How To Create Mockups and Product Campaigns With Merchize’s Mockup Generator

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This tool helps to quickly visualize your ideas by generating true-to-life images of your designs on products. You can easily create multiple products with the same design.

(If you can’t find the product you want to create, then use the “Create Regular Product” feature and generate mockups from .PSD files included in each product link. We are continuously updating our product catalog).


We’ve just released our new version of the mockup generator featuring the “Split Layout” function. This allows users to upload multi design layers and customize specific parts of the print template.

Let’s start by logging into your Merchize account. Navigate to the Product page and click “Create Campaign” to start designing. Choose how you will add your design:

I. Combined Layout:

  • With the Combined Layout, you can only upload completed and print-ready files. It does not support customizing the print design directly or adding multiple layers in the mockup generator.
  • Easily and quickly create campaigns containing different products under one single product link.
Follow these steps:
1. Choose the Products

When you click on “Combined Layout” in the popup panel, the product catalog will appear:

  • Choose one product to:
    • Create a single campaign (product link) from one product type.
    • Create multiple campaigns (product links) from one product type in bulk. 
  • Choose multiple products to:
    • Create a single campaign (product link) from different product types.
    • Create multiple campaigns (product links) from different product types in bulk. Then, if you choose to sync the product to your sales channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, eBay, etc., the product link will include various product type attributes along with their respective variations under a single listing.

Select the product to load all variants & default information set up for this product.

2. Upload Your Print Files
  • If you want to apply the same design to multiple product type variations, choose products that have the same dimensions and print specifications; for example, T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweatshirt, Tote Bag, etc.

  • If you want to apply different designs to multiple product type variations, click “Design Linked" to unlink variants.

  • If you want to create multiple campaigns from one product type at once, click “Add More Campaign" to add different designs.

(* ) JPG, JPEG, and PNG file types are accepted.

3. Generate Your Product Mockups

Click “Preview” to generate product mockups.

4. Set Up the Product Information

Click and select Variants, then enter the Price or change the Price for each variant in the “Advanced" Dialog.

Enter the Product Title, and add Description in the “Campaign details" tab.

5. Publish Your Product

Before clicking “Publish”, make sure in the Campaign details tab, you choose the option:

  • Combine into a single product” for creating a single campaign.

  • Split into individual products” for creating multiple campaigns in bulk.

II. Split Layout:

  • The Split Layout allows for adding multiple layers and customizing of designs for each product placement directly within the mockup generator.
  • Currently, the feature is available for a select range of products. Our team is diligently working to extend its availability to a broader array of products in the future.
Follow These Steps:
1. Choose the Products

Upon selecting “Split Layout” from the popup panel, the product catalog will be displayed. Select the product you wish to customize and click “Design“.

In addition, on product pages on our website, you can click on the “Start Designing" button to start making your mockup with “Split Layout".

2. Add Product Variants

In the product box on the top left panel, click “Add Variants” to include additional sizes and color options for your product.

3. Upload Your Designs and Elements

In the design editor you can choose where you want to place the design on your chosen product, for example on our jersey we could choose to have the design on the front, back, right sleeve, large center, and several other options.

You’ll then need to upload a design that you want to see in your mockup images, or you can use text elements.

By default, your design will be applied to all variants. To tailor a design for a specific variant, click on that variant and then select “Mark as Specific Variant Design.

For optimal print quality, ensure your image adheres to the recommended dimensions and resolution indicated on the side panel.

(*) Accepted file types are JPG, JPEG, PNG, & SVG.

Note: Our Library supports a storage limit of 10GB. If you are approaching or exceeding the storage limit, you will need to delete old and unnecessary files to free up spaces for uploading more files.

4. Generate Your Product Mockups

Click “Preview” to view the generated product mockups. Should you need to download the mockup, either immediately or later, this can be done in Preview mode by clicking the “Download Mockup" button.

5. Set Up the Product Information

Within the Product Variants & Pricing screen set the price for all variants or individually. Input the Title and Description in the Campaign details tab.

6. Publish Your Product

Before publishing, you may select a featured image for your product in the Mockup Image Preview tab.

Create mockup images on the Merchize website: 

1. Simply select a product from Merchize’s Product Catalog, click “Start Designing" (currently available for select products), add your design and product information, then click “Publish.”

2. You will be prompted to log in to your Merchize account.

3. View your newly created products in the “Products" tab in your Admin panel.

*Note that: If you have not yet signed up with Merchize, the product you created will automatically be saved in your browser for 2 days.

  • You can register using your email or Google account. Click “Create New Store," then select the Fulfillment plan (if you are using it for order fulfillment only).
  • Next, create a store with your own store name.
  • Contact Merchize support (via Live Chat or the website) to activate and guide you in setting up your store correctly.

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