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Design your own photo t-shirts and sell it online with no minimum order.

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Design your own custom hoodies and sell it under your brand

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Get your custom photo t-shirt made with care

custom print on demand Kid T-shirt 2D
fabric transparency

Comfortable, durable, timeless

Your design is printed directly to T-shirts with digital printing, highly durable, vivid printing profile after many washes.

No minimum order volume

All products are printed on demand from US factory with no minimum order for purchases.

Guaranteed delivery

Your package was damaged or lost? We’ll give you a refund or a free re-ship.

Sustainable quality

100% cotton and pretty thick t-shirt at the most competitive base cost of $5.00

Made in the United States

Your order is printed, fulfilled and shipped from our US factory to any destinations in US and Worldwide.

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Add up your personalized t-shirts design with ease.

Make the best out of your first custom photo t-shirts fulfillment with Merchize

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Create outstanding print on demand hoodies within a minute with our Mockup generator. Upload your own graphic or try to design with built-in text on all over print design stimulator.

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Color Classic Unisex T-shirt (US)-01

Available in 21 colors

You can choose any color you like to add your design. These custom photo t-shirts are suitable for both adult and kids, for family or sport teams or club members.

Test your sample with 20% discount

Design your own hoodies, and before let it come to the hand of your customers, let yourself feel it first. Get your 20% discount for your hoodie sample.

It's time to start selling your own custom photo t-shirts from the U.S

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Don’t stop with Christmas ornaments. We cover more than 150 product designs you can choose for your online store.


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Start making money from your custom-designed t-shirts, ornaments, flags or any design you want. Don’t worry about fulfillment and shipping. We’ve got your back.

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Get answers from our frequent asked questions

A classic unisex T-shirt cost $5.00, not including shipping. Other t-shirts’ price varies between $6 – $8.6. You can check out each product page capture base cost and shipping fee for each product.

It takes 1.5 – 3 business days to produce a photo t-shirt with digital printing technique.

Please read our fulfillment policy to understand our design guideline and design regulation on printed clothing.

The custom photo t-shirts made in US will be quick for US shipping. It takes 4-5 business days on average. Other t-shirts made in Vietnam and China will have longer shipping time, between 4 – 7 business days for US shipping, and 10 – 15 days for worldwide shipping.