ecommerce calender 2023

Plan your year wisely with 2023 Ecommerce Holiday Calender

The year-end holiday season is the peak time for shopping and eCommerce business. But it would be a huge mistake if you only focus on these main events and then lie low for the whole year.

With the competition hitting an all-time high, it is important to find opportunities outside the main holiday season.

Luckily, there are still many opportunities around the year that you can capitalize on. Merchize has listed out all the important events of 2023 that would help you increase your bottom line.

With our 2023 eCommerce calendar, you can plan your years accordingly and make the most of every possible opportunity out there.

This e-commerce calendar is available as a printable file. You can download the file and print it out as you wish.


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 january

After spending a huge budget for the biggest shopping season, customers will definitely tighten up their wallets during this season.

The first three months of the year are usually slower than normal.

Don’t be too pessimistic. During the first three months, there are still many smaller events that cater to a smaller community or niches. If executed properly, you can still make decent profits from these occasions.

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
New Year’s DayJanuary 1GlobalCelebrate the new year with joy and appreciation.Home living, Decorations
World Braille DayJanuary 4GlobalCelebrate the birthday of Braille’s inventor, Louis Braille. This event is an opportunity to cater to the customers within the visually-impaired community.T-shirts, Jewelry
National Spaghetti DayJanuary 4USAHonor the roots of pasta and the food itself. For this occasion, create designs that appeal to Spaghetti fans!Clothing, cookware
International Programmers’ DayJanuary 7GlobalCelebrate the positive changes that are made possible by programmers.
It’s should be noted that programming is one of the most popular job niches with a growing number of practitioners.
T-shirts, hoodies, Mousepads, Mugs, and Stickers
World Religion DayJanuary 15GlobalCelebrate religious diversity and encourage interfaith understanding.Clothing (T-shirt, hoodie, and more)
Martin Luther King JR. DayJanuary 16USACommemorate Martin Luther King JR, a famous activist of the Civil Right Movement. This day is widely celebrated across the USA.
It is an important day when people honor the life of Martin Luther King and promote racial equality.
Clothing, Wall arts
National Hugging DayJanuary 21GlobalThis is a small yet meaningful day that encourages people to hug others. Hugging Day is a loving and beautiful event where people are more open to each other and spread love.Clothing, Greeting card, Fleece blanket, pins
Grandma’s DayJanuary 21PolandBest time to honor our grandmothers. This time of the year is a great opportunity for people to show their love, appreciation, and respect for their grandmas.Clothing, Jewelry, Home Decor, Cookware
Lunar New YearJanuary 22AsiaLunar New Year is the biggest holiday for a large group of Asian countries like China, Korea, Vietnam, etc. This holiday still has an important meaning among Asian communities living in other Western countries. It’s the time for reunion and families.Home decor, stickers, Thank Card
Australia DayJanuary 26AustraliaThis is an official national day in Australia. It marks the establishment of the first permanent European settlement in Australia.
While the origin of this holiday is controversial, this event is still widely celebrated by the people in Australia.
Clothing, Home decor, Flags, Signs
Chocolate Cake DayJanuary 27GlobalChocolate cake is a favorite dessert for many people. Chocolate or chocolate cake can also be a highly profitable niche for you to focus on, especially on this day.T-shirts, cookware.


calender 2023 february

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
First day of schoolFebruary 1Australia

Back-to-school is one of the biggest spending events, especially for younger crowds, or families with young children.

To prepare for a new school year, customers are willing to spend a huge amount on stationary, clothing, and decoration.

If you have a large customer base in Australia, mark this day!

Notebooks, planners, tumblers, backpacks, etc.
CandlemasFebruary 2GlobalCandlemas is a Christian holiday that commemorates the presentation of Jesus at the Temple.  
World Cancer DayFebruary 4Global

This is about raising awareness of cancer among the population.

From the business point of view, this could be a good chance for you to deliver cancer awareness-related products or take part in relevant charities and share about the social responsibility initiatives you are participating in.

T-shirts, signs, flags, pins
World Nutella DayFebruary 5GlobalNuttela – a famous Italian spread loved by many. Take this opportunity to connect to a large number of Nutella fans across the world.T-shirts, pins, and other accessories
National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness DayFebruary 7GlobalThis day is for raising awareness about HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment among people of color.T-shirt, signs
National Pizza DayFebruary 9GlobalCelebrate the internationally famous Italian food – Pizza. T-shirts, accessories, wall decors, and more.
Super BowlFebruary 12USThe biggest sports event in the US will happen on February 12. Baseball Jerseys and baseball caps are the best items to sell. Baseball jersey, baseball cap, and other sportswear.
Valentine’s DayFebruary 14GlobalValentine’s Day is one of the most important events in the first quarter. Most importantly, people are willing to spend a big budget on this day.
When it comes to love, there is no limit.

