When it comes to selling on Etsy, it is no longer just about how good your products and service are. In order to succeed, Etsy store owners must step up their games and increase the visibility of their products to potential buyers. Etsy SEO practice is incredibly important in that regard.

As a seller, are you having trouble making your products or brand visible to the right customers? If so, it’s time to review and beef up your Etsy SEO strategies and boost the presence of your collections.

Let’s get cracking some tips and tricks to optimize your Etsy SEO with Merchize right now!

First, we will get to know the basics – What is Etsy SEO and how it works. Then we will explore 5 essential steps of an effective and comprehensive SEO strategy.

  • Do keyword research
  • Optimize listing component
  • Create excellent listing content
  • Improve customer experience
  • Do the necessary follow-up

We also give you the comprehensive list of all Etsy SEO tools and how to utilize them for your business.

etsy seo active buyer chart

Number of Active Etsy Buyers From 2012 to 2020 in Millions (Statista)

Why Is Etsy SEO Important?

etsy seo etsy logo

Did you know that the active buyers on Etsy have dramatically increased from 46.35 million in 2019 to 81.9 million in 2020? Obviously, during the pandemic, more buyers are trooping in online shopping in different eCommerce marketplace including Etsy.

More shoppers equal more chances to sell and more profit to gain. Though, this also means that it’s more difficult for sellers to be invisible with the right consumers. That’s why Etsy SEO is important and should be utilized.

What Is Etsy SEO and How does Etsy rank in SEO?

Etsy SEO is a powerful set of techniques that can improve the visibility of your brand and products in the search Etsy’s search function. SEO is an opportunity and can be a challenge for sellers, especially since the search engines are constantly changing the way it works. So, sellers need to understand either basic SEO for Etsy and how it works to optimize the stores to search and get products in front of as many potential buyers.

According to Etsy, its algorithms use 2 criteria to determine shoppers’ results when they run a search query. They are:

Query Matching

This is a straightforward process on Etsy SEO. When a customer searches for something, Etsy will run through every available product listing and then get together the ones that match the customer’s search query. This criterion is run by examining the following factors:

  • Titles
  • Tags
  • Categories
  • Attributes


Once the query matching process is done, Etsy will rank all the listings based on the buyer’s probability of purchasing the items. This phase requires more effort of the sellers to push products and brands in front of the right customers.

Here are some factors that decide Etsy rankings:

  • Relevance
    To figure out the alignment between buyer’s demand and the product listings, Etsy will take a look at titles, tags, categories, and attributes. The closer the match, the higher rank you gain.
  • The quality score of the listing
    Etsy will score the quality of the listing based on the conversion rate of the seller’s store. That means the higher your conversion rate, the higher your listing score – which in turn leads to a higher ranking for the store.
  • The experience of customer and market
    Since more customers are trooping in eCommerce platforms for a great online shopping experience, Etsy always wants to offer buyers a smooth browser and purchasing experience.
    To achieve this, Etsy search engine will review the customer service history of the seller’s store as well as the seller’s content including the About page, Policy, Ratings, and Reviews. Then, based on these factors, Etsy will score shops and reward high-scoring sellers by ranking the listings in search results.
  • Shipping fees
    The shipping cost plays an important role in the buying decision process of customers, this factor, therefore, is also important with Etsy. Through a survey, Etsy illustrates that shoppers will be less likely to buy an item if it comes with a higher shipping cost.
    Therefore, the shipping fee is now one of the ranking factors on Etsy. You can see the sellers with the lower shipping cost, or even better, who offers free shipping will have the higher rank of listings on search results.
  • Context Specific Rankings (CSR)
    Etsy will study and analyze all customers’ behaviors, such as what products they clicked on or their purchasing journey, with a tool called Context Specific Rankings (CSR). This tool later will personalize search results based on the buyer’s browser history.
  • New listings
    Once you run a new listing on your store, Etsy will give a slight temporary boost for this new one. Though, this boost will last a few hours or days only, depending on the search volume of this listing. This will help Etsy understand how consumers interact with each listing, which then impacts the listing quality score.

