Case

  • Submit JPEG/PNG files with at least 150 DPI
    ‍Follow our Design Template to get the highest printing quality. Download templates and mockups here.
  • Save your files with the right format
    ‍For all 2D product designs, make sure the color profile is set to CMYK at first. Follow this printing guide article for further information.
    If the artwork has transparent designs, convert color setting to RGB. Finally, save the design with PNG format. Otherwise, save the design with JPG format.
  • Fill the entire design space
    Your image must cover the entire print area to ensure maximum coverage.
  • Place important design elements within the safe print area
    ‍‍‍All-over print files are automatically scaled to fit all sizes, so keep all important graphics or texts within the safe print area.
  • Keep opacity greater than 25%

Our cut & sew disclaimer

  • Exact design placement and/or pattern alignment can’t be guaranteed.
  • Aligning patterns/images perfectly from front to back is not possible.

Key features


Fantastic and ultra-thin phone case

The lifted outer edges protect the camera from edges, while the non-slip design avoids unpleasant accidents

Made from hardened polycarbonate

Keep your device protected against scratches, dents or drops

Suitable phone types

Suitable for a wide range of iPhone and Android smartphones

Care instructions

Wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

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