Jewelry, T-shirts, candles, and personalized items.

Love your pet DayFebruary 20GlobalCelebrate the presence of the most adorable and loving creatures. Pet day is a great time for pet owners to express their endless love for their pets. It is also one of the key events for sellers who focuses on pet niches.Pet accessories, pet bowls, pet bandanas, pet pillows, and more.
President’s DayFebruary 20USAThis day is a federal holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday of February. It is originally the birthday of Washington – the first president of the US. 
Pancake DayFebruary 21GlobalAnother day for foodies to celebrate! Basic yet delightful, we just can’t get enough of these. It is also a lovely opportunity for you to connect with pancake lovers.T-shirts, stickers cookware, etc.

Not know what to sell on Valentine’s?

Check out Merchize’s list of the best Valentine’s products and start selling now!


merchize ecommerce calender march 2023

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
World Compliment DayMarch 1Global

This day is to remind us of how important and necessary compliments are in our lives.

Try to incorporate compliments and positive affirmations into the designs. Also, this is a great opportunity to send compliments to your customers.

T-shirts, acrylic pins, greeting cards
St David’s DayMarch 1Global St David is the patron saint of Wales. This event is celebrated widely across the world by the Welsh community. 
Of course, there will be a surge in demand for clothing and accessories with daffodils and leek details. 
Clothing and accessories
World Book DayMarch 2GlobalBook Day is the time for bookworms to celebrate their love for books. 
International Women’s DayMarch 8GlobalThis day is meant to celebrate and promote women’s equality and contributions. For this day, you can run some special discounts for female customers, or offers them gifts.
You can also make this day more meaningful by taking the initiative to support communities and organizations that work for women’s opportunities and equality.
Clothing and accessories.
Oscar CeremonyMarch 12GlobalOscar Ceremony is the biggest award in the film industry. It is a huge pop culture event.T-shirts, posters, canvas, stickers, etc.
St Patrick DayMarch 17 GlobalSt Patrick’s Day is a big holiday for the Irish community. Besides the religious meaning, St Patrick’s Day is also a popular cultural event that attracts millions of Irish and people of Irish heritage.Clothing, accessories, and home decoration. 
World Recycling DayMarch 18GlobalRecycling is the key to a sustainable future. It is the time to educate your customers and connect to the audience who cares about our environment. 
Mother’s DayMarch 19UKThe demand for gifts for mothers will see a spike during special occasions like Mother’s Day. This is an excellent opportunity to sell personalized gifts. You can also create special campaigns or offers to show appreciation for all mothers.Women’s clothing, jewelry, custom gifts, etc.
International Waffle DayMarch 25GlobalMarch 25 is for celebrating the history of waffles. People in the US have their own Waffle Day on August 24.T-shirts, stickers, etc.


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 april

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningsProduct ideas
April Fool’s DayApril 1Global

This is the time for pranks and hoaxes. Make this day more fun and exciting by showing your sense of humor. You can post funny images, and pranks across your social media handle to attract attention, increase engagement and drive awareness.

Also on this day, many customers look for good pranks and funny gifts that maybe you can offer!

T-shirts, other clothing, and accessories
Good FridayApril 7GlobalGood Friday is the time to commemorate the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. 
Easter SundayApril 9Global

Also known as Resurrection Sunday, Easter Sunday is a Christian holiday to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. Easter lasts for three days.

While this day is not as commercial as Christmas, it is still one of the most important events for Christians. On this day, businesses can attract customers with special deals and offers.

Siblings DayApril 10Global

Siblings are an important part of the family. This day is all about showing your love to your dear sisters and brothers. On this day, people also look for a special gift for their siblings.

For sibling relationships, something funny, comical, and playful is very much preferred.

Clothing, accessories, keychain, tumblers, etc.
Easter MondayApril 10GlobalEaster Monday is the day following Easter Sunday, and the last day of Easter. 
National Pet DayApril 11GlobalAnother day to celebrate the love for our fluffy friends. If your focus is on the pet niche, don’t let this day fly by. Create a contest, and do some promo for your products.Pet clothing and pet accessories,
Bicycle DayApril 19GlobalThis day is for all bicyclists across the globe to celebrate their favorite sports. On this day, you can make special offers, or contest for this event.Biking shorts, biking jackets, socks, tumblers, etc.
National Tea DayApril 21UK

Tea is the most popular drink in the UK. There is no wonder why they pick a special day to honor this specialty.

