How to market t-shirts on social media: Tips & Techniques

“How to market t-shirts on social media?” is a very popular question of entrepreneurs when it comes to a start-up t-shirt business! Social media play an important role in business growth which help business not only promote their t-shirt business but also attract customers, get customer feedback, and build customer loyalty. Let’s explore how to do t-shirt business advertising on social media in this blog below!

Introduce a guideline: How to market t-shirts on social media

T-shirts are widely popular POD products and thus, it’s no surprise that starting a t-shirt POD business is a popular choice among aspiring entrepreneurs. Considering the universal appeal of t-shirts, it’s no wonder that it’s often one of the top ideas for a new business. Furthermore, the t-shirt printing industry is rapidly expanding, with projections indicating that it will exceed US $10 billion worldwide by 2025.

However, creating a successful t-shirt business requires more than just a good idea. You must devise effective marketing strategies, particularly in how to advertise t-shirt business in social media marketing to take your business to the next level.

With more than 4 billion active users (in 2021), social media has become an effective platform to grow, promote, and sell your t-shirts to a highly-engaged audience. Nowadays, consumers are more inclined to connect with their favorite brands and discover new ones through social networks. Thus, it is crucial to promote your t-shirt business efficiently on social media in order to reach your target audience and engage them with your content.

market tshirt on social media

This article will provide you with some impressive social media marketing hacks to help you cultivate and nurture your followers toward making a purchase. With these tips, you can effectively advertise your t-shirt business and get people to buy your t-shirts by creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

How to market t-shirts on social media: Top tips & techniques for your online business

Choose the right social media platform 

To optimize your social media marketing strategy, it’s essential to choose the right platform for your business, considering the merits and demerits of each platform. For instance, while LinkedIn is ideal for sharing ideas and building connections, Instagram is best for lifestyle, fashion, and food-related content. 

If you want to promote your t-shirt POD business, Instagram might be a great channel for advertising. Building a community on Instagram & Facebook is a critical step in growing your brand’s online presence. Start by inviting your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances to follow your account. Next, post about a dozen photos that showcase what your brand is all about before focusing on building a larger following. No one will want to follow an account with no photos or one that appears inactive. 

To continue building your community, follow potential customers and engage with their posts by liking and commenting. Do the same with other brands that you admire and relate to. Being an active Instagram user is the best way to grow your community quickly, although it requires hard work, the payoff can be significant.

promote tshirt on social media

As the largest social media network, Facebook is essential to increase your presence on this platform and engaging your followers through likes, shares, and comments.

Simply promoting your t-shirts on Facebook is not enough to stand out from your competitors and attract attention on newsfeeds. To effectively engage with your audience, you must create high-quality content that keeps users interested in your brand.

To improve and grow your Facebook Business page, here are a few strategies:

  • Share blog content: Publishing blog articles in your t-shirt niche establishes you as an authority in the industry. Share your blog content on social media to gain more exposure and increase shares.
  • Post motivational quote images: Everyone loves a good quote, and motivational images can inspire and engage your audience. Share quote images that align with your brand’s message.
  • Share user-generated content: Reposting content from happy customers who wear your t-shirts is a powerful tactic that can boost sales. Encourage customers to use your brand hashtag and share their content on your page.

Know your audience and leverage influencers

Knowing your audience is the next crucial step. Collecting information such as gender, age, location, income, tastes, and preferences is vital for creating a successful strategy. To gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, creating a buyer’s persona is one of the best ways. This involves developing a fictionalized characterization of the ideal customer based on research and existing data.

As noted by Forbes, influencers have become the new celebrity endorsements. Influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways for any brand to reach a new audience and quickly build trust with potential customers. By partnering with influencers, you can showcase your t-shirt on their social media channels and blogs to gain fast exposure for your brand.

know your audience

When it comes to sales, Entrepreneur reports that influencer content generates an ROI that is 11 times greater than traditional digital campaigns. Additionally, a study found that influencer campaigns can earn $6.85 for every $1.00 spent.

To find the right influencer for your brand, look for someone whose message aligns with your values. You can either hire them or offer incentives for them to wear your t-shirt and promote it to their followers. Make sure to provide them with a landing page link or a specific discount code to share with their audience that links to your campaign.

Create impressive images for your T-shirt brand to get the visuals you need

The use of social media for marketing has experienced significant growth, and it’s not hard to see why. Data reveals that 3.5 billion people actively use social media daily, and of those users, 48.2% are Baby Boomers, 77.5% are Generation X, and 90.4% are Millennials. This highlights the importance of social media as a tool for marketers to promote their businesses.

