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The POD market is increasingly competitive. To gain new customers, sellers have to take a lot of effort. Therefore, making them remember your brand and keep buying is essential to optimise your sale.

Thank you card – a new product of Merchize will remind the customers about your brand simply and economically. Besides the products, a thank you card with the brand ‚Äúimpression‚ÄĚ such as image, colour, logo,… will leave a good impression for customers.

  1. Who can use this

Thank you card is for all sellers who use Merchize’s services. Though, each service will have different uses:

  • For the BP store or Normal store which turn on automatic fulfillment mode.
  • For the store that turns off the automatic fulfillment mode or if sellers only want to send the thank you card for some orders, sellers can import orders via CSV file. The detailed instruction can be seen in section 2.2
  1. How to do this

2.1. Install on store

  1. Install
  • Step 1: Log in to the system, open the¬†Setting¬†feature, then choose¬†Fulfillment

  • Step 2: Here, you contact Merchize support team to activate the¬†Enable¬†mode

  • After being activated, the screen shows the Branding interface that allows you to do the Thank you card feature.

  • Note: Only the owners of the store can install and edit artwork in the setting of the store.

  1. Edit Artwork
  • Add artwork
  • The feature allows uploading artwork. Note: Thank you card has 1 side only.

  • In the¬†Branding¬†section, in the¬†Front¬†square, click choose and upload artwork for your wanted artwork. Artwork needs to meet the following criteria to ensure quality:
  • Format: png, jpeg.
  • Size: 8×12 cm
  • Resolution: 1000×1500 or 1500×1000 pixels.

  • Check the quality of the artwork
  • Satisfied DPI: show green

  • Non-satisfied DPI: show red.

  • Edit artwork

Step 1: Click on button X to delete the old artwork.

Step 2: The screen will show the Front as originally when the old artwork was lost. At this time, you upload the new artwork.

  • Note: After changing the design, the orders will come with a new design of thank you card. The orders that are created before changing the artwork still come with the thank you card with the old design.

2.2. Import via CSV file

  • Import CSV file
  • Step 1: At the¬†Order¬†section in the Dashboard, click on¬†Import External Orders.

  • Step 2: The screen shows the Import external orders interface. The import system of Merchize supports importing thank you cards via CSV file. You can¬†download the sample file here, fill in the full information of the orders and save it.

  • Step 3: Import CSV file with the following compulsory fields

  • MockUp Front: Fill in the URL mockup and design information, do not insert the image into a CSV file. No need to fill the URL design in other fields since the thank you card has 1 side only.
  • Title: Fill in the content of¬†Thank you card
  • Size: 8×12 cm
  • Order number: The order number of the thank you card will be the same as the order number that you want to pack.
  • Note: If the order number of the thank you card does not match any order number of the product, the system will automatically cancel.
  • After uploading the CSV file successfully, the screen shows the detailed information of order as below

  • Edit artwork ¬†

At the screen, Order detail → Click the button Upload Front to upload the new artwork.

  • Note: Artwork can be changed only when the order is not fulfilled.

  1. Detailed information in the Order detail

The fee for each thank you card is $0.5

Total cost = Base cost + Shipping cost + branding cost

3.1. Automatically fulfill

  • In the order detail section, you can see the fees: Shipping cost, Branding cost and Total cost. In which:
  • Branding cost = $0.5 x Number of packages in 1 order (each package will have 1 thank you card included).


  • Note: Each order can be split into many different packages. When you set up this feature, the system will apply to Thank you card for all your orders that fulfill via Merchzie

3.2. Import CSV file

  • Branding cost = $0.5 x the number of thank you cards that you require. The detailed fee will be displayed as 3.1

We hope that the Thank you card will help you to experience and leave a good impression on your customers. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Merchize support team.

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