If your store targets customers in the UK, don’t forget to celebrate this occasion with them.

Mugs, cups, etc.
Earth DayApril 22Global

Earth Day is widely popular around the world. A lot of activities and events about environmental protection are held on this day.

If the message of this occasion is important to your business, you must take this opportunity to send your message and support the cause.

St George’s DayApril 23GlobalSt George’s Day is an important occasion in the UK and is celebrated in many other countries. This day is meant to remember St George, England’s patron saint.  
World Book DayApril 23GlobalOn this day, you can start conversations and engage with customers who are interested in reading. Posting book-related content, creating a poll, and asking questions are some good suggestions to add to your social media calendar. 


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 may

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningsProduct ideas
Labor DayMay 1Global

Labor Day is for honoring workers across all fields and countries. You can share your stories and appreciate your employee’s contributions to your business’s success.

It is also a plausible idea to offer some special deals for your dear customers as a way to show appreciation and cheer them up on this occasion.

Early May BankMay 1UKEarly May Bank is an official holiday in the UK to celebrate spring and nature’s rebirth. It is celebrated on the same day as Labor Day in the UK. 
Star Wars DayMay 4Global

Star Wars are a huge part of pop culture across the globe. It is so popular that people even dedicated a day to honor this franchise. On Amazon, the demand for Star Wars increased by 11%.

If your audience group is also interested in this cultural phenomenon, you can start conversations, and post memes or stories around this movie to increase engagement.

T-shirts, hoodies, posters, stickers, and more.
Pet WeekMay 7USAIn the US, we have a whole week to display affection for our pets.Pet clothing and pet accessories.
Europe DayMay 9EuropeansThis special day is meant to celebrate peace and unity in Europe. 
National Eat What You Want DayMay 11GlobalFor a day, forget about your strict diet, follow your guts and eat whatever you want! Make this day all about self-indulgence and love for food. Post positive and funny content on your social media. It is also highly recommended to introduce designs 
World Cocktail DayMay 13GlobalCelebrate the art and joy of cocktails for this day. 
Mother’s DayMay 14USAThis is Mother’s Day for the US market. Make special campaigns and promo for this event targeted specifically the US customers.Women’s clothing, jewelry, etc.
International Day of LightMay 16GlobalMay 16 is selected by UNESCO to appreciate the light and its role in science. 
World Baking DayMay 17Global

World Baking Day is the day to honor the art of baking. Being one of the most popular pastimes and hobbies, baking is absolutely worthy-celebrating.

On this day, people would love to celebrate their baking hobby as well as show appreciation to others who love baking.

Kitchenware, aprons, mugs, etc.
World Bee DayMay 20Global

Bees are working hard every day to carry our ecosystem. May 20 every year is the time for us to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators.

If your business also cares about environmental issues, take this chance and educate your audience or take initiative to protect the bee system.

Clothing and accessories.
National BiscuitMay 29UKNational Biscuit Day gives you all the right reasons to gorge on as many biscuits as you like. It is also a great opportunity to promote biscuit-related products to the interested audience.Kitchenware, aprons, mugs, etc.
Spring Bank HolidayMay 29UKAnother official holiday in the UK. On this day, you can prepare some entertaining, inspiring content that fits the holiday mood. 


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 june

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
Pride MonthJuneGlobal

Pride Month is probably the most culturally important occasion of the year. This is the time to promote LGBTQ rights, encourage the freedom of gender identity expression, raise awareness about gender diversity, and uplift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community.

This time of the year is also highly commercial, which is somewhat controversial.

If this course matters to your business, it’s the right time for you to join and share your voice.

Clothing, flags, pins, posters, bucket hats, etc.
Global Day of ParentsJune 1GlobalParenting is a challenging job. That’s why we have June 1 to celebrate the roles of parents in our lives. It also marks the upcoming of other important events like Mother’s Day and Mother’s Day. 
Mother’s DayJune 4France

Mother’s Day is one of the vital eCommerce holidays of the year. While you should show love to your mother every day, Mother’s Day allows us to officially celebrate and appreciate our mothers by sending gifts and displaying our affection.

