Is there an ideal structure for TikTok content?

Short answer: Yes.

There is an ideal structure and there are essential, must-have elements for TikTok content as well.

With an unprecedentedly large volume of users and merchants in every niche, every industry possible, sellers always look at TikTok as a highly potential source of revenue. And the first step to establishing a brand presence on TikTok is the creative.

So what should be an ideal creative on TikTok? Generally, any basic creative on TikTok would have all these: hook, key message, CTA, concept, and audio.

tiktok ideal structure


TikTok is a platform focused on short content and its users are particularly distractible with short attention spans. The first 3-6 seconds of the creative is very valuable if you want to capture the attention of the viewers. Start your TikTok creatives with an impressive hook that highlights product benefits and values.

For example, you’re selling a mug that is ideally a gift for wedding anniversaries. Your hook must focus on this theme right away. “My wife cried when I gave her this gift for our anniversary" – you can put this hook right at the beginning of your video before continuing to introduce the products.

tiktok hook


Key Message

tiktok key message

After capturing viewers’ attention, the creative must continue to deliver a clear, straightforward key message to the target audience so that they will remember the product details easily. Another important thing is the key message must be connected to the product as seamlessly as possible, to build trust in the audience.

In addition, because the creative is very short, sellers should avoid cramming too many messages in one creative, making it difficult for the viewers to understand every message.

Call-to-action (CTA)

Tiktok CTA

Always end the creative with a CTA, for example, “Don’t miss out!" or “Check this out in the store below!". An effective, clear CTA will help viewers to know what the next step to take and prompt them to do a certain action, like, purchasing your product, for example.

To make your CTA even more powerful, don’t forget to stress the product’s unique selling points, or the special offers of the campaign, for example, “freeship" or “discount" to better emphasize the messages of the creative. In case a gift code is included, don’t forget to use a gift code sticker.


tiktok trending audio

Audio is a must when it comes to TikTok creative. Audio on TikTok can be categorized into 2 types: song and user-generated sound.

Commercial songs

When choosing a song as the audio of the creative, the sellers can use the trending ones or the ones that match with the creative. However, it should be noted that famous, trendy songs are copyrighted on TikTok. Therefore, sellers must avoid having these in their creative nor should they use this creative to run ads.

Sellers can find loyalty-free, commercial songs on TikTok at Audio Library: Pre-cleared Music For Organic Content. In addition, if the songs you want to use have not been updated in the library, you can use the remixed/ slowed/ reverb version of the creative to avoid copyright issues.

User-generated sound

Trending sounds from the users/ creators themselves are also a good source for sellers to produce creative. To get ahold of the trending sounds in different countries around the world, creators can find more at TikTok Creative Center, and then choose the market to find the suitable sound.


All of the above elements must be consistently mixed together with a certain concept. Especially for print on demand TikTok, the effective concepts are not the ones with complex storytelling or transition, but rather those that display the meaning of the design, for example, unboxing, review, and packaging videos.

In addition, to create a proper creative, sellers must think about other factors, such as captions, text, transition, filter, and so on when editing the video to produce the best results.

Tips to boost your TikTok content

Other than creating creative content for running ads, you can also create other related content to make the most of the organic reach on this platform. That’s why besides how to draft conversion-focused content, you should also expand to other types of content.

There are a few tips that you can apply to maximize the performance of your TikTok content in general.

tiktok promote tips

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Post regularly

Basically, TikTok’s algorithm won’t look at your video performance over time. It doesn’t matter that much if you have high-performing videos in the past. Each video posted by any user has a fair chance of getting viral.

So why does it help to post regularly? The reason is that the more you post, the more chances you stand to go viral.
Posting regularly also helps you to get familiar with how TikTok works and how to create content that users care about.

Another reason for posting more frequently is that each day goes by, and there are many new trends to pop up on this platform. To hop on the latest trends and strike while the iron is hot (on average, a trend on TikTok will die out in three or five days), it is important to get updated and post your video regularly.

Post at the right time

Timing is also a key factor that decides the performance of your video. Ideally, you would want your video to reach as many viewers as possible and as soon as possible. The more viewers get to see your video, the better signal TikTok receives.

To get your video to reach more viewers, you should choose a time when your target audience is mostly online and active on TikTok.

If your niche content is meant for adults within the 25-35 age group, don’t post videos during the 9-to-5 timeline. These audiences aren’t likely to be active and browsing TikTok during working hours because most of them are probably at work.

Also, pay attention to the time zone of your customers’ location and post accordingly. Don’t post when your customers are still asleep in other parts of the world.

Other than choosing the time based on your target audience’s behavior, you can also select the peak usage hours when the engagement rate is high. According to some research, Tuesdays at 9 AM, Thursdays at 12 PM, and Fridays at 5 AM. are the best times to post on TikTok.

Interact with your viewers and followers

An important indicator for TikTok to evaluate your content is engagement. In other words, TikTok takes it as a positive signal if your content gets comments, likes, and shares and rewards high-interaction content with even more views.

To encourage engagement with viewers, don’t forget to take your time to interact with your viewers and respond to their comments. Other than interacting in your own content, it is also recommended to interact with other users and their posts. Duet or Stitch are two useful features that you use to engage with other users and creators on this platform.

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