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Make your own Print on Demand Mugs with Merchize


Unique mug options

Select from our unique mugs selection including ceramic mugs, heart-shaped couple mugs, campfire mugs, and accent mugs.

Affordable prices

Make the most of your sales with attractive base cost from Merchize

Beautiful color and durable print

Keep this mug for a really long time as the color and print will not fade or break down

No minimum

Make your custom mugs with no minimum required. We take all orders no matter how small the quantity is.

Check out the quality of our print on demand mugs in close-up

Ready? Design and sell your own Print on Demand Mugs now!

How to sell Print on Demand Mugs with Merchize?


Select a mug option​

Pick up the products you like to add to your store from our mug collection

Add your design

Now create and submit your mug designs to your mockup generator.

Get your order fulfilled automatically

Let Merchize take care of your order, from production to delivery.

Select a mug for your print on demand store

Choose the mug types that will make your customer fall in love

What's special about Merchize's mugs?


Special gift for couples

A unique and meaningful gift for lovey-dovey couples. This two-piece matching set is a beautiful way to send the message of love - two people completing each other. Love-themed graphic and quirky or emotional quotes will definitely appeal to couples.


Perfect mugs for your camping

Our custom camp mugs are perfect for going camping, hiking, or traveling. Lightweight, unbreakable, and compact - all of these qualities make it ready to get packed and hit the road. Stainless steel with an enamel layer and sublimation coating is made to last.


Classic ceramic mugs

A lovely custom ceramic mug is the classic bestseller. Our sturdy ceramic mugs have glossy touch with a crisp and vivid print. You can design a personalized coffee mug with names, or inspirational, witty quotes. 


Colourful accent mugs

Forget the classic all-white mugs, accent mugs will add some colorful touch to your mug collection. You can choose the color coating for the inside and around the handle area from 7 options - Pink, Dark Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Sage Green, or Black. The print area is white, a perfect canvas for your artwork.

How to get the best result for your print on demand mugs

To make sure your mugs end up with the highest printing quality and accurate color

Submit PNG file with at least 300 DPI

Your design quality should have 300 DPI and dimesion is at least 1000×1000 px.


72 DPI


300 DPI





Set the right color format for printing

Make sure the color profile is set to CMYK. 

Ready to launch new mug designs on your store? Get started with Merchize now

Why should you start fulfilling with Merchize?

On Demand fulfillment

We produce and ship your products when and where it is needed with efficiency and care. No leftover stock for you.

Fast customized fulfillment

We handle fulfillment and shipping very effectively so you can focus on marketing and sales. Graduateed production and shipping time, even in the busiest holiday season.

Multiple platform integrations

Popular marketplace and other platform order sync and tracking update automation. It saves you a ton of time.

No minimum quality

Working with Merchize, you can sell one print on demand product or hundreds of them. There is no minimums.

Competitive production cost

Owning the largest in-house manufacturer in Vietnam, we control our production cost stricly for more than 150 custom products.

Dedicated support

Our enthusiastic customer service team is ready 24/7 to support you with fulfillment and technical issues.

Launch more unique and trendy products on your store with Merchize

Over 150+ products are ready to launch. Don’t miss the opportunity to upsell and cross-sell your designs.


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Start your print on demand business with Merchize

Start making money from your custom-designed t-shirts, ornaments, flags or any design you want. Don’t worry about fulfillment and shipping. We’ve got your back.

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Get answers from our frequent asked questions

Print on demand coffee mugs are best sellers in many eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. It is also a great option that generates frequent sales on your Shopify store. Merchize offers integration to all of these platforms for an easy and automated fulfillment process.

With Merchize, you can add images to wrap around the print on demand mugs. Read our print guideline for custom mugs to see the printing area and know how to get the highest printing result for your photos and artworks.

Yes. Merchize can integrate into your Amazon store and automatically fulfill your print on demand orders at ease. It takes less than 5 minutes to connect to Merchize’s system and start selling print on demand mugs on Amazon.

Ceramic, accent, and couple mugs are safe to put into the microwave and dishwasher. Camp mug can also be put into a dishwasher but it is not safe to use with a microwave.