Popular gifts for mothers on this day are jewelry, dinners, greeting card, and flowers.

Women’s clothing, jewelry, etc.
World Environment DayJune 5Global

World Environment Day is about raising awareness and encouraging action to protect our environment.

On this day, you can deliver related content, like a prompt for your customers to take positive actions to make the planet greener.

World Gin DayJune 10Global

World Gin Day is for gathering and drinking gin. That’s spirit.

On this day, gin lovers will go out, and have a drink to appreciate their favorite drinks.

Gin jokes, puns, or quotes are some great topics to explore and put into your designs to draw customers who love gin. On this day, customers can also buy gin-related gifts for their gin lovers friends, or family members.

T-shirt, drinkware, wine tumbler, wine glass, etc.
National Beer DayJune 15UKJune 15 is the day for people in the UK to celebrate this foamy drink. To prepare for this event, you can promote your line of beer-related products. Some custom beer gadgets are also some great ideas to sell to beer lovers.T-shirts, drinkware, tumbler, glass, etc.
Father’s DayJune 18UK

Here comes an important date of June in the UK. Father’s Day is the time for people to show appreciation to the father figure in their lives.

Father is a familiar niche for print-on-demand businesses. And Father’s Day is the perfect time to promote your father-niche products.

Men’s clothing, personalized gifts, keychain, wallets, etc.
International Day of YogaJune 21GlobalYoga has seen incredible growth in popularity over years. There is a dedicated group of yoga practitioners across the globe. International Day of Yoga is an important day to promote your related products to this community.Yoga clothing, leggings, yoga mat, etc.
Glastonbury FestivalJune 21 – 25Global

Glastonbury is among the top music festival in the world. On this day, music fans from different countries will gather at Worthy Farm, Pilton, England.

This event can attract 200K people, which leads to an increase in demand for merch. It can be a great opportunity for you to capitalize.

T-shirts, bucket hats, blankets, tumblers, etc.
Midsummer’s DayJune 24GlobalOn this day, we celebrate the summer. It’s time for bonfires, singing, dancing, and cookouts with friends and family. 
Summer SalesJune 28France

Summer hits its height and it also marks the time for one of the biggest sales seasons in France.

It’s a good chance to boost sales by offering discounts and introducing promo.



ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 july

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
Tour de FranceJulyGlobalTour de France is the most prestigious bicycle race in the world. Each year, this race attracts millions of viewers to watch the tour on screen. It is also the most participated annual event among bicycling fans across the globe. 
Wimbledon startsJuly 3 – 16GlobalJuly is a busy month for sports fans. Tour de France and then Wimbledon. This prestigious tennis tournament draws in a massive number of watchers and thousands of spectators. 
American Independence DayJuly 4US

Independence Day is the most important event in July. This event is widely celebrated across the country.

To make the most out of this day, you can incorporate patriotic symbols and images into your designs and products.

It is also a good time to offer attractive discounts for patriotic products.

Flags, posters, home decorations, T-shirts, and more.
World Chocolate DayJuly 7GlobalEveryone loves chocolate! And this is the day for us to celebrate our favorite food.T-shirts, posters, etc.
The Storming of the Bastille: French National DayJuly 14FranceIf you are targeting the France market, don’t forget to mark this day down on your calendar.Flags, posters, signs, etc.
World Emoji DayJuly 17GlobalEmoji is an essential part of our daily online discourse. To celebrate World Emoji Day, you can share your favorite emoji or ask your customers about their favorite emojis, and create some fun giveaways. 
Islamic New YearJuly 18GlobalIslamic New Year marks the beginning of the new Lunar Hijri Year for the Islamic community. 
International Day of FriendshipJuly 30GlobalFriendships are one of the most precious things you got in life. On this day, people will buy gifts for their friends. It’s the right time for businesses to sell custom gifts for friends. 
National Avocado DayJuly 31GlobalLet’s make this day to remind people to eat more avocados. As avocados are particularly loved by many, you can engage with your audience by creating avocado-related content, or even get some sales with avocado merch.Clothing and accessories.


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 august

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
Back to SchoolAugust 1GlobalBack-to-school is a huge spending occasion for students and their families. To celebrate the start of a new school year, people do not hesitate to spend huge budgets on stationary and other school supplies.School supplies, stationery, clothing, bags, tumblers, accessories, and more.
International Beer DayAugust 4GlobalHere is another day to celebrate this foamy drink.T-shirts, glasses, wine tumblers, etc.
Summer Bank HolidayAugust 7Scotland

Summer Bank Holiday in Scotland is celebrated on the first Monday of August while the rest of the UK will celebrate this holiday on the last Monday in August.

