low-cost business ideas with high profit

11 Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit To Start In 2024

Starting a business really doesn’t have to drain your bank account – seriously! Believe it or not, some of the most profitable ventures can be launched without raiding the piggy bank. In this article, we will dish out 11 low-cost business ideas with high profit potential for wannabe entrepreneurs and side hustlers. 

Whether you want to cash in on a hobby, stick it to the man by being your own boss, or simply make some extra dough, you’re sure to find an affordable and inspiring idea here. With a little creativity, passion, and startup chump change, anyone can turn their skills and interests into a cash cow. So read on to discover low-cost business ideas with high profit – no need to sell the farm or your firstborn! With the right attitude and approach, you can be well on your way to entrepreneurial greatness without going broke. So get ready to get your hustle on and make bank, without the high-cost overhead.

11 low-cost businesses ideas with high profit to start in 2024

Print-on-demand selling

Get this – the global print-on-demand market is on fire, expected to blast off to a mind-blowing $13.46 billion by 2027 thanks to insane growth of 22.6% a year! So if you’re looking for a hot business idea with serious profit potential, POD is your ticket to ride.

Print-on-demand lets you design and sell custom products, such as clothes, mugs, home decor products, and more, without upfront costs. First and foremost, it’s an awesome low-cost business idea with major earning potential. 

selling print on demand

With POD, manufacturing and shipping are handled by the platform once customers order. Therefore, you can launch your own online shop easily without huge investment. Simply upload your designs onto products like t-shirts, mugs, posters and watch the money roll in! Most importantly, since it’s all print-on-demand, there’s no manual inventory or shipping for you to handle!

For example, teaming up with a reliable fulfillment partner like Merchize is like having a tiny army of printing elves living in your computer! We whip up your awesome designs on mugs, shirts, and more, then zip those bad boys off to customers faster than a squirrel on an espresso shot. No more packing boxes till your biceps cry uncle, just happy dance breaks knowing Merchize is handling the “poof, it’s printed!" part. You focus on designing the next viral meme-worthy masterpiece, and they handle the rest – it’s like a high five for your hustle!

You can also check out our guide on Print on Demand vs Inventory for a detailed clarification on the two business models. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products you love. As an affiliate, you place special links and promo codes on your website and social media. When followers click and buy stuff, you get a sweet commission.

First off, you need to build a following around your niche – whether it’s fashion, cooking, travel or something else. Then, partner with related brands and feature their products. The more followers who trust your suggestions, the more sales you’ll get!

Low-Cost Businesses Ideas With High Profit

Furthermore, affiliate marketing works on autopilot too. Links you shared months ago will still generate income as followers purchase over time. Plus it requires little upkeep once set up.

With spending expected to hit $15.7 billion by the end of 2025, affiliate marketing is mega lucrative for influencers. In summary, this is a low-cost business that turns your audience into a 24/7 passive income stream!

Professional review service

Have you ever scrolled your Instagram’s feed to see influencers reviewing a new cool coffee shop, a famous restaurant, or a trendy travel destination? These social media stars are capitalizing on a growing opportunity – getting paid to share their experiences.

Have you ever wanted to experience fancy coffee shops like a food connoisseur, or share a detailed review of a resort’s service? If the answer is “yes”, welcome to the world of paid reviews, where you can make money being the ultimate taster, traveler, and tech guru!

Businesses crave your candid perspectives and will pay for highly-valued feedback to improve. You can earn per review or hourly, depending on the agreement. 

But wait, there’s more! Not only do you get to try out cool stuff and collect cash, you’ll also gain popularity. Your words will help others determine if that new restaurant merits the hype. You’ll be the trusted authority on all things consumable and experiential.

Low-Cost Businesses Ideas With High Profit

This is your chance to unleash your inner critic professionally. Who knows, you may even become the next big influencer known for discerning takes. However, with great reviewing power comes great responsibility, so write thoughtful.

And don’t forget visuals! Photos and videos make engaging content, boosting your social engagement and popularity. So go forth, review it all, and get paid for your taste! 

Translation service

According to Grand View Research, the global translation services market is projected to reach $54.9 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2022 to 2028. It means that if you’re truly fluent in multiple languages, offering translation services can be an extremely profitable endeavor. It’s one of the most fantastic low-cost business ideas with high profit for linguists looking to turn their gift into major profits.

You can translate content for online creators, individuals, and businesses wanting to reach international audiences. Translate documents, audio, videos, and more between languages. 

With globalization expanding, the demand for translators is booming. Promote your services to schools, hospitals, legal firms and multinational corporations in need of accurate translations. Offer competitive rates for both one-off projects and ongoing contracts.

Being truly fluent in multiple tongues to provide accurate translations clients count on. Once you build up a strong client base, this service can become a major cash cow. Don’t underestimate the earning potential of language skills!

Graphic design service

Every business needs eye-catching visuals to reel in customers and look legit. Offering graphic design services is a sweet low-cost biz idea with major money potential for visually creative hustlers.

You’ll need a computer, graphics software like Illustrator or Canva, and a killer portfolio to show off your skills. Provide logos, ads, brochures, t-shirt designs – anything a brand needs designed for success.

