Let’s kick off the race of 2023 with “Sell-A-Thon" Contest and get a chance to win a huge prize of up to $10,000.

Merchize contest

Mini Contest 2023 - What's New?

Orders of discounted products are also eligible for earning Points in Merchize Mini Contest 2023, increasing your chances to win big prizes.

The more products you fulfill, the more Points you earn and the higher your chance of getting fantastic prizes!

Scope of Application

All products fulfilled at Vietnam, US and EU factories are eligible for earning points (Please refer to the Point conversion table below).

Contest Time

"Sell-A-Thon" Contest starts from February 20 2023 to the end of May 31 2023.

Contest Participants

"Sell-A-Thon" Contest is open to all stores fulfilling at Merchize.

Contest Prizes

1st Prize 12,000 Points $10,000 cash
2nd Prize 5,000 Points $4,000 cash
3rd Prize 3,000 Points $2,200 cash
4th Prize 2,000 Points $1,300 cash
5th Prize 1,200 Points $700 cash
6th Prize 800 Points $400 cash
7th Prize 500 Points $200 cash
8th Prize 300 Points $100 cash
Frame 647

Merchize Point Conversion Table

(Earned 1 Point/ 1 unit)
(Earned 0.5 Point/ 1 unit)
(Earned 0.2 Point/ 1 unit)
(Earned 0.1 Point/ 1 unit)
1All Over Print Hoodie (Lightweight)Canvas Prints (Museum Wrap)Phone Case (AOP)Unisex Baseball Jersey
2All Over Print Hoodie (Midweight)Gallery Wrap Canvas PrintsHard Clear Back Phone CaseUnisex Baseball Jersey (Without Piping)
3All Over Print Fleece HoodieFlagFlexi Clear Phone CaseAOP Crop Top Baseball Jersey
4Blanket HoodieCustom Photo Night LightCustom shape 2-sided Acrylic Car Hanging OrnamentCrop Top Baseball Jersey Without Piping
5Youth Short-Sleeve Hawaiian ShirtAll-over Print Unisex T-shirtStickerSleeveless Jersey Tank Top
6All Over Print Zip Hoodie (Lightweight)Classic Unisex T-ShirtCustom Shape DecalV-Neck Sleeveless Jersey Tank Top
7All Over Print Zip Hoodie (Midweight)All-over Print Baseball CapTransparent Vinyl DecalV-Neck Short-Sleeve Jersey
8All Over Print Youth HoodieAll-over Print Men's Boxer BriefsAll Over Print Polo Shirt (Midweight)
9All Over Print Youth Hoodie (Midweight)Poster Without FrameAll Over Print Polo Shirt (Lightweight)
10DoormatAll Over Print Women Polo Shirt (Lightweight)
11SweatpantsAll Over Print Women Polo Shirt (Midweight)
12All-over Print Hooded Cloak CoatShort-Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt
13All-over Print Button Down Shirt
14All-over Print Pocket Hawaiian Shirt
15All-over Print Short-sleeve Pocket Shirt
16All-over Print Shoulder Patch Pocket Shirt
17All-over Print Regular Fit Hawaii Shirt
18Classic Unisex T-Shirt (Made In US)
19Classic Unisex Crew-neck Sweatshirt (Made in US)
20Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Made in US)
21Women's T-shirt (Made In US)
22Youth T-shirt (Made in US)
23Ladies’ V-neck T-shirt (Made in US)
24Baby Bodysuit (Made in US)
25Ladies’ Racerback Tank (Made in US)
26Canvas (Made in US)
27Straight Tumbler with Straw (20oz)
28Stainless Tumbler - 20oz
29Stainless Tumbler - 30oz
30Stemless Insulated Wine Tumbler
31Canvas Pillow (Made in US)
32Fleece Blanket (Made in US)
33Poster (Made in US)
3411oz Ceramic Mug
3515oz Ceramic Mug
3611oz Color Changing Mug
3711oz Accent Mug
3815oz Accent Mug
39Classic Unisex T-Shirt (Made in EU)
40Women's T-shirt (Made in EU)
41Youth T-shirt (Made in EU)
42Classic Unisex Hoodie (Made in EU)
43Kid Hoodie (Made in EU)
44Classic Unisex Sweatshirt (Made in EU)
45Ceramic Mug (11 Oz) (Made in EU)
46All-over Print Hawaii Shirt (Made in EU)
47All-over Print Unisex Hoodie (Made in EU)
48Pillow (Made in EU)
49Youth Sweatshirt (Made in EU)
50Zip Hoodie (Made in EU)
51Unisex Tank Top (Made in EU)
52Ladies' Tank Top (Made in EU)
53Unisex V-neck T-shirt (Made in EU)


