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Summer Products to Sell: 15 POD Ideas for This Season

As the days get longer and warmer, it’s prime time to prep your designs for those sizzling summer moments. If you want a sales chart hotter than the pavement in July, make sure your catalog is bursting with the coolest summer essentials. In 2024, we’ve got your back with the top 15 summer products to sell. So, gear up for your best season ever by snagging some (or all) of these trendsetters! 

Get ready for a season of success as you ride the wave of steaming profits from your scorching hot summer sales. Curious about what to sell in summer? Well, worry not – we’ve rounded up 15 must-have products to spice up your online store.

15 hottest summer products to sell


Apparel is the #1 category for winning summer products. Now, let’s dive into the most winning apparel items that gain love from shoppers worldwide.

Hawaiian shirts

Aloha! When it comes to awesome summer products to sell, nothing beats our signature Hawaiian shirts! These tropical button-ups boast vibrant prints that get the good times rollin’.

Our Hawaiian shirts come in high-quality fabrics with outstanding durability, wrinkle resistance and in endless patterns – from floral to ocean themes. Whether it’s beach parties, backyard barbecues, or just soaking up the sun, our Hawaiian shirts deliver some serious summer spirit. They’re also great for coordinating family or friend group outfits!

hawaiian shirt

For sellers looking to make a splash this summer, Hawaiian shirts are a must-have product. Their fun and festive vibe make them a hot seasonal item. Load up your shop with our vibrant Hawaiians and watch the sales pour in!


Try telling summer it’s complete without a swimsuit! Our high-quality swimwear collection comes in on-trend cuts and fabrics, ready to be decked out in vibrant designs. Customers can flaunt their unique style with colorful patterns, graphics, and motifs.


Whether headed to the beach, pool party, or resort vacation, our swimsuits have shoppers covered for all summer fun. And for outdoor enthusiasts, our rash guards provide UPF protection during water sports.

Let your customers showcase their vibrant spirit wherever summer takes them. With our diverse selection of customizable swimwear – rash guards, bikinis, one-pieces, your shop will be their one-stop for unique designs perfect for getting wet and wild!

Tank tops

Our selection of customizable tank tops is hot, hot, hot for summer sales! With a diverse tank top selection like skinny sport tanks, v-necks, jersey tanks, and more, we’ve got the fits and fabrics to beat the heat in style.

These comfy tanks are lightweight and ultra-breathable, perfect for soaking up some rays. Customers can take their pick from our collection and add vibrant designs that show off their personal flair.

Whether lounging beachside or running summer errands, our tank tops keep the good vibes rollin’ all season long. They make great casualwear essentials, gifts for fitness junkies, and can be spruced up for a night out.


When it comes to versatile summer products to sell, our customizable t-shirts take the cake! With an array of styles like bleached, ringer, reflective, v-necks, off-shoulder, and more, we’ve got the perfect tee for laid back summer vibes.

These soft shirts come in breathable fabrics great for staying comfy in the heat. Customers can make each tee their own with vibrant designs – from all-over prints to graphics on the front, back or chest.

With endless customization options, your shop will be their one-stop for unique tees that showcase what makes them shine. Help customers beat the heat in style and boost summer sales with our diverse selection of printed t-shirts! 


Summertime calls for cool vibes and even cooler shorts! From playful Hawaiian prints to MVP-worthy sport shorts, and battle-ready board shorts, our collection is all about keeping it breezy, stylish, and ready for any summer adventure. 

Hawaiian Shorts

Our shorts come in lightweight, breathable materials perfect for soaking up the sunshine. Whether you’re lounging at the beach, hitting the sports field, or engaging in epic battles of water balloons, we’ve got the perfect shorts for every summer escapade.


Summer is primetime for sports action, which makes our customizable jerseys an MVP product to offer! With styles ranging from sleeveless, crop top, v-neck and more, we’ve got the jersey fits for any activity under the sun.

These activewear jerseys come in moisture-wicking fabrics and feature breathable mesh panels to keep players cool on the field. Customers can deck them out with numbers, names, and unique designs to show their spirit.

For spectator sports, our jerseys allow fans to support their teams in comfort and style. They’re also great for summer leagues, family tournaments, bachelor parties, and any recreational play. 

With your shop’s endless custom jersey options, customers can rep their team, hobby, or passion with personalized flair. Offer jerseys for activities from bowling, baseball and football – the sales possibilities are endless!


Dresses are a no-brainer summer product. Our selection are made from a super-soft fabric that feels like a beach breeze against the skin, offering breezy comfort even on the hottest days, 

Customers can tailor the dress to match their personal style, whether it’s vibrant florals, bold patterns or fun phrases. From twirling around town to picnics in the park, our lightweight dresses keep ladies looking and feeling chill.