For businesses, you can offer some sort of discount on this occasion.

International Cat DayAugust 8GlobalIt’s estimated that 25.4% of American households own a cat.  On this day, it’s a smart move to offer special discounts for cat lovers and promote your lines of cat-related products.Clothing, pet clothing, and pet accessories.
Book Lovers DayAugust 9GlobalComes another day to celebrate the joy of reading.Stickers, pins, posters, keychains, tote bags.
AssumptionAugust 15GlobalAssumption Day is an important Catholic day that commemorates the ascent of Virgin Mary at the end of her life. 
World Photography DayAugust 19Global

Photography is a popular hobby that many people love. It is also a great hobby niche that you can tap into.

This occasion also makes it

Posters, canvas, prints, T-shirts
National Burger DayAugust 24GlobalCelebrate America’s most iconic food – Burger. 
National Dog DayAugust 26GlobalDogs are great companions in our lives. National Dog Day is the time for dog lovers to display their appreciation and affection for these special friends.Clothing, pet clothing, and pet accessories.


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 september

HolidaysTimeTargetMeaningProduct ideas
Labor DaySeptember 4USLabor Day in the US is celebrated on September 4. 
Read A Book DaySeptember 6US

Read A Book Day is an event to remind you to make time to read books and better yourself every day.

On this day, don’t forget to make a prompt for your audience to pick up a book and read.

 Stickers, pins, posters, keychains, tote bags.
Patriot DaySeptember 11USPatriot Day is the day to commemorate the lives of people killed in the September 11 attacks. Be sensitive with the materials and the campaigns that you are going to put on this day. 
National Chocolate Milkshake DaySeptember 12USIf your favorite drink is Cholocate Milkshake, don’t forget to mark this day down on your calendar. Don’t forget to share this love with your customers and audience. Drinkware and clothing.
World Guacamole DaySeptember 16Global

Guacamole Day is the time to celebrate this delicious Mexican side dish.

You can see it as an opportunity to connect with your Mexican customers.

International Day of PeaceSeptember 21GlobalSeptember 21 is selected as the day to raise awareness and promote peace. For this meaningful occasion, you can show your support as well. 
Autumn BeginsSeptember 23Global

This day marks the beginning of Autumn – the season of beautiful scenery and many important holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget to remind your customers that fall’s here. More importantly, you should start planning for the upcoming season.

World Tourism DaySeptember 27GlobalTravelling and tourism make an important part of our lives. On this day, send your words to appreciate the people who are working in the industry as well as celebrate the love for traveling. And don’t forget to bring up your handful of products that can help to make their traveling experience more memorable and interesting. 


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 october

International Coffee DayOctober 1Global

In the US, coffee is the second most consumed drink, just after water.

October 1 gives us opportunities to celebrate the importance of coffee in our everyday.

Mugs, T-shirt, Drinkware
World Animal DayOctober 4GlobalMore than appreciating pets, World Animal Day also celebrates all animals living on this planet.Clothing and accessories.
ThanksgivingOctober 9CanadaOctober 9 this year is Thanksgiving in Canada. If you have a large audience living in Canada, you should ignore this holiday. It’s best to show appreciation for your customers and their support.Home decoration and clothing.
World Mental Health DayOctober 10GlobalMental healthy has been a critical issue for our society. On this day, as a business, you can participate by showing support and promoting mental-wellbeing awareness, and starting conversations among the audience within your niches.Posters, stickers, T-shirts, tumblers, tote bags.
World Food DayOctober 16GlobalFood is what keeps us alive and thriving. Make this day all about appreciating all kinds of food around the world. On this day, you can post about the food that you love, and ask your customers what food they like. And don’t forget to promote your food-related products!Clothing and accessories.
National Nut DayOctober 22GlobalNational Nut is the day for us to appreciate all kinds of nuts in the world. 
World Pasta DayOctober 25Global

Spaghetti, Macaroni, Lasagna, you name it. This day is all about the pasta that we love.

Start conversations with your customers on this day by asking about their favorite pasta, and opening small events about pasta.

If your store has products related to this niche, don’t forget to mention them!

