Make your own custom jerseys

Create your print on demand jerseys and sell online with no minimum


Wide range of print on demand jersey products with a true size from S to 5XL

All custom jersey product can be placed with no minimum and worlwide shipping

Super comfortable with high quality Bird’s Eye Pique Fabric

Design your own custom jersey shirt with Merchize


Ideal material for sports

Perfect for going out, to the office, business casual, golf, leisure or even just relaxing at home

Superb printing technique

Our printing jersey products come with vibrant and long lasting sublimation printing

Perfect and comfortable fit

True size products with size table from S to 5XL to bring perfect fit to customers

Very competitive pricing

We also work with jersey manufacturers in China and Us to bring best pricing products.

Have a look at our all over print jersey collection!


Start making and selling your own custom jersey!

How to create your own print on demand jersey


Design your own custom jersey shirts

Start making your own custom jerseys using our available mockup and templates to save time.


Upload your design to our platform

Once you had made your own design, you should follow our guide & requirements to upload it to our platform.


Sell it on online marketplaces

Now, all you need to do it just focus on finding customers and let’s us make the fulfillment process.

Select your favorites custom jersey products

Our wide range of print on demand jerseys from a custom jersey tank top to all over print jersey short can server all customer’s needs!

Follow our print on demand jerseys artwork guidelines

To get the highest printing quality, please check our design requirement for single custom print on demand jersey item!

Follow our DPI requirements

Your design quality should be submitted with at least 150 DPI 


72 DPI

dpi 300

150 DPI





Set the right color format

Make sure the color mode for all print on demand jersey products is set to CMYK. 

It's time to sell your personalized print on demand jerseys!

Why should you start fulfilling with Merchize?

Dedicated Support Team

Our customer service team is ready 24/7 to support you with fulfillment and technical issues at any time.

Business Transparency

Merchize provides you production and shipment statistics. Now you know the average production and shipping time.

In-house Manufacturing

Merchize reacts to market quickly. We creates trending products and improve existing products fast with low cost.

Multiple Platform Integrations

Order sync and tracking update automation on popular marketplaces and other platforms to save a lot of time.

Competitive base cost

Merchize has an in-house manufacturing facility, as a result, the base cost of our unique products is very competitive.

User-friendly dashboard

Provides a variety of analytics tools to assist you in analyzing and optimizing your online store to staff increase sales.

Discover our print on demand product category and explore what you can sell more!

Diversify your store by adding other items like polo shirts, hats, sweaters, and ornaments that are less competitive and give customers various choices


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5 items


22 items


159 items

Jackets & Coats

5 items

Home & Living

75 items

Explore our Product Catalog to add more products to your store.

Start your print on demand business with Merchize

Start making money from your custom-designed t-shirts, ornaments, flags or any design you want. Don’t worry about fulfillment and shipping. We’ve got your back.

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Yes, they are. Our custom print on demand jerseys are made from 100% Bird’s Eye Pique Fabric which offers outstanding durability, insulation, and wrinkle resistance.

No, our main head office located in Vietnam. However, we also worked with jersey manufacturers in China and Us to provide baseball jersey shirts custom as well as other print on demand products with competitive prices and shortest production& shipping time.

Merchize provides different popular types of print on demand sportwear such as print on demand baseball jersey, all over print sport shorts or print on demand leggings that you can easily add to your print on demand sportwear collection.

Merchize offers 3 different types of print on demand baseball jersey including AOP Unisex Baseball Jersey,AOP Baseball Jersey without Piping and Croptop Baseball Jersey and we will expand our custom baseball printing pro prducts soon to provide a great options to customers.

Normally it takes from 2-6 business days to make a custom print on demand jerseys. Merchize provides the average production time for each single product on sellers dashboard to follow easily.