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Print On Demand Custom Packaging: Efficient and Cost-effective

A survey by Dotcom Distribution, 40% of online customers are more likely to make repeat purchases if a brand has premium packaging. It is also revealed that premium packaging makes the unboxing experience more special and anticipated.

The opportunity to create an in-real-life experience is very limited for eCommerce businesses. The package is the only chance for you to make that direct touch point with your customers and establish a connection with your customers in real life.

Creating Print On Demand custom packaging will surely have a good impact on your print-on-demand business. Merchize now can help you to create personalized and premium packaging for your brand with our special branding services. Let’s see how you can make the most out of your only physical interaction with your customers with custom branding.

how to make a branding package

What is print on demand packaging?

Normally, print-on-demand suppliers allow you to print your products on white-labeling products and send these products to your customers. When the customers receive such packaging, they won’t know that the products are made by the supplier.

But at the same time, this option will make no difference or distinction between your brands and many other eCommerce stores out there.

To make your store stand out and build your brand, Merchize has introduced a branding service that allows you to create print on demand custom packaging. This option makes it possible to personalize customers’ unboxing experience with custom packaging for your products.

Benefits of print on demand custom packaging

Delight your customer

One has said, “One package a day, keep the depression away”. Unboxing is a neverending source of pleasure and satisfaction for many. When creating personalized and special packaging maybe include the customer’s name on the packaging, or print a special message for them, you show your customers that you care about them and appreciate their business. You are also helping to delight them and bring pleasure to their daily lives.

There’s a good reason why “unboxing video” became one of the biggest video content trends across social media platforms like Youtube or Tiktok. The monthly search volume for the keyword “unboxing” on Youtube is 1.5 million.

This kind of experience brings excitement and delight. When it comes to increasing customer satisfaction, that one single moment of happiness is just as important and impactful as the actual experience of using the product.

Custom packaging will help you to capture that sentiment, leverage your branding, and connect with your audience like never before.

Increase brand awareness

This only physical interaction is more powerful and valuable than many virtual clicks.

Well-designed packaging will instantly set your brand apart from other brown boxes that customers receive every day. It is a powerful way to get your brand identity easily remembered by customers. More than that, when a customer shares their “unboxing moment”, your custom packaging will acquire attention from people who watch the content, hence, increasing your brand reach and recognition.

Get repeat customers

52% of consumers are likely to make a repeat purchase from online businesses that have premium packaging.

This number alone tells you so much about the power of good packaging. You have put so much effort into converting online shoppers into your customers. If you can turn them into loyal customers, you can get more from your original investment and save a lot of money in the conversion process.

Repeat customers are a highly valuable asset to a business in the long run. Don’t miss this opportunity to delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Attract new customers

unboxing uiwth custom brand packaging

The same study conducted by Dotcom also shows that 4 out of 10 consumers would want to share their unboxing experience on social media if the package is unique.

As you might know, social sharing is the new “word of mouth”. If you want to take that power to your advantage, don’t shy away from creating the most brilliant and creative custom packaging for your products.

How to create a branding package for print on demand business?

For print-on-demand business, you got two options when it comes to custom packaging.

  1. You can design and source the printer for your packaging kit. Then you can send these packaging to your print-on-demand suppliers.
  2. You can use branding services from your suppliers. Your supplier will help you to print and make custom packaging alongside your products. This option will make it easier for you to craft a unique unboxing experience for customers.

At Merchize, you can easily send the design for your custom packaging and we will help to bring these designs to life. Merchize offers various packaging options that you can utilize to level up your branding strategy.


custom packaging seal box

The box is the first thing that customers will see in your packaging. You can have the box custom with your own design. This option gives a stronger visual impact but also costs quite an amount of money.

To help you save money yet still archive the same effect, Merchize allows you to make a difference with a custom packaging seal. You can add whatever design to make your box unique and distinctive.

Use your brand colors or add some funny text to complement your brand identity and entertain your customers.


brand packaging kit

Other than the unique box from the outside, you can also customize the inside of the box to take the unboxing experience to the next level.

You can use stickers simply to show your brands and tape them to the inside of the box for better-looking packaging. Or you can also create a unique sticker that customers can use to decorate their things. These small gifts can delight your customers and even play as a reminder of your brand. Whenever they see those stickers, they will recall your brand. This way, you can increase brand awareness.

Merchize also provides stickers as a part of the brand packaging. See our brand packaging for more details.

Message card/Business card

custom thank card brand packaging

A message card is a useful tool to tell your brand story and deliver your message and gratitude. You can use it as a gift card to reward customers for the next purchase and encourage them to come back to buy from your brand. A survey by Expedia Affiliate Network reveals that 61% of survey responders admitted to relying heavily on discounts and coupons. Yes, discounts and coupons are still one of the most powerful tools to drive customer loyalty.

You can also make this card a care instruction as well or include details of your store’s social media profile and sales channel. It is also helpful to make it a small advertising board for your catalog of products that customers might be interested in.

This small piece can offer many opportunities for you to be creative, bring your customers closer to your brand, and make a lasting impression.

How much does a branding package cost?

The benefits of custom-branded packaging are undeniable. Yet the main reason why many business owners haven’t acted on this is the cost that comes with it.

Besides the money, it also takes a lot of time to create, print, and prepare the packaging, especially when you are determining to make the package on your own.

At Merchize, we offer custom packing options at affordable prices that won’t cut off your profit margin significantly. We can also provide packing options curtailed for your business.

For example, we print your message cards at the price as low as $0.50 with no minimum quality required, packaging bags for $0.30 with a minimum quality of 500.

With our brand packing kit, the price can start as low as $0.8 for one kit.

Why you should choose Merchize custom brand packaging for your print on demand?

  • Offer various options of custom labels and packaging

Merchize brings in a whole range of branding options that vary in terms of materials, types, locations, finishes, and more.

  • Adjust for all business needs

At Merchize, we take care of each customer and provide specific solutions curtailed for business. Depending on your needs, Merchize will adjust the products and technical specifications to help you to boost your business.

  • Start at low MOQ

Merchize offers low minimum order quantities for our sellers – possibly the lowest you’ll find. In addition, you can also benefit from our multi-tier pricing to save as much as possible.

In conclusion, Print On Demand custom packaging is a game-changer for eCommerce businesses. It allows brands to create a personalized and premium unboxing experience, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. As revealed in a survey by Dotcom Distribution, premium packaging can lead to repeat purchases and increase brand awareness through social sharing. Merchize provides a branding solution with cost-effective packaging alternatives tailored to certain business requirements. By choosing Merchize’s custom brand packaging for your Print On Demand business, you can create a lasting impression and boost your brand identity.

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