Now you know the basics of Etsy SEO and how it works. It’s time to get down to the business and learn the practicals Etsy SEO tips to boost your listings’ performance on Etsy’s search engine.

Keyword Research – How to Find Best Etsy SEO Keywords

etsy seo keyword research

Keywords play an important role in SEO for Etsy. The first thing that Etsy does when processing a buyer’s search query is comparing the listing library. And then Etsy will look for the ones that best match the shopper’s search terms.

That’s why sellers have to focus on figuring out the best keywords for Etsy product listings. But how do I find the best SEO keywords for my Etsy shop? Here are some tips for sellers in researching keywords:

Identify your target customers

The first step in any marketing or SEO strategy is always to identify who your target audiences are.

Of course, you will want to make your audience as broad as possible. But things do not work that way. You don’t need a broad audience with a low conversion rate. What’s important is narrowing your focus down to a group of customers who need and will buy your products. Also, notice that this group should be large enough to make your product profitable.

Once you know your target audience, you will understand what they are looking for. This knowledge will be an important compass for you when you’re searching for keywords and optimizing your listings for a higher conversion rate.

Act like a customer

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes to understand what customers think and why they are searching for the products. Then you will know the right keywords to help your listings become invisible.

On the other hand, some Etsy tools can gather and suggest potential Etsy SEO keywords. Still, it can take a lot of time to review and organize a long list of keywords. You should narrow down your keyword research to fit customers’ intent. Understanding your customers and what they are looking for will help you save time and easier in researching keywords.

Here are something to consider if you want to truly understand your audience:

  • Capture the trends: Knowing the trends that are popular among your targeted customers might give you some clues on what keywords to focus on.
  • Find the purpose and motivation of customers: Some people on Etsy are not searching for a particular product. They are searching for products that serve a purpose. And it is not a surprise that “personalized gift” is one of the most searched keywords on Etsy. Knowing this, you can incorporate keywords that are purpose-related rather than descriptive. For example, you can use keyword “wedding gift” for products like custom cutting boards, wooden signs, coffee mugs, and so on.
  • Pinpoint the important occasions: Similar to matching keywords to the purpose that your products might offer, you can also match keywords with the occasions where people will look up your products. For example, if you’re selling stationery products, “back to school” can be a good keyword to add to your listings.

Start with Etsy’s search box

Etsy’s search suggestion should be the first l that you can consider for your keyword research. It’s free and easy to use, but don’t depend on them only when researching. Since Etsy will make the recommendations based on customers’ recent searches, they cannot reflect the overall volume of a keyword.

Use Etsy SEO tools

It has many SEO tools that can support you in getting more search term ideas and determining the priority of the queries. We have listed the best Etsy SEO tools, both paid and free in the section below. Knowing how to utilize these tools will help optimize your listings for a higher ranking on Etsy search result pages.

Check out the Etsy analytics

Do you know that Etsy’s native tool offers valuable insights into how people find your listings? Utilizing this feature to check out the page views, traffic sources, and search terms led to your listings.

Optimize Key Factors For Query Matching

As I mentioned above, Etsy will look at the alignment of key components and buyers’ search intents when matching queries. Thus, you need to incorporate the keyword into the product listing to optimize the search.


etsy seo keyword title

Etsy lets you use up to 140 characters in your title. Though, you should focus and set the important words first since Etsy will put more weight on the first few words.

Remember that Etsy just allows the title to contain up to 3 words in all caps. In terms of special symbols, the percentage symbol (%) and ampersand (&) can only be used once, the dollar sign ($) and caret (^) aren’t allowed at all.

These are some tips on how to name your items for SEO on Etsy:

Keep your title around 75- to 120-character long 

Etsy claims that a shorter title, which is easily read and understood by customers, can convert into sales better. You have to keep in mind that a title with 75 to 120 characters is a perfect length since it is not too long for buyers to read and still, gives sellers plenty of space to add in some important keyword phrases.