Start slinging designs on freelance sites like Fiverr to build a stunning portfolio. Promote your graphic design magic on social media and a personal website. Slide into brands’ DMs needing visual content designed. Send client quotes laying out your rates.

The key is having an impressive portfolio to wow clients, stellar graphic chops, an online presence, and business savvy to nail pricing and specifics. Do this, and you’ll be raking in profits as a graphic design guru in no time!

Photo and video editing service

In the age of Instagram and Tik Tok, high-quality photos and videos are social media gold for brands and influencers. Photo and video editing services are  serious low-cost business ideas with high profit potential for visually-inclined hustlers.

While you can start editing with free software, investing in professional tools like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop will give you serious street cred when promoting your biz. Build a portfolio of edited images showcasing your style and skills. Provide services like photo retouching, color correction, effects, and more. Expand into video editing by helping clients enhance footage with music, motion graphics, transitions and filters.


Low-Cost Businesses Ideas With High Profit

Once your portfolio looks pro enough to charge big bucks, it’s time to get out there! Reach out to social media influencers, photographers, videographers and brands in need of editing expertise. Offer competitive rates for one-off projects or monthly retainers. As you build up happy clients, profits and credibility will soar. Before you know it, you’ll have a thriving creative editing biz that pays you handsomely to perfect pics and videos.

Digital marketing service

Offering digital marketing services is a sweet low-cost biz idea for tech-savvy hustlers. With the right skills, you can easily launch your own solo digital marketing agency and rake in the cash.

Offer website SEO, performance audits, analytics, social media marketing, and other digital services. Take online courses to level up your skills if you’re new to digital marketing. Use your expertise to assist businesses with generating more website traffic, improving rankings, and boosting sales.

Low-Cost Businesses Ideas With High Profit

Promote your magical marketing powers on your own website and social media. Slide into the DMs of local businesses needing digital marketing and analytics help. Offer competitive rates for one-off gigs or monthly retainers.

As digital marketing keeps evolving quickly, demand for experts is high and opportunities are endless. Offering in-demand skills like search optimization and social media management is a smart path to profits. And in this game, expertise pays – so the more you know, the more you can charge!

Social media management service

Pumping out content, timing posts, nailing those tags – running a brand’s social media is no joke. That’s why influencers and businesses often hire social media managers to handle their accounts.

One profitable option is to become a Facebook ads specialist. First, get certified in Facebook Blueprint courses to learn the platform inside out. Start managing ads for local businesses to gain experience. Once you’ve got a few successful campaigns under your belt, offer your services managing Facebook and Instagram ads for brands. As a certified expert charging hourly or retainer fees, you can easily rake in over $1000 per client each month.

Another is to specialize in TikTok marketing. Build your own TikTok following in a niche like fashion, cooking or gaming. Take online courses on TikTok ads and influencer marketing. Then offer your skills to help brands go viral on TikTok. From launch strategies to creating catchy videos, you can charge premium rates to manage everything TikTok for your clients.The key is picking a specialty like social ads or a specific platform, then flaunting your expertise to score high-paying gigs. 

Once you’ve built a portfolio and have the analytics to prove you boost engagement, it’s time to start charging brands big bucks to handle their accounts. Manage content calendars, post at peak times, grow followings – provide the full package. As your reputation grows, so will your client base and profits.

Online blogging

Blogging lets you turn your writing talents into major profits. It’s an awesome low-cost business ideas with high profit if you blog on a popular niche readers obsess over.

To start blogging for money, first pick a profitable niche like finance, real estate, fitness, or travel. Use keyword research to find trending topics and questions people are searching. Build your blog through a custom site, Medium, or social media. Map out a content strategy including post formats, schedules, and promotion tactics.

Low-Cost Businesses Ideas With High Profit

Once your blog is off the ground, implement ads through Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, online courses and merchandise. The more niche-specific traffic and followers you drive to your blog, the more income you can generate through ads, affiliates, and premium offerings.

The ingredients for a winning online blogging business are picking a hot niche, writing irresistible content optimized for search, and monetizing your audience. Do this well and your blog’s income potential is limitless. Before you know it, you’ll earn a full-time living from your passion for writing.

Online courses & personalized tutoring

What fuels your enthusiasm? Yoga? Cooking? Coding? If you’re an expert on a topic, teach others by offering online classes and cash in big time. You can also create instructional e-books and videos, or schedule real-time video sessions to share your genius with students worldwide. This is a fantastic low-cost business idea with high profit potential if you can create an awesome online course.

Another way for aspiring educators to make bank is by starting a virtual or home-based tutoring service. Tutor students of all ages in academic subjects or specialized skills like music and foreign languages. Build your reputation and student base locally, then expand through online platforms. Turn your teaching talents into a lucrative side hustle or full-time gig.

Dog walking service

Any neighborhood full of furry friends is primed for a profitable pooch-walking biz. Offering dog walking and pet sitting is a smart low-cost business idea for animal lovers with some startup cash.

