Best Print On Demand Products For Car Niche You Don’t Know Exists-21

Best Print On Demand Products For Car Niche You Don’t Know Exists

In recent years, custom cart parts and accessories have become popular and the car niche is one of the most attractive niches to explore. Here are our top 5 best-detailed prints of demand car products for the car niche in 202: Car decals, Car seat cover, Car Hanging Ornament, Tailgate wrap, and Spare tire cover.

Why is the car niche potentially?

print on demand niche

When it comes to print on demand, most people will think of selling traditional products like t-shirts, hoodies, poster canvas, etc.

There was a considerable increase to $1,790.74 in the value of the global T-shirt printing market in 2020, which is expected to grow to 1996.68 million in 2021. While the custom T-shirt is a very common and saturated niche in the POD industry, many manufacturers have evolved at the same speed and expanded their product category to a wider range of products.

One of the very potential market niches for print on demand future is custom car accessories – which is still a new market to explore with high demand.

In particular, the Statista research shows that the automotive 3D printing market is currently valued at USD 760 million and is expected to reach a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.74% in 2021-2025 period.
For these above numbers, the car niche is a great niche for POD businesses to develop print on demand car accessories. Struggling to find a profitable car accessories interior for the car niche?

Now it’s time to determine the potential product that you can profit from in this niche market!

The best ideas for print on demand car accessories

Car decals


Car decals also called car stickers or car graphics are images, graphics, or designed letters that are printed and cut out from vinyl material and then stuck on any type of vehicle.

Car decals include car & truck lettering, clear vinyl decals, opaque vinyl decals, perforated decals, and high adhesive decals. They are mainly used to advertise business names, show off the favorite logos, products, music bands or contact information.

Custom car decals are a perfect idea for people who want to make their car or truck stand out from the crowd as well as express their characteristics. Nowadays when cars gradually become the main form of transport in American, car decals have become trending.

Instead of looking for Amazon car decals, now Americans tend to apply their car decal ideas to the real world by finding car decal makers and making their own customized decals or personalized car sticker
Besides some custom shape decals, the transparent vinyl decal is also a best-seller at Merchize which is perfect for advertising or logo presenting.

Clear vehicle decals or transparent decals are popular to make car decals for women because they look more gentle and soft.

Custom Transparent vinyl decal

Some suggested sources of free car decals that you can have a look at: Vecteezy, vectorstock, freevector

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Front Car Seat Cover

front car seat cover

Today, it’s common to see a person owning a car for decades and clock hundreds of thousands of miles. The car stays a long time but cloth seats can discolor and bedaub.

Especially, the front car seat can look very dated and even be damaged after years of wear and exposure to sunlight. Over time, the seats can absorb smells and become uncomfortable as well.

Therefore, the car seat covers are necessary to keep the seat clean, keep the seating surface cooler from the sun as well as prevent child passengers from causing permanent damage to the car seat.

all over print front car seat

Merchize’s front-facing car seat cover is made from polar fleece 100% poly which is easy to clean—just wipe or take them out and wash them. The outside of Merchize car seat cover custom is made of a 4-way stretch poly fabric that could easily fit any size of the car seat. The all-over print front car seat cover is designed to keep the car seat look new with outstanding graphics.

Following the huge search volume from the commercial platform such as the high need for front car seat cover remains not only for decoration but also for protecting others from falling such as dogs or babies. Thus, car seat cover for dogs, car seat cover for babies, or car seat cover with strap front is also the print-on-demand car seat product that your business can consider.

Merchize’s Custom all over print front car seat covers come at a competitive price and help businesses earn a wide range of profit with print on demand products.

Plastic Car Hanging Ornament

car hanging ornament

Car hanging ornaments or car mirror decorations are the favorite accessories in the car of many people, especially Americans. People like hanging ornaments on cars as a decoration or a sign of nice or lucky things.

Making your own ornament or customizing your own ornament then sending it to others as a gift is the way Americans express their love to others, thus it is all called a drive-safe gift.

The best car hanging ornaments are plastic car hanging accessories that look modern & clear. Moreover, this material allows you to have a One-Sided Plastic Car Hanging Ornament or Two-Side without difficulty.

With the available ornament shape template and different cut-out ornament templates from Merchize, you can simply create your own car hanging accessories to sell to the competitive market.

Here are some suggestions for us for you to look for ideas for this niche: dog car hanging ornament, car hanging perfume, car hanging air freshener, Allah car hanging ornament, car ornaments anime…

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Tailgate wrap

custom tailgate wrap

Some people buy trucks because they love off-roading while others buy trucks because they just love the truck’s looks. Whatever the reasons, they always want to make their truck stand out from the crowd, that’s why they go for truck tailgate wraps.

The tailgate wrap for trucks is a gigantic vinyl sticker that you place over your entire tailgate.

Merchize offers you the custom tailgate wraps with funny images, text, and designs in minimal effort with our available mock-up. Moreover, the tailgate wrap cost is super-competitive to help you gain the big market share.

It will be a great decoration for the car’s owner to grab the public’s attention and show their personalized characteristics. Truck tailgate wrap will also be an awesome gift for your friends or loved ones.

We believe that now it is uncomplicated to find some tailgate graphics from the Internet but if you still need some ideas, here is our keyword suggestion: Tailgate wrap girl, Tailgate wraps American flag, Tailgate wrap deer, Tailgate wrap funny, wildlife tailgate wraps, horse tailgate wrap, sniper tailgate wrap…

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Spare Tire Cover

custom spare tire cover

A spare tire is the extra tire that is added to a motor vehicle to replace the tire being used in emergency cases such as the tire is flat or blowout. Normally it is put at the back of the car which might look heavy and boring.

That’s why many people are looking for the custom-made spare tire covers, mainly jeep covers for spare tires or spare tire covers for RV to not only protect their expensive tires but also make their car become more interesting and cool.

The spare tire cover includes all over print spare tire cover and spare tire cover with a backup camera hole which are now both available to sell at Merchize.

eBay spare tire cover

Car sun shade

car sun shade

The effective car sun shades save your car interior from deadly ultraviolet sun rays while still looking so funny. Why not?

Seat Belt Covers

seat belt covers

Make the seat belt become more comfortable and attractive to your kids with some funny seat belt covers!

Steering Wheel Covers

steering wheel covers
Not only being a decorative car accessory but also the steering Wheel Covers can protect your wheel while giving your hand a sturdy grip.

Car floor mats

car floor mats
Customizing car floor mats is the best way to protect your car floor from dust, water, food and coffee and make the car look cooler!

Car pet covers

car pet cover
If you have a pet that goes along for a ride, you will definitely need a car pet cover!

Final thoughts

Now it’s time to apply what you have gained after this article to your business with some awesome custom car decals or impressive tailgate wrap.

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