Separate the keyword phrases for readability

Including the Etsy SEO keywords in your title will help your listing score higher. This means you want to fill in your title as many keywords as possible. Therefore, make sure that they are readable by separating keyword phrases with commas, dashes, slashes, or the pipe symbol.

Give your title a professional look

A title with a professional look will impress your customers at the first glance. Neither a title with full capitalization nor all lowercase letters would look neat and professional. It is recommended to using title case that uses only capital letters for principal words.

Put important keywords first

Did you know that customers can view only the first 20-40 characters of your title from the search results? The rest will be truncated and will only be visible if buyers click on your listing. Therefore, the first few words need to be the most relevant words that will tell the customers immediately what to expect from your listing.

Use a diversity of keyword phrases for your title

Don’t overdo keyword stuffing. Some sources suggested that Etsy is working on limiting the practice of keyword-stuffed titles.

Moreover, Etsy also has this rule called “declumping”, which means they will not show more than two items from one seller in the top results. So there is no point in optimizing multiple products for the same keywords.

Using diverse keywords for your listings will help you reach a wider customer base.

Use long-tail keywords on your title

Shorter keywords usually attract high search volume. But it also means higher competition. For a small business that has just started, it’s not recommended to target only short and generic keywords.

Instead, aim for long-tail keywords. While attracting a lower search volume, the conversion rates of these keywords are higher. Shoppers will use long-tail keywords when they know exactly what they are looking for and have serious buying intentions. These long-tail keywords are the ones that will bring you money.

Ground your creativity down with titles

One of the mistakes many beginners will commit is to come up with creative titles that are not based on a well-researched keyword list.

It might seem that a creative title will attract and entertain customers who read it. But the truth is it will not help your listings to show up in the first place. At best, it will only attract those coming directly to your store.

In order to attract mass shoppers on Etsy, you will have to optimize your titles for Etsy’s search engine. Be straight forwards and use Etsy SEO keywords for your title.

Etsy Tags

Etsy allows sellers to add up to 13 tags for each listing with two main functions:

  • Help Etsy in the query matching process.
  • Help shoppers discover similar or related products.

etsy seo tag

Here’s how to find the best tags for Etsy:

Use all 13 tags

Since Etsy allows you to add up to 13 tags, don’t waste it and do it haft-heartedly. Each tag is a chance to bring you to a new customer. However, don’t use repetitive tags.

Use multi-word phrases

An Etsy tag can add up to 20 characters which can uniquely describe your products. So that, it is better if you use several phrases than single words. For example, you should use “custom bracelet” instead of “custom” and “bracelet” as your tags.

Include long-tail keywords

In addition, you should use long-tail keywords. These tags are Etsy tags that sell since they can help your store reach the right customers with related words.

Use regional phrases, synonym

This practice is recommended by Etsy itself. The intents of regional phrases searches are not well captured by Etsy search engine. If you want to broaden your customer base to other regions, try to include regional phrase tags on your listings.

For instance, in Australia, people call flip-flops “thong sandals”. If you want to sell flip-flops for Australian customers, you should add the phrase “thong sandals” to your tag list.

On the same note, Etsy also warns that sellers should not use tags in multiple languages. Only use the language that you selected in your shop setting.


Etsy SEO attributes

Etsy attributes are the detailed information that you use to describe your products. This component has 2 purposes. That is making buyers’ actions easier by allowing them to filter search results and letting Etsy match queries effectively.

To optimize this component, you can add as many relevant attributes as you have when submitting your listing. The more relevant attributes, the higher the chances that your products are invisible on the search results.


Etsy categories are used to help buyers browse the site and narrow down their search. They also play an important role in SEO. Categories have the function of Etsy tags to match the listings with search queries. And try to be as specific as possible to optimize your categories.

etsy seo category

Etsy shop title

An important part of SEO on Etsy is optimizing the shop title. The shop title is a little line under the shop name. Shop name and shop title will show up as the title of your shop on Google search results. If you want to show up on Google search pages, you should optimize the title with your focused keyword.

etsy seo shop title

The best practice is to include the keyword that directly suggests the products that you are selling. A shop title should be up to 55 characters long.