However, establishing a presence on social media involves more than just creating an account and randomly posting content. With so many other brands competing for attention, it’s essential to have a well-defined marketing strategy to stand out. To produce excellent t-shirt business advertising, the primary step is to have exceptional photographs. If you are vending your products, it entails preparing for a photoshoot. The following are some guidelines to ensure impeccable photos for your t-shirt POD business.

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To effectively promote your t-shirts on Facebook or Instagram, it’s essential to have a diverse range of high-quality images. Therefore, we suggest that you order your shirts in advance of your campaign and take photos of them to use for your promotions. With Merchize, you can order as few as one shirts, which will allow you to have an actual tee for photography purposes.

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Moreover, studies have shown that pictures featuring individuals wearing products sell more than those featuring the product alone on a surface. Hence, it’s advisable to recruit models to advertise your t-shirt business.

Vary your content on different platforms

It’s crucial to be strategic when planning the content of each post to avoid repetition. Consistently presenting the same message in your followers’ feeds can lead to disinterest and even irritation. To keep your potential supporters engaged throughout your campaign, diversify the visuals and subject matter in your posts. Ensure that you have an impressive selection of worthy photos featuring your shirts, and vary the style of the images to prevent your community from scrolling past a post that looks too familiar, having seen it three times that week.

build content stategy

You should advertise your t-shirt as suitable for each platform. For example, an Instagram post needs short content, the photo could include text needs to fix with Instagram sizes. Otherwise, the text on Facebook could be long and more informative so that your customers could get full information through your post.

Using hashtags to promote your t-shirt business on social media

The use of hashtags on social media can be challenging to grasp, but once mastered, they can yield significant results. Essentially, hashtags are used to group conversations or content pertaining to a specific topic, simplifying the search for relevant content.

Although hashtags can be used on almost any social media platform, Twitter and Instagram are the most popular. If you intend to market your brand on social media, using hashtags is crucial as they can enhance your brand’s reach and engagement.

To attract potential customers, identify hashtags that relate to your products and target specific communities or scenes with more niche hashtags. This will help your posts stand out and attract a more engaged following.

using hashtag promote tshirt on social media

Create a social media content calendar

Posting times are also crucial to retain customers, increasing followers, and building credibility. Posting content at regular intervals is not enough. Each platform has an ideal day and time for posting content. 

For example, the best time to post on Instagram is typically during lunch hours and after work hours. Understanding the ideal posting time for your target audience and industry can significantly improve engagement rates.

Several tools such as CoSchedule, Trello, and Basecamp can be used to create social media content calendars. Using these tools can enhance team collaboration and help with scheduling content well in advance.

create content calendar

Using Ads to promote your t-shirt business

Promoted ads are an essential tool for start-up fashion brands to advertise on Instagram & Facebook, as they are cheap, easy to use, and can target specific audiences. These ads blend in with regular posts, except for a small banner indicating they are “promoted." They can be “liked" like any other post and can include click-through links to websites, making them effective in catching the attention of Instagram scrollers.

Facebook ads also offer brands a cost-effective method to reach their target audience and drive engagement. As these ads appear directly in the newsfeed, they are more likely to capture attention when targeted to the right user.

using facebook ads

Facebook retargeting is another useful strategy, which involves your ad content following your visitors wherever they go online. This method can drive more traffic to your landing pages, increase your followers, and boost sales. By creating custom audiences, you can launch a campaign and refine your strategy for optimal results.

To make your ads stand out, use attractive images that catch the eye of potential customers. Ensure that your ads direct clicks to a landing page where you can capture their information for your list. This will give you more opportunities to cultivate your leads and turn them into paying customers.

While the reach of the ad increases with the budget, there are budget ranges for every size of the company. Ultimately, promoted ads are worth considering as they are effective in attracting potential customers and increasing revenue.

Tracking and analyzing the performance of your social media strategy

It is crucial to determine the performance of t-shirt business advertising when you are running a POD business. Analytics provides a detailed overview of which strategies worked in your favor and which did not. This information can help you make early adjustments to your strategy, leading to more effective marketing efforts. 

Analytics can also provide a better understanding of your audience, enabling you to develop more targeted marketing strategies in the future. Therefore, tracking and analyzing the results of your social media marketing efforts is essential to achieving long-term success.

measure the performance


To know how to market your t-shirts on social media, you can simply implement the above marketing tips & techniques. With our guide, you can position your t-shirt brand for long-term growth and promote your t-shirt business to people other than the world. Rather than just focusing on constant promotion, you can offer value to your followers, which will generate genuine interest in your brand.

To get started, commit to incorporating 2-3 of these tactics into your marketing strategy. Test the results and see what resonates best with your audience. Keep what is working well and modify what isn’t, then add on a new tactic. Over time, you can fine-tune your social media marketing plan to produce consistent and effective results.

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