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Best Print on Demand Youtube Channels for You to Follow in 2022

Youtube is a wonderful resource for learning any given subject or topic, including print on demand. In fact, there is a growing community of print on demand sellers and print on demand creators that are actively keeping the conversation and discussion going on this content-sharing platform.

While Youtube can provide a massive amount of content about print on demand, you might be overwhelmed and get lost in the content matrix. In order to help you navigate and find reliable and interesting sources of information on Youtube, Merchize has listed out a list of the best print on demand Youtube channels for you.

Wholesale Ted

wholesale ted best print on demand youtuber

Wholesale Ted must be the top name in the print on demand community on Youtube. Sarah Crisp has started her Youtube Channel delivering content about print on demand back in 2014. At the time of this writing, her Youtube channel has accumulated over 925,000 subscribers, making it one of the most-subscribed print-on-demand channels on this platform.

At a very young age, this lady was able to establish multiple high-profit ecommerce businesses including her print-on-demand store. With her successful experience with ecommerce, Sarah has created various useful content to help her viewers, especially those who are new to the industry, to make the best of the online business opportunities.

Wholesale Ted is a helpful source of educational content for new print on demand sellers. This channel is uploaded frequently, providing up-to-date and easy-to-understand information about the print-on-demand industry.

Joe Robert

Joe Robert best print on demand youtuber

Joe Robert has started his own channel dedicated specifically to print on demand content in 2018. His channel has grown and approached the 45,000-subscriber mark.

His channel is surely among the top educational print on demand channels on Youtube. Apart from this channel, Joe Robert also grows an active community of print on demand sellers with nearly 50,000 members. This offers a space for you to start and join conversations about print on demand and gain useful insight from other people in the community.

Content on his youtube channel reveals useful tips to grow print on demand on different platforms like Shopify or Etsy. You can learn more about the newest print on demand trends, high-conversion store set-up, advertising, and design tips.

He also offers a training course for new print on demand sellers. However, all the advice and information that Joe is giving for free on his Youtube channel alone can definitely help you to learn more about print on demand and boost your store’s sales.

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t-shirthelpdesk-best print on demand youtuber

T-shirtHelpDesk is specialized in T-shirt-making content. If you are interested in developing your T-shirt line with print on demand, this channel is the number one source of information for you to dive into.

Before making print on demand his main source of income, Gary Ajené used to be a graphic designer for fashion brands. The job has gained him valuable hands-on experience with the apparel industry which has helped him to grow his print on demand t-shirt business later on.

Besides useful tips for selling print on demand t-shirts, Gary also provides useful techniques, guides, and reviews on t-shirt printing and designing.

Ryan Hogue Passive Income

best print on demand youtuber ryan hogue

Ryan Hogue is another leading content creator about print on demand. His Youtube channel has gained over 96,000 subscribers. With content updated nearly every day, Ryan Hogue provides plenty of content and useful information for print on demand businesses to thrive.

On this channel, Ryan makes detailed videos about shop reviews, trend predictions, print on demand updates, and more. Following this channel can give you the newest updates on the market so that you can adjust the strategy for your print on demand business.

Michael Essek

michael essek best print on demand youtube

Michael Essek is an expert on print on demand and an experienced designer. Starting his print on demand business in 2013 through sites like Redbubble and TeePublic, he has gained immersive experience with print on demand.

You can find various useful information on his own blogs where he posted detailed reviews on print-on-demand companies and services based on his hands-on experience. Besides his blog, Michael also created a Youtube channel where he streams live to share print on demand tips with his followers. His sharing session delivers practical and useful advice for designing best-selling products. Even though Michael’s content is not updated as frequently as other content creators, he is still one of the top experts in the field who can give you honest and solid advice.

Shimmy Morris

best print on demand youtuber shimmy morris

Shimmy Morris started selling print on demand products at the age of 19 and gained some encouraging results. Even since he is able to expand his business and gain experience with eCommerce. Using all the experience he has, Shimmy Moriss started his Youtube channel to share his thoughts and advice on the print on demand market. His Youtube channel has now garnered over 60,000 subscribers.

On this channel, you can get insightful case studies, solid marketing tips, and market updates and reviews that can be highly beneficial for your print on demand business.

Justin Cener

best print on demand youtuber justin cener

Justin Cener is a well-known name in the print on demand community. He is an expert in eCommerce, especially in print on demand and Shopify business. With his expertise in the print on demand market, he was able to establish tremendous success and make over 3 million on selling t-shirts and apparel. Cener’s mentor program has helped a lot of starters to navigate their way through the print on demand business.

Along with training courses, Justin also offers useful content on his own Youtube channel. This channel has attracted around 38,500 subscribers. There, print on demand sellers can find useful case studies on Shopify success, print on demand tutorials, niche reviews, and many other helpful contents.

Detour T-shirt

best print on demand youtuber detour t shirt

Detour T-shirts is another Youtube channel specialized in T-shirt-making content.

Juna is a successful and experienced print on demand seller. He was among the very early adopters of print on demand. His journey started back in 2005 with CafePress. After more than a decade doing print on demand, specifically selling print on demand T-shirts, he has known ins and outs of this business.

Detour T-shirt delivers content that covers various aspects of t-shirt making business. You can find useful tips and guides on how to find T-shirt ideas, how to make T-shirt designs using different design tools, what profitable niches to monetize, and so much more.

Following his Youtube channel, you can benefit from his many years of experience to take your print-on-demand business to the next level.

RJ Martinez

best print on demand youtuber RJ martinez

RJ Martinez is another great channel to learn about print on demand. This channel’s content is more geared towards Amazon print on demand. There is also content about other print-on-demand platforms and sites like Etsy, Redbubble.

RJ Martinez, the owner of this channel, is frequently uploading useful videos explaining tips and tricks to gain more sales for your print on demand products on Amazon. Besides, you can explore the newest and hottest market trends and niches while watching this channel.

Greg Gottfried

best print on demand youtuber greg gottfried

Greg Gottfried is an industry-leading expert in print on demand and affiliate marketing. His Youtube channel has gained nearly half a million subscribers. Even though this channel has stopped uploading for a while, you can still valuable content on this channel.

Through this Youtube channel, Greg has provided high-quality educational content that explains every step of the process leading to a successful online business.

This channel offers great content suitable for print on demand starters.

Brittany Lewis

best print on demand youtuber brittany lewis

If you are looking specifically for content about print on demand on Etsy, Brittany Lewis’s channel is the right place where you can learn useful tips and tutorials.

Brittany Lewis herself is a very successful Etsy print on demand seller. She has remained a top 1% seller on Etsy for 7 years. This proved that Brittany Lewis has known the exact and effective way to make profits out of print on demand business model.

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Besides her coaching course, Brittany Lewis has a short presence on Youtube where she uploaded content on how to make money with Etsy and print on demand. Her channel has stopped uploading for a while now, but you still can find useful content released in the past.

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Kerry Egeler

best print on demand youtuber kerry egeler

Before kicking off his Youtube channel, Kerry Egeler has earned tremendous success with his T-shirt selling eCommerce business. Alongside his own store, Kerry Egeler also helps celebrities with their merch lines as well as thousands of other sellers to sell and grow their T-shirt and apparel brands.

On his own Youtube channel, Kerry shares all about his experience with print on demand, Shopify eCommerce, and T-shirt selling. This channel is less focused on trend prediction or niche research, but more about strategizing your print on demand business, what you should and shouldn’t do to optimize your online store,

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