Create Excellent Listing Content

A keyword-optimized listing helps you reach your customers while strong visuals and context will pull customers in urge them to buy your products.

As mentioned above, Etsy algorithm takes into account a listing’s conversion rate when determining its ranking in search results. So, the more shoppers click on a listing and subsequently buy the product, the higher the quality score will be. As a result, your rankings will be increased.

Here are some suggestions for you to improve your product listing content:

Use high-quality photos

Etsy allows you to upload up to 10 photos per listing. Grabbing this opportunity to showcase your products with the best possible quality and light. And this should be better if your images give buyers a clear view of the item’s size, textures, etc.

etsy seo photo listings size

The recommended Etsy listing photo size is 2000px for the shortest size. And the image resolution should be at least 72PPO. However, an image with above 1MB file size might not be loaded if the internet connection is slow. For more information, check best practices for images recommended by Etsy.

Write a clear description

This factor plays an important role in rising conversions that can help to boost your Etsy ranking later. Etsy has no word count limit for your product description, so the length of content depends on your product’s complexity and the story you want to tell your customers.

etsy seo title category description

Though, you have to remember to put the most important information first since it will decide how your product impresses customers.

Pay attention to customer reviews

This can increase the trust of your customers and push them to purchase. Fortunately, Etsy automatically nudges customers to share their reviews and feedback. Moreover, to encourage customers to share their thoughts, you can make a note in your shipment thanking your customers and inviting them to review your products. You can give them an offer or a discount for this feedback, but be careful with your message.

Improve Customer Experience

This is one of the most important components to get a higher rank on Etsy since this is the metric that gives Etsy an idea of how satisfied buyers are with your store. Here are some factors can that impact your listing score:

About us section

Part of satisfying your customer shopping experience is letting them know more about your store. The about us section is a place where you can show off your personality and build the trust of your customers.

Store Policies

A clear policy will help your customers make purchase decisions quickly and fast. The good news is that Etsy provides the template for shipping policies, payment options, return and exchange, and user policies that you can use for your store policies.

Message response rate

Message response rate is a strong indicator of customer experience. The recommended rate is above 95%. You should reply to your customers as quickly as possible. Late response (after 24 hours) will not be counted.

Take follow-up steps to continuously improve your listings

Set A Competitive Shipping Fee

Etsy understands that customers are likely to buy products with less shipping cost or even without shipping cost. Therefore, the site tends to favor listings with lower shipping costs since it wants customers to complete the purchase.

etsy seo free shipping

Though, setting shipping costs at a lower price can be tricky, especially when you don’t have a high-profit margin. Here are some tactics that can you do to have an attractive shipping cost:

  • Free shipping: Doing this strategy can make your listing attractive with either buyers or the Etsy search engine. Here’s how to offer free shipping on Etsy – You can incorporate the shipping fee into the listing price or by implementing a conditional fee shipping, in which you will fee ship for customers if they meet the requirements.
  • Add shipping cost into the product pricing: Estimated shipping fee and mix in a portion of or a whole of into your pricing, so that you can lower your shipping fee.

Update your listings regularly

Renewing your store listings will cross the box for recency factor in the Etsy ranking algorithm. Every time you add a new listing, Etsy search engine will take notice and give your newly added listings a bit of push in order to test the quality of your listing and how customers react. In the same fashion, renewing listings will also work. But it will have a smaller impact than adding an entirely new listing.

etsy seo listing update

But how often should you update your listings?

It’s hard to tell how much impact updates can have on your listings’ performance. Etsy also confirms that updating listings will not have a long-lasting impact.