1. Participation Condition

Sellers must guarantee to follow all binding terms and conditions based on Merchize Terms of Services and Policy. Merchize maintains the right to decide the prize’s content, terms, and structures.

2. Prizes Condition

Prize recipients will have the responsibility to pay for all costs and expenses related to the prize, including but not limited to taxes, shipping fees, transaction fees, and any other expenses that might reasonably be incurred when receiving or using the prize.

3. Merchize Point Accumulation System

The data displayed on the Merchize Point Accumulation System is automatically calculated in real time. However, the actual number of orders sold might be slightly different due to order cancellation or other reasons. Merchize will revise the numbers and publish the final results after the contest ends.

4. Other Policies

  • Merchize has the right to change the content and & rules, and prize conditions if detecting any errors, fraud, or unauthorized interference that is beyond Merchize’s control and might affect the security and fairness of the contest.
  • The refund order is not valid to be counted.
  • Legitimate orders are orders that are successfully created during the Contest (February 20th, 2023 to May 31st, 2023 GTM+7) and fulfilled via Merchize.
  • Legitimate products are products that are fulfilled with published costs and some products with promotional costs (see the list above). Our Merchize Point calculation also is also applicable for FBA orders just like regular fulfillment orders.
  • The Tier Pricing program (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3) is still available during the Merchize Mini Contest 2023.
  • The use of any kind of automation or unauthorized human intervention will result in disqualification and all the Merchize Point will be void.


Do you have any concerns regarding the Merchize Mini Contest 2023? Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions.

1. Who can join Merchize Mini Contest 2023?

To participate this contest, you need to be a Merchize Seller. This contest is open for all stores which are fulfilling via Merchize.

2. Does the product printed in EU, US be counted Merchize Point?

Yes. All products which are printed in EU, US will be counted 0.1 Merchize Point/ 1 unit.

3. How are my Merchize Points calculated: by orders or by unit sales?

Merchize Point calculation is determined by unit sales according to Merchize Point Conversion Table. Your earned Merchize Points will be displayed in the Dashboard system of your stores.

Note: Canceled and refund orders are also not accepted.

4. Can I merge store with my friends?

Yes. You can merge multiple stores to gain the top prizes, as long as 1, you use the same store registration email or 2, you have registered stores with different registration emails as a team with Merchize within the first 30 days of the contest. After that, Merchize will no longer accept team registrations unless new stores are set up. Please contact the Merchize Account Manager team for further information.

You can merge 5 stores with different email accounts at most. In case all stores are registered under the same registration email, the maximum number of stores you can merge is 10. These stores must be registered under the same email for at least 30 consecutive days prior to the contest’s expiration date.

Stores that do not meet the requirements will not be combined. Merchize retains the right to accept/reject stores registered as a team.

5. When is the due date for Seller to merge the stores?

The due date for Seller to merge the stores is before 01/03/2023.

6.Who will take the prize: anyone reaches the prize or who reaches the prize first to win the prize?

At the end of the contest, the person whose Merchize Points meet any award milestone will receive that prize. Prizes are non-transferable.

7. To ensure fairness and transparency in the contest, what will Merchize do with violations?

Merchize has the right to change the content and & rules, and prize conditions if detecting any errors, fraud, or unauthorized interference that is beyond Merchize’s control and might affect the security and fairness of the contest. Merchize maintains the right to suspend and disqualify any individual who fakes identity documents or eligibility proof documentation to join the contest or violates the rules and conditions of Merchize Contest.

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