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Custom Hawaiian Shirts & Shorts

Design and Sell Your Custom Hawaiian Shirts and Shorts – No Minimum

Sell custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts under your own brand with print on demand.

Test your design with 20% sample discount and worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide to you and your customers without minimums.

Design your own custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts

custom AOP pocket hawaiian shirt
custom all over print pocket hawaiian shirt
custom print on demand pocket hawaiian shirt

Full freedom of custom printing design

Embrace the aloha spirit with all over print technique on stunning Hawaiian shirts and shorts quality.

No minimum order volume

Order as many custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts as you like – Only one or a bulk, we fulfill on demand.

Various sizes

Personalized hawaiin shirts and shorts come in upto 6 sizes for anyone and any age.

Sustainable quality

100% woven polyester fabric, the woven polyester fabric is lightweight, breathable, and resistant to shrinking, wrinkles.

Design custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts with Merchize

Ready? Let design your own Hawaiian shirts and shorts

How to sell custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts


Pick a shirt

Select your favorite model, style, color, size

Add your design

Upload a custom design or use our built-in design tools

Place an order

Order for yourself or for your online store

Take your pick and start designing

Designing hawaiian shirts and shorts for men, women, youth.

Get inspired with our Hawaiian design

Make your Hawaiian shirts and shorts unique and fun.


Tropical, Animal, Boat Design for Kids

Bring a fun, summer side your of your children with these colorful design and free-form clothing sets.


Custom Face Hawaiian Shirt

Have you ever thought about putting your face on the Hawaiian shirt? The custom Hawaiian shirts with the face are the hot trending print on demand items to sell on Etsy right now.


Custom Native Americans Hawaiian shirts

Native Americans value nature and worship the souls of animals as gods, you can come up with design ideas related to the process of conquering nature, national symbols.


Cowboy Design for Hawaiian

The liberal, natural but still very strong life of cowboys has formed a characteristic culture and become part of the American soul.


Tropical, Pineapple Artworks

Hawaii is an island full of tropical fruits, especially pineapple. The image of pineapple is stylized interwoven with other niche highlights is a source of ideas for print on demand Hawaiian shirts. 

How to sell custom printed Hawaiian shirts and shorts with Merchize

Add your design with our
easy-to-use Mockup generator

Customize your mockup design in real-time to increase customer satisfaction. Allow your customer to get personalized Hawaiian shirts and shorts in the quickest time of selling.

print on demand sample order

Use our world's top intergrated dropshipping platform to boost sell

With dropshipping, you can sell custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts with no minimum order.

Order product sample

Before order custom Hawaiian shirts or shorts wholesales, test out real product’s quality with sample order. You get 20% discount for sample order.

Ready to design and sell custom Hawaiian shirts and shorts?

Order in wholesales and get discount

Why should you start fulfilling with Merchize?

On Demand fulfillment

We produce and ship your products when and where it is needed with efficiency and care. No leftover stock for you.

Fast customized fulfillment

We handle fulfillment and shipping very effectively so you can focus on marketing and sales. Graduateed production and shipping time, even in the busiest holiday season.

Multiple platform integrations

Popular marketplace and other platform order sync and tracking update automation. It saves you a ton of time.

No minimum quality

Working with Merchize, you can sell one print on demand product or hundreds of them. There is no minimums.

Competitive production cost

Owning the largest in-house manufacturer in Vietnam, we control our production cost stricly for more than 150 custom products.

Dedicated support

Our enthusiastic customer service team is ready 24/7 to support you with fulfillment and technical issues.

Discover what's more you can personalize

Don’t stop with Christmas ornaments. We cover more than 150 product designs you can choose for your online store.


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Visit our Product Catalog to see what else you can offer to your customers.

Start your print on demand business with Merchize

Need help to boost your sales order? 

Try out our product personalization features on store front platform.

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Merchize’s Frequently Asked Questions

It takes roughly 5.3 business days on average to make all over print Hawaiian shirts and shorts. You can take a look at our production statistic, we update it everyday from real-time data.

All shirts and shorts’ size are applicable for US and international size standard, (plus size as well). The adult’s sizes are from S to 5XL. The youth’s sizes are S to XL.

Merchize offer a no minimum order policy for any print on demand product including all over print polo shirt which means you can order just one custom hawaiian shirt.

Polo hawaiian shirts are also a big trend for all over print shirts. You can check out our custom print on demand polo shirts to customize.