To make the most out of its instant boost, store owners should do the following:

1, Pick the right time to update your listings. It would make more sense to update your listings during the high traffic time or season. For example, during the holiday season, there are more people going on Etsy to find products. Updating listings then will obviously help you reach a number of customers.

2, Only update when needed. Listing revamp is also a chance for your to test your SEO. Only update when you added something valuable to your listings, or if you want to test a certain aspect of your listing.

If you are not improving anything, in terms of either SEO factors or customer experience, it might be just a waste of your time.

Get backlinks to your store

If you are familiar with Google SEO, you properly know how powerful backlinks are in Google ranking algorithm. For Etsy SEO, backlink might not be as influential as it is on Goole. However, it is still considered one of the ranking signals for your Etsy shop.

Etsy seo backlink

Also, a good backlink can draw in a considerable number of visitors that might be converted to your customers. Either way, backlinks are beneficial to your business.

Here are some practice for your to earn backlinks

  • Include your Etsy shop link or share your store on your social media bundles, like your Facebook pages or Pinterest.
  • Do outreach to gain some quality Etsy referral backlinks. Contact with bloggers or owners of websites that are relevant to your business and ask them to feature your products. These would require some initiatives.
  • Start influencer marketing. Reach out to online influencers to promote your products. Some of them will charge you for promotion on their channels. Still, there are some of them who are willing to do it in exchange for free products – a win-win situation.
  • Create affiliate programs for your store. This is another way to gain backlinks and traffic by offering a commission to people to link and promote your store.
  • Create and share your content. It is a well-known fact that creating valuable content can boost your presence and establish your position as an authority in your industry and in the eyes of customers in the online environment. You can create content on your own website or share content on online communities and link back to your website.

Use Etsy Ads

Pait Etsy advertising could be an option for you. In the long run, every business would prioritize non-paid marketing and organic traffic. However, a little boost from paid advertising will help you to get instant results and feedback. In a way, it is highly helpful if you know how to allocate your ads budget.

Etsy is offering Promoted Listings service where store owners can set bidding budgets and Etsy will show your listings among the top results. It will help to increase the visibility of your products.

Print On Demand Etsy SEO Tips

If you are selling print-on-demand products on Etsy, this part is specialized for you. For starters, if you aren’t familiar with print on demand, here is our introduction on what is print on demand.

If you don’t know which keywords are relevant for doing SEO, you can start by putting in a keyword, such as “product name + printing”. And then Google will suggest you other keywords. Make sure you check the performance and search volume of the keywords with the suggested SEO tools in the last part.

Etsy SEO search result

To help you save time and effort, Merchize will suggest some type of keywords that can help you reach more potential customers:

  • Customized + product name
  • Personalized + product name
  • Product name + printing
  • Make your own + product name
  • Design your own + product name
  • Custom + product name

>>> Find out the best print on demand products for Etsy

Otherwise, you should also focus on the signature word of each upcoming holiday to optimize your keywords since shoppers tend to add these words to find the goods for the holiday. For instance, you can use the keyword “custom Halloween sign” or “Halloween shirt designs” for your keyword list for the Halloween sale.

Etsy SEO search suggestion
Take a look at the Etsy report, you will know which is the top keyword in the last month and then you will have more ideas for your keyword list. Here are the Top 20 Etsy’s Searches in July 2021 for you to refer to:
Etsy SEO search term chart

eRank, 2021

One more tip is incorporating the Etsy SEO keywords into the product listing content. For instance, in the store bio, you can say something like “[company name] is a “product name + printing” business…”. And remember to avoid keyword stuffing. You might think that adding a keyword as many times as space will rank your store better, though the Google algorithm will punish this behavior.

Apart from Google search and Etsy search, Pinterest is another option for you to do keyword Etsy keyword research. Pinterest is a platform where customers of your niche might gather. Users on Pinterest are constantly looking for new and interesting ideas and products. These are exactly what your print on demand store can offer for your customers. This way, its search engine can somehow reflect the interest and intent of the same group of audience that your business is targeting.