Promote your pet care services on social media and by word-of-mouth. Offer daily walks, overnight visits, multiple check-ins a day – flaunt your flexibility. Price competitively but fairly based on experience and services.

dog walking

Once you have happy four-legged clients, build a simple website and spread the word locally. Get licensed and insured to show you’re a professional pet care pro.

What makes a successful dog walking business is offering flexible services pet owners need, showing you’re qualified and reliable, and spreading the word to tap into local demand. Leash up those pooches and watch your business take off! Who said profitable ventures can’t involve adorable furry friends?

How to start a successful low-cost high-profit business

To help you kick off a money-making venture without draining your bank account, here are 3 tried-and-true tips for starting a successful low-cost business ideas with high profit:

Find an untapped niche

Choose a business idea that fills a need and doesn’t have mad competition. This increases your chances of hooking customers fast without blowing your budget on marketing. Do your recon to uncover overlooked opportunities in a specific niche.

Leverage skills you’ve already got

Don’t go paying for training or courses on skills you’ll rarely use. Build your business around expertise you already have to avoid massive startup costs.

Minimize overhead

Work from home to eliminate rent and commute costs. Hire remote contractors instead of full-timers. Use free and low-cost tools rather than baller software. Get creative with keeping operations lean, and redirect those savings into fattening profits.

Follow these tips to get your low-cost, high-profit hustle off the ground. Do market research, capitalize on existing abilities, use free tools, work remotely, and keep overhead chill. Before you know it, you’ll go from a business newbie to a successful entrepreneur!


How to define a low-cost business?

Low-risk businesses don’t need much money upfront. If you can launch with less than $100, it’s considered low-risk.

What business should you do with a budget of $1000?

With a $1,000 budget, you can launch a profitable online or remote business. Consider becoming an affiliate marketer recommending other companies’ products, running a print-on-demand store with custom tees or mugs, or offering your designing or writing skills to clients worldwide. 

The digital marketplace has lots of possibilities for an aspiring entrepreneur on a budget.With a relatively small starting stack, the opportunities are plentiful for building a business from scratch. As long as you put in the sweat equity, do your best, and deliver real value, you can launch a thriving venture while keeping costs low. The key is keeping profits high and risks low.

Key takeaways

Now that we’ve surveyed these 11 exciting low-cost business ideas with high profit – and that was really a brain marathon! To prevent decision paralysis, we’ve whipped up this super handy comparison chart highlighting initial investment, potential profit, and key requirements for each option.

Business Idea Initial Investment (Estimated) Potential Profit (Estimated) Additional Requirements
Print-on-demand selling $50-$500 (design software, marketing) $500-$5,000+ Artistic and marketing skills, online store setup, product research
Affiliate marketing $0-$100 (website, marketing tools) $100-$10,000+ Niche expertise, content creation, traffic generation, affiliate networks
Professional review service $0-$500 (website, tools) $50-$500+ per review Industry knowledge, writing skills, client acquisition, reputation building
Translation service $0-$100 (marketing) $25-$100+ per hour Fluency in multiple languages, specialized expertise (legal, medical etc.), market research
SEO consulting service $0-$500 (training, tools) $50-$500+ per hour SEO knowledge and experience, client communication, proven results, marketing
Graphic design service $0-$1,000 (software, portfolio) $25-$200+ per hour Strong design skills, portfolio development, customer communication, marketing talent
Photo and video editing service $0-$1,000 (software, equipment) $25-$100+ per hour Editing skills and software proficiency, marketing and portfolio strategy, client management
Digital marketing service $0-$500 (marketing tools) $50-$500+ per hour Digital marketing expertise, strategic planning, marketing analysis, client communication
Social media management service $0-$500 (marketing tools) $25-$100+ per hour Knowledge of multiple platforms, content creation skills, community engagement, scheduling tools
Online blogging $0-$500 (domain, hosting) Variable (advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing) Niche focus, consistent content creation, audience engagement, SEO knowledge
Dog walking service $0-$200 (insurance, leash, treats) $10-$30+ per walk Physical fitness, reliability, pet care experience, local market familiarity
Online courses & personalized tutoring $0-$500 (course creation platform, marketing) Variable (course sales, hourly tutoring rates) Subject expertise, teaching skills, course development abilities, marketing strategies

Let’s analyze this table further:

  • Cost-effective options: Affiliate marketing, blogging, dog walking require minimal investment.
  • Scalable businesses: Print-on-demand, online courses, social media management can see rapid growth.
  • Skill-based ventures: Translation, SEO, graphic design, review services rely heavily on specialized expertise.
  • Passive income potential: Affiliate marketing, online courses, blogging offer long-term earnings with upfront work.
  • Start by analyzing your passion, skills, and budget. Research your chosen market and create a solid business plan. With dedication and the right approach, you can turn your vision into a thriving business!

Remember, starting a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep it fun, keep it creative, and don’t be afraid to tweak your approach as you learn and grow. Good luck!

Ally is a content specialist at Merchize covering ecommerce tutorials, selling guides and marketing tips. With an impressive background in international corporations and extensive experience spanning multi industries, Ally has chosen Merchize to broaden her knowledge in eCommerce, Print on Demand and Dropshipping. After work hours, she loves practicing yoga, traveling and discovering new coffee shops.