Take those sales into the sun with dresses made for spinning, swinging and staying cool! Your customers will frolic through summer feeling fabulous and free in these figure-flattering frocks. Ring up the fun, flirty dresses and watch your profits bloom!


As the sun takes center stage and summer vibes start sizzling, let’s dive into the world of fashion-forward accessories that are about to make waves in your POD store. Explore the hottest POD accessories to sell this summer, because every outfit deserves its perfect finishing touch!


Hats are the must-have summer accessory, perfect for a day at the beach or keeping it low-key during your grocery shopping escapades. It’s the final touch to complete your summer outfit – practical and fashionable, a combination we absolutely adore for the sunny season.

summer products to sell

Picture this: your customer, rocking one of our baseball caps, shading their eyes from the sun like a boss. Or maybe they’re soaking up the vibes in a trendy bucket hat that screams “vacation mode." And let’s not forget the embroidered hats – because who wouldn’t want a hat that’s basically a walking piece of art!

We’ve got everything from classic baseball caps to chill bucket hats and even some fancy embroidered ones. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can turn heads with our extraordinary hats?

Passport covers

Get ready to stamp your style on summer with passport covers – the travel accessory that’s more than just a pretty face! We’re not just shielding your passport; we’re giving it a makeover, making it the trendiest jet-setter in town. And yes, you guessed it right – these passport covers are proudly part of our summer products to sell lineups. 

Why should you toss one of our passport covers into your POD collection? Well, aside from keeping your passport looking spick and span (no one wants a travel-worn passport photo), they’re like a blank canvas waiting for your design magic. Whether it’s a touch of wanderlust, a pop of color, or a clever travel quote, our passport covers are here to turn your travel essentials into fashion statements. 

So pack your creativity, and let our passport covers be the VIPs of your summer product lineup!

Tote bags

Guess what’s hotter than a summer day? Tote bags – and trust us, they’re not your average carryalls! We’re talking about totes that not only ace the practicality game but also give Mother Earth a high-five.

Imagine this: your logo, brand slogan, or the quirkiest graphics ever, proudly displayed on an everyday essential. It’s like wearable art that speaks volumes about your style. So, let’s get those creative juices flowing and design the hottest print-on-demand totes in town. Perfect for slinging over your shoulder or being the go-to for all your grab-and-go needs, these totes are the unsung heroes of summer – and they’re on our must-have list of summer products to sell!

Home decor items

For sellers looking to refresh their summer product lineup, home decor is where it’s at! As folks spruce up their spaces for the season, customizable home items are hot commodities.

Now let’s explore some winning home decor essentials primed for summer sales success!

Luggage cover

Custom luggage covers are about to revolutionize your summer vacay game. Protect your bags from scrapes and scratches in airport ballet with these durable, vibrant covers.

summer products to sell

Our covers level up boring bags with color and style for trips near and far. Beach bums, jetsetters, and road trippers alike flip for these bags that really tie their whole travel look together.

So help your customers keep their luggage in primo condition with our custom covers, perfect for expressing their unique travel vibes. Your shop will be their first stop for tricking out their bags with vibrant art and imaginative designs. Hang loose and ride this wave all the way through summer!

Beach blanket

What summer essential takes the cake for tubular sales? Definitely colorful custom beach blankets! These plush blankets are certifiably boss for soaking up some rays in style.

We’re talking vivid designs from chill ocean themes to bangin’ palm prints that’ll send sales into the stratosphere. While other shops snooze under their sun umbrellas, smart sellers like you can catch a tasty wave of profits with our blankets’ bodacious style and cozy comfort.

summer products to sell

Your sun-worshipping customers will flip for these soft blankets they can flaunt their summer state of mind on. Keep the sales rollin’ in steady by slapping some fresh, vibrant artwork on our high-quality blankets primed for the sand and surf.

So beef up your online shop with our bodacious blankets, perfect for beach bums looking to showcase their summer attitude in comfort.

Yard signs

Yard signs are having a major moment, and our customizable options deliver big time. These oversized displays are perfect for celebrating weddings, birthdays, grads, or just spreading some sunshine.

Go big and bold with your message using our sturdy and weatherproof signs. Slap on a custom design with vibrant colors and graphics that pop.

summer products to sell

Whether it’s a congratulatory announcement or just a fun phrase, our yard signs help customers turn their lawns into their own personal billboards.

Give your shoppers a way to creatively showcase what they’re feeling this summer. Our customizable yard signs are great for expressing themselves while getting the neighbors talking. A terrific summer product that makes a statement!

Canvas and posters

For showing off your inner artist, our custom canvas and posters can’t be beat! These high-quality prints allow your shoppers to turn their favorite photos, designs, and art into wall-worthy works.