If you can utilize it in an efficient way, Pinterest search box can be a powerful tool to leverage your SEO game.

By the way, the relevancy of your keywords is not set in stone. Every few months, you want to refresh your keyword research and update your print-on-demand store accordingly.

Best Etsy SEO tools

As in any other platform, in order to optimize the performance of your pages on the search engine, you will need help from SEO tools. These magic tools allow you to make informed decisions on which keywords and which products to target your audience with. Fortunately, sellers are provided with a bunch of powerful Etsy SEO tools to explore all the potential keywords that will drive insane traffic to your store.  But what tool do you use to research tags and SEO for Etsy? In the following, we will present an ultimate list of paid and free SEO tools for Etsy.


Originally named Etsy Rank, eRank is one of the most popular SEO tools among Etsy sellers. The company has grown Etsy Rank into a more powerful SEO tool that offers search data of other platforms like Amazon, eBay, Pinterest. 

etsy seo tool erank

But is eRank good for Etsy? 

Of course, yes. Backed by eRank’s powerful features, shop owners can fully comprehend what customers are searching for. Keyword Tool, Keyword Explorer, Keyword lists are some of the useful functions that you can exploit to find and analyze potential Etsy SEO keywords. In addition, Trend Buzz will keep you alerted to the latest trends by providing a report of the hottest keywords on various platforms including Etsy. 

Along with keyword suggestions, eRank is also a powerful tool for analysing the performance of your store’s items. Etsy rank checker – also known as Bulk Rank checker – allows you to keep a close eye on your top 20 keywords and reveals which listings are showing up on the first two result pages. Moreover, eRank also audits all your listings and reports issues like missing images and missing tags. 

Understanding your rivals is a crucial step towards winning in business. eRank empowers your competitor analysis with data about their competitor tags, competitor listings, and competitor sales. You can also expand your research by checking out the Top Sellers chart. By learning from the best sellers on this platform, you might find some unexpected shortcuts to level up your game. 

These are some of the frequently-used functions of eRank to boost your SEO performance on Etsy. Still, eRank offers plenty of other features for you to explore and employ during your SEO process.

Price How much does eRank cost?

eRank offers three plans for you, including one free and two paid plans.

  • Free plan – $0
  • Basic Plan – $5.99 per month
  • Pro Plan – $9.99 per month

eRank feature highlights:

  • Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Bulk rank checker
  • Trend Buzz 
  • Competitor tags, Competition Sales, Competitor listings 

eRank Pros and Cons:

Pros Cons
Available with a free plan

Affordable paid plan

Various functions 

Specific data for Etsy search

Offer competitor sale data 

Limited use with a free plan

Complicated to understand a wide range of data and navigate through the sites

Can I use eRank without an Etsy shop?

Yes. eRank is providing services for sellers of other platforms besides Etsy.

Is Etsy rank free?

Yes. Etsy rank or eRank is offering a free plan for their user. You can use this free version for some basic features like Keyword tools, Keyword Explorer, Listing Audit, and Rank Checker. However, there are limits to how many times you can use these functions.


If you are on the Etsy game for long enough, you must be familiar with Marmalead. Marmalead has proved itself to be one of the most handful and powerful Etsy SEO tools to leverage your store’s performance. 

etsy seo tools marmalead

Marmalead, first and foremost, is an almighty analytic tool that delivers a comprehensive report of your Etsy shop. Shop owners can check the number of views per week and month.

Based on its scoring system, sellers can have a broader view over which items are doing good and which items need optimizing. The score is calculated by evaluating the image quality, tag optimization, and listing update frequency. Marmalead also gives you SEO tips to boost the ranking of your listings.

This powerful Etsy SEO tool helps you better understand the market and competitors by providing information about rival shops as well as competing items. And of course, a powerful SEO tool wouldn’t be complete without keyword suggestions and trending detection functions.

As an Etsy keyword tool, Marmalead gives you important keyword data such as real search volume and keyword engagement. You can also dive deep into keyword research with features like longtail keyword suggestions, similar searches, keyword comparison, or seasonality prediction.