Clothing and accessories.
National Pumpkin DayOctober 26GlobalJust a few days before Halloween, we have National Pumpkin Day. Take a chance to appreciate this favorite autumn gourd!Clothing and accessories.
BST EndsOctober 29GlobalOn the last Sunday of October, at 2 AM, the clocks go back an hour. This hour is called the British Summer Time. 
Halloween DayOctober 31GlobalHalloween is the most important eCommerce event of October. It’s the best time of the year to sell custom products. Don’t forget to make awesome designs and launch carefully-planned campaigns for the event.Clothing, custom clothing, fabric basket, flags, posters, door banners, etc.


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merchize ecommerce calender march 2023

World Vegan DayNovember 1GlobalAround 14% of the world’s population is vegetarian. That’s a huge number of people. Let’s take this day to celebrate with all the vegetarians around the world.Clothing and accessories.
Movember (Men’s Health Awareness Month)November 1Global Movember is a fundraising event run by Movember Foundation to raise awareness of men’s health issues. 
Guy Fawkes NightNovember 5UKAlso known as Bonfire Night and Fireworks Night, Guy Fawkes Night is the time for bonfires and fireworks. This holiday is to celebrate the failure of King James I’s assassination back in the 17th century. 
Remembrance DayNovember 11Global

On this day, people in the UK as well as in Canada and Australia will commemorate the lives of people who die in World War I.

It’s important to be careful and sensitive with your language and campaigns on this day.

Remembrance SundayNovember 12UK 
New BeaujolaisNovember 16Global

Beaujolais Nouveau Day is a French holiday that celebrates the fine red wine Beaujolais Nouveau.

Due to the popularity of this red wine, this holiday is now celebrated in many other countries as well.

On this day, people usually gather and have a toast with a new batch of Beaujolais.

Glass, wine tumblers, clothing, etc.
ThanksgivingNovember 23US

People in the US celebrate Thanksgiving on November 23 this year. On this day, people will spend time with their families, share meals and celebrate. 

Home decoration, cookware, drinkware.
Black FridayNovember 24Global

The biggest sale event of the year is Black Friday. It’s time for your businesses to launch the most attractive discounts to draw customers.

This is also the time for people to start their Christmas haul.

 All catalogs
Cyber MondayNovember 27GlobalCyber Monday is the extended Black Friday. It’s another opportunity for your business to grasp more sales. All catalogs
St Andrew’s DayNovember 30GlobalNovember 30 is the feast day of Andrew the Apostle in Scotland. 


ecommerce Calendar Merchize 2023 december

Want to have a winning Christmas season?

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World AIDS DayDecember 1GlobalThis World AIDS Day is dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic. 
National Cookie DayDecember 4GlobalDecember 4 is selected as a special day to celebrate the beloved sweet treat that is cookies. 
HanukkahDecember 7GlobalHanukkah is a Jewish celebration. On this day, we commemorate the recovery of Jerusalem and the dedication of the Second Temple. Hanukkah is all about spending time with families. This year, Hanukkah starts on December 7 and ends on December 15.Home decoration, clothing, gifts.
Christmas Jumper DayDecember 14Global

Christmas Jumper Day was first initiated by a charity organization to raise funding for children. To support the course, you can wear a sweater on this day and make a donation.

It is a good chance to remind your customers to wear their sweaters and show support!

Sweaters, sweatshirts.
Winter SolsticeDecember 22GlobalWinter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. It is also the darkest. For this occasion, you can make this day brighter by offering some small gifts and discounts. 
Christmas EveDecember 24GlobalHere comes the most important event of Q4 for most eCommerce businesses. To prepare for the event, you must have done all the promotions beforehand. Yet, don’t forget to send love to your customers and wish them and their families a merry Christmas.Ornaments, home decoration, personalized gifts.
Christmas DayDecember 25Global
Boxing DayDecember 26GlobalBoxing Day is a national holiday in the UK and some other related countries. Usually, on this day, people will spend time with family or friends and exchange gifts.Home decoration, custom gifts.
KwanzaaDecember 26USKwanzaa is celebrated by people of African heritage. This holiday lasts for 7 days, starting from December 26. Usually, on the last day of Kwanzaa, people will gather and exchange homemade gifts.Home decoration, custom gifts.
Bank HolidayDecember 27UKBank Holiday is a national public holiday in the UK. 
New Year’s EveDecember 31GlobalThis is the last day of the year. It’s time to send thanks and show appreciation to your customers who have supported your business throughout the year. Take this day to reflect on the past years and welcome a new year.Home decoration, custom gifts.

Easily plan out your year with 2023 eCommerce Calendar!

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