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Merchize Storefront Plans: Selling And Fulfilling Via Merchize

If you intend to create a store for your brand and sell your products via that store, Merchize Storefront is definitely for you. Feel free to choose from the 3 pricing plans below to get start and create a Merchize store now.

Only need to fulfill without opening a storefront?
Check Merchize Lite below.

Merchize Lite
from $6.99

If you are only looking for a solution to fulfill for your existing store selling on other platforms like WooCommerce, eBay, etsy, amazon, shopify, etc., you can choose Merchize Lite for only $6.99/mo. Merchize Lite doesn’t have a storefront so you cannot create a storefront and sell directly on your Merchize Lite store. Contact our supporters for more information.

What's Merchize Lite​

Unlike Merchize Storefront Plans which requires a domain to start, Merchize Lites starts at only $6.99 and it let you manage your orders with Merchize. You can check our Catalogue and fulfillment pricing here.

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Still wondering which plans to choose? Check these Frequently Asked Questions below:

You can sell and fulfill items like: T-Shirt, Hoodie, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Watch, Wallet, etc. You can check our Catalogue and pricing here.

It’s a feature that helps you quickly migrate from your current platform to Merchize without having to reupload everything. You can import items from WooCommerce or other Tee Platforms to Merchize easily with this feature.

To enhance speed and system performance, we are using the luxurious, most expensive server and facility plans from Google and Amazon so you will face almost no issue.

For the best experience and least issue with GMC, we are using Content API to synchronize Product Feed. This brings a faster, more secure experience than using XML feed.

Merchize is designed to understand what the customer wants and needs. To do that, we use Big Data and a dozen of Up-sell and Cross-sell strategies for Merchize to give visitors exactly what they need, thus increase AOV.

Currently, Merchize is an “Invite-Only” platform and you only can invite another seller once you completed 10K+ orders. Meanwhile, once you are in, you can create as much store as you want.

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