Powered by Marmolead’s data, you can analyze and optimize your listings, hence, attain better rankings on Etsy’s search engine. 


  • Dabbler Plan – Free trial version with limited features
  • Entrepreneur Plan – $19 per month (monthly  subscription)/ $15.83 per month (annually subscription)

Marmalead highlight features

  • Long Tail keyword suggestion
  • Real Engagement metric, Real search Volume 
  • Seasonality (keyword trend)
  • Keyword comparison 
  • Similar Searches, Popular searches, Storm
  • Listing grades and Shop grades

Marmalead pros and cons

Pros Cons
Comprehensive data and analytics 

Outstanding visualization

Multiple shop management

Frequent data update

High cost (up to $19 per month)

Missing scaling tool

eRank vs Marmalead

eRank and Marmalead are by far the most popular Etsy SEO tool out there. Here is a quick comparison between these two options:

  • Similarity: Both tools allow shop owners to do keyword research for their stores as well as finding opportunities to optimize their listings. 
  • Difference: Marmalead is more powerful in the way that it provides information like the number of searches and engagement scores for all items in store even in the free version. For eRank users, in order to access such functions, they have to pay for the pro version. However, it should be taken into consideration that the paid version of Marmalead is more expensive than that of eRank.

Sale Samurai 

Compared to eRank and Marmalead, Sale Samurai is just a newbie. However, you should not underestimate the power of this emerging tool. Developed by a team originating from Amazon, Sale Samurai is empowered by a comprehensive knowledge of and insights into the eCommerce industry. 

etsy seo tool samurai

Sale Samurai covers all the basic functions of a workable Etsy SEO tool, including keyword analytics, keyword suggestion, listing grade, competitor analytics, and so on. 

One of the Sale Samurai’s selling points is its automated scaling feature. This function allows you to integrate directly with multiple print-on-demand suppliers like Printify or Printful.

From the sellers’ side, they can benefit from this tool’s deep understanding of the industry at a fairly competitive price. It costs only $9.99 per month to gain full access to this tool’s functions. 


  • $9.99 for Monthly Plan
  • $99 for Yearly Plan

Highlight features

  • Keyword analytics, Long-tail keyword tool
  • Bestseller tool
  • Advanced data filtering function
  • Print on demand integration
Pros Cons
Affordable pricing

Dedicated tool for Etsy

Print on demand integration

Easy to use tool with Chrome Extension

New tool, needs more time to fully develop 

Yet-developed community

Keyword Scout by Printful 

Printful is a famous platform for print on demand. Apart from print on demand services, Printful also developed other useful built-in tools to boost their sellers’ businesses. While being an additional feature, Keyword Scout is armed with all essential functions shop owners need to optimize their listings on Etsy’s search engine. 

etsy seo tool keyword scout

Keyword Scout scans through your listings, analyzing tags, images, titles, descriptions – all factors that will affect the chance of showing up on top search result pages. As a result, the sellers will know what their listings are lacking and how to improve them.

Similar to other Etsy keyword tools, Keyword Scout also brought into notice the hottest keywords that are on trend in the market. By including these keywords into their listings, sellers might soon see a surge in income from their Etsy stores. It should be noted that Keyword Scout not only provides the exact search term data but also other variations of the keywords, including related phrases and misspelled keywords.

Moreover, with its direct relation to Printful, sellers will be offered a seamless experience with their print on demand business. However, the downside of this platform is its hefty pricing. If you’re just starting out, investment in Keyword Scout might not be a wise decision. There are various free tools that can offer you sufficient insight into Etsy SEO games.

