Sell on Shopify with Print on demand

Merchize provides you with the fairly reliable Shopify print on demand fulfillment service

Why Merchize + Shopify Integration?

Create and sell print-on-demand dropshipping products on Shopify. We manage the Shopify fulfillment process.

__ 01.

Connect your Shopify store with Merchize

Connect your Shopify accounts on Merchize web app.

__ 02.

Turn on the Shopify fulfillment function

Whenever the custom order on Shopify happens, it will be delivered to Merchize fulfillment department.

__ 03.

Merchize handles Shopify fulfillment process

Merchize prints, packs and ships to your customers directly.

__ 04.

Get tracking update automatically

Manage all Shopify order tracking numbers fast and automatically. 

Why Choose Merchize?

Fulfill print on demand canvas and shirts in only 1-3 days

One Click Integration​

Your orders will be automatically fulfilled by Merchize.

Fast Shipping and Competitive Base Cost​

Our t-shirt and many other custom products are printed and delivered in 1-2 days.

High-quality Product Committed

100% of products are produced under our control in Vietnam. We are glad to send you a product sample after 2-3 business days if you want to touch the real product.

Sell Custom Products on Shopify

Over 40 custom t-shirt are available and more for you to fulfill and sell on Shopify


68 items


5 items


22 items

Jackets & Coats

5 items

Home & Living

75 items

Face Covers

7 items


11 items

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