Unleash creativity with stunning landscapes, personalized patterns, motivational quotes – sky’s the limit for these Blank Canvases! We print the designs on premium canvas for vibrant colors that pop right off the wall.

With so many folks sprucing up their spaces this summer, our canvas art delivers big time. Help amateur artists and interior decorators express themselves while decorating on a budget.

Our posters and canvases make excellent gifts too. Add a personal touch to any room with effortless custom wall art. However they decorate, our canvas products empower creativity and self-expression all summer!


Make an entrance this summer with one-of-a-kind doormats! These durable and dynamic mats allow your customers to deck their doorsteps out in style.

From cheeky phrases to artsy patterns, doormats can take on any design that reflects your customers’ spirit. We use premium materials that can hold up in any weather.

summer products to sell

With so many hosting summer barbecues and parties, doormats are one of the most excellent summer products to sell. They also make great gifts for housewarmings and new neighbors.

Refresh your catalog with our creative doormats, perfect for welcoming guests in a fun and stylish way. Your customers will kick off sandals to get their feet on these one-of-a-kind art pieces for their doorsteps!

Important POD sales events in summer 2024

While summer isn’t as packed with major POD sales events as other seasons, there are still waves of sales for you to ride. Mark on your calendar these important sales day in summer and watch your profits soar.

Memorial day (May 27)

Get ready to flaunt your red, white, and blue vibes! Memorial Day is the perfect time to show off your patriotic spirit. Whether it’s a design with stars and stripes, BBQ-themed threads, or gear for outdoor adventures, let your creative side shine with eye-catching designs that scream “America rocks!"

summer products

Graduation season (throughout June)

Time to toss those caps and celebrate big wins! June is the MVP of graduation season, and we’ve got the perfect chance for you to score with personalized gifts. From custom threads and mugs to phone cases and decorations, hit a home run in commemorating this huge milestone for grads and their cheering squads.

International Yoga day (June 21)

Calling all yogis and wellness gurus! This is your moment to sparkle. Whip up designs inspired by the zen of yoga, promoting that inner peace and balance. Your cool gear, from comfy apparel to soothing accessories, is the ultimate sidekick for those seeking a chill vibe and a touch of serenity.

First day of Summer (June 21)

Get ready for some sun-soaked shenanigans! Capture the vibe of beach days and summer fun with a lineup of products that scream, “Let’s kick it!" Whether it’s beachy accessories, vibrant swimwear, or outdoor essentials, help your customers dive into their summer adventures with a splash of style.

Fourth of July (July 4)

Time to get your red, white, and blue game on! Independence Day is like the Super Bowl for patriotic designs. From snazzy apparel to summer goodies, give your audience the chance to party in style. Your creative designs might just steal the show at festive get-togethers and parades nationwide.

independence day

Back-to-school season (late July)

Late July kicks off the back-to-school shopping spree. Grab the attention of students and parents with themed notebooks, cool water bottles, and trendy accessories. Make heading back to class an event to remember with your awesome and practical POD products.

back to school product

National Beach day (August 19)

Ready to ride the wave of beach vibes? National Beach Day is your golden ticket to showcase seaside treasures. From comfy towels and chic swimwear to stylish tote bags and beachy decor, curate a collection that speaks to the hearts of beach lovers everywhere.

Back-to-school rush (August)

August is the grand finale of back-to-school shopping, offering a last-minute boost for your must-have POD products. Be the top choice for students and parents seeking unique supplies and accessories. Whether it’s slick backpacks, tech-savvy gadgets, or stylish stationery, your offerings can turn the return to school into a trendsetting and organized affair.

Bonus: Keep your eyes peeled on what’s trending under the summer sun, then slap those patterns and themes on everything from apparel to phone cases. Whatever’s firing up Instagram feeds and getting folks fired up for summer, that’s your ticket to sales. Ride those waves and the sales will be more refreshing than a lemonade stand on a hot day!

Don’t forget to check out our 2024 Ecommerce Holiday Calendar for a comprehensive overview of the seasonal opportunities ahead!  

Get ahead of the game with Merchize

And just like that, we’ve reached the final beach bash of these totally awesome summer products to sell! We even dropped some major insights on crafting items primed for seasonal success. Like choosing lightweight, breathable materials to beat the heat and slappin’ on vibrant prints that pop for maximum summer spirit. 

Now is the time to ride the sales wave with on-trend summer products. But producing all those custom apparel items and seasonal merchandise can be challenging.

That’s why Merchize is here to help! With access to over 400 great products, quick production, and global shipping, we empower sellers to meet summer demand. With Merchize as your fulfillment partner, you can deliver the products shoppers want without manufacturing hassles. Together we can help you streamline operations and boost profits this season!

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