Price – Available as a part of Printful Pro Toolkit

  • $49 for Monthly subscription
  • $539 for Yearly subscription

Highlight features

  • Listing analytics and report
  • Etsy tag and keyword tool
  • Access to other built-in tools developed for Print on demand business
Pros Cons
Dedicated tool for Etsy

Seamless experience for Print on demand business

Exclusively available for subscribers to Printful Prokit – High price 

Keyword Tool Dominator

Another worth-mentioning Etsy SEO tool is Keyword Tool Dominator. This tool is ideal for sellers who want to look for long-tail keywords or more specific buyer’s queries. These long-tail keywords, despite their low search volume, draw in traffic with higher conversion rates which is the end goal of all SEO practices after all.

While being a wonderful SEO tool for long-tail keyword suggestion function, Etsy Keyword Tool Dominator does not offer search volumes or Etsy ranking data.

If your store is returning good profits, you can consider using Keyword Tool Dominator alongside other Etsy SEO tools to empower your business. This tool provides 3 days of trial. If you want to use unlimited features of this tool, you can purchase the full version for $69.99.

etsy seo tool keyword tool dominator

Feature highlights

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Powerful longtail keyword suggestion

Dedicated Etsy keyword tool

Lacking important metrics like search volume, Etsy rank checker

Free Etsy SEO tools

All the tools mentioned are available at a price. Agreeably, these will provide you with valuable insights into Etsy users’ searching behavior and a comprehensive report of your items’ performance. But still, some new sellers might hesitate about investing their limited budget into search engine optimization since they haven’t got any income from selling products on Etsy.

“How can I find a keyword for free?” – you might ask.

The good news is that you can still do without fancy SEO tools. The secret is to make use of the free tools and sites that are open for everyone to try and utilize. Below are some suggestions of the best free Etsy SEO tools for your business.

Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free application developed specifically for AdWords users. Using this tool, business owners and SEO specialists can analyze and evaluate keywords searchers are looking for on Google Search Engine so they can decide which keywords to bid for.

To take advantage of the Google Keyword Planner, All you have to do is to connect your site with your Google Ads account. You won’t have to actually pay for ads. Google has opened Keyword Planner for everyone to use at no cost. It also means that sellers can use it as a free Etsy SEO tool.

etsy seo google keyword planner

Keyword Planner does not directly show the data for Etsy keyword search. Still, this tool helps you to explore the high-search volume keywords on the world’s most popular search engine.

Moreover, Keyword planner also enables you to optimize your Etsy listings to show up on Google search result page, hence, increasing the impressions of the products. All keyword tools are ultimately meant to make your listings showing up where people are searching for, and Keyword Planner is just all for that.

Free Search Engine Suggestion 

As we mentioned above, you can refer to the keyword suggestions function of the search engines on popular websites like Google, Pinterest, or even Etsy itself.


How long does SEO take to work on Etsy?

It really depends on what kind of SEO amends you made to your listings. If you are adding new tags or optimizing for a new keyword, you might see distinctive and faster results. 

Or when your new targeted keywords are less popular and address a niche market, the chances are high that you can get a higher ranking immediately. But since these keywords are rarely used, the result in terms of conversion is unlikely to happen quickly.

In case your SEO improvements are not distinctive from what you have already done, it would take more time, from four to six weeks to experience any significant changes in SEO. 

Does Etsy penalize you?

It isn’t clear if Etsy will penalize you for using bad or manipulative SEO practices. However, it’s true that Etsy will penalize sellers for bad customer experience. One bad review will put a heavy toll on your store’s performance. That’s why customer experience is an important part of Etsy SEO.

How do I know if my Etsy SEO is working?

If you are doing your SEO effectively, your listing ranking will improve and the conversion rate will increase. You can measure your Etsy SEO effectiveness by looking at your Etsy shop stats to identify which keywords are bringing you traffic. In addition, you can utilize other SEO tools like eRank or Marmalead to get more comprehensive reports.

Winning the Etsy SEO Now

You can enjoy increased visibility and revenue by making these Etsy SEO practices. Implementing a successful Etsy SEO strategy will require the combination of selling a good product and optimizing search engine visibility. If you do well with both of them, you win this game and contrary. So, research carefully and plan your strategy which suits your products, market, and customers.

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