High Margin Print On Demand Products

10+ High Margin Print On Demand Products In 2024

Print-on-demand (POD) continues to be a lucrative ecommerce business model allowing entrepreneurs to sell customized products without carrying inventory. As we enter 2024, identifying high-profit POD products is key to boosting your online store’s bottom line.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 10+ print-on-demand products perfect for generating strong sales margins this year. Helps you optimize your productivity and achieve great success by calculating high-margin products to sell.

What is a high profit margin product?

A high profit margin product is one that yields a substantial net profit after accounting for production and operating costs. In simple terms, it’s an item you can sell for considerably more than it costs to make and deliver.

For print-on-demand (POD) sellers, profit margins tend to surpass traditional retail thanks to the ecommerce model. By selling customized products online without holding inventory, overhead costs stay low. This means you can price items attractively while scoring healthy profits.

Let’s break it down further. Say you sell a custom printed t-shirt for $20, and your manufacturing and materials cost totals $5 per shirt. That leaves you with a profit of $15 per sale, giving you a high margin of 75%. Compare this to a complex manufactured product retailing at $100 but costing $90 to produce. The profit margin sinks to just 10% in this case.

The trick with print-on-demand is keeping production costs low on unique, quality products you can command good prices for. Whether it’s phone cases, home décor, apparel, or beyond, striking this balance drives high profit margins.

What is a high profit margin product?

11 High margin print on demand products

Discover 11 high margin print on demand products that can skyrocket your online store’s profitability in 2024.

All-over Print Unisex T-shirt

The all over print shirt is a shirt with a higher value than a regular 2D t shirt with a realistic image while still remaining comfortable to wear. As the global fashion market increasingly embraces casualwear and personal expression, these ultra-soft tees allow limitless design potential. The global printed apparel market alone is expected to grow by $113 billion between 2022-2026.

Made from 100% breathable polyester, the long-lasting prints with sublimated printing techniques won’t fade, crack, or peel over time. In particular, quality is also shown through every small detail including stitching, prints on collars, sleeves,…

For sellers, all-over print tees present a prime opportunity to capitalize on shifting consumer demand. Produced on-demand and shipped quickly without inventory costs, profit margins can easily exceed 50%.

custom all over print t shirt

All-over Print Polo Shirt (Lightweight)

One of the key factors driving the popularity of the All-Over Print Polo Shirt is mastering a blend of smart-casual or masculine-feminine styles. This type of shirt can be worn to the office or at home like other comfortable everyday T-shirts.

Crafted from a spandex-blend bird’s eye pique knit fabric, the smooth quick-drying finish resists fading to make this shirt timeless. In Addition, 3D-printed designs on-demand help you freely express your own style and personality.

As personalized casualwear dominates new fashion trends, these printed polos deliver on individual expression. Manufactured on-demand to minimize overhead, high-quality construction supports premium pricing for potentially over 60% profit margins per sale.

Offering collections or one-of-a-kind prints, sellers can explore exciting graphics and patterns difficult to mass produce. Capturing a slice of the printed apparel boom with all-over print polos unlocks major revenue potential.

custom Women Polo Shirt

All-over Print Short-sleeve Hawaiian Shirt

Hawaiian shirts are not only worn for traveling or going to the beach but can also be used for everyday wear. These vacation-inspired statement pieces intertwine heritage, personalization, and on-trend casual styling.

Building on the 1940s surf culture explosion and 1950s mass tourism boost, contemporary adaptations expand their versatility and market.

These viscose-blend Hawaiian shirts sublimate vibrant botanical, floral, oceanic prints edge-to-edge. The silky, lightweight woven fabric offers sublime comfort in warm weather while resisting cracks, peeling and fading.

Sellers can explore millions of tropical graphic variations suitable for all ages and help wearers express themselves when wearing shirts with their favorite custom designs. With no minimum orders and no inventory, sellers can freely test new products to come up with the right strategy for their business.

Nowadays the Hawaiian shirt is everywhere now. With low cost based and high selling price, profits can be up to 65% compared to the import price from print on demand and fulfillment services.

All Over Print Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt

All Over Print Sweatshirt (Lightweight)

It seems that 3D apparel devices are always the top choice to bring maximum profits to Print On Demand sellers. This All Over Print Sweatshirt (Lightweight) merging statement style with breezy, breathable fabrics, these custom sweats tap into surging casual fashion trends.

The printed sweatshirt market is projected to hit $9.5 billion by 2030. And this ultra-soft style encapsulates the movement, sublimating photos, graphics or artistic designs edge-to-edge.

Crafted from brushed polyester fleece, the thin yet cozy unisex fit features a ribbed collar and durable double-stitching details. The custom prints pop against the neutral backdrop while resisting cracks, peels or fades even after repeated wears and washes.

For sellers, all-over print sweatshirts provide a highly customizable product perfect for showcasing creativity or brand imagery. Manufactured on-demand and delivered quickly, the made-to-order model supports premium pricing for 60% or higher profit margins.

As demand for comfort-meets-style for every season, this type of shirt offers endless earning potential if you choose a specific niche and a clear strategy for your business.

All Over Print Sweatshirt (Lightweight)

Embroidered Lightweight Classic Unisex Hoodie

Custom embroidered hoodies let buyers personalize casualwear. Adding names, quotes or designs makes each hoodie unique. This appeals to buyers wanting one-of-a-kind style.

As personalized fashion and memorable keepsakes gain appeal, embroidery grants products unique character and sentimental value. The custom clothing market grows bigger, expected to hit $8.2 billion by 2027. Sellers can tap into this demand.

These midweight hoodies have a roomy fit and handy front pocket. Quality embroidery happens in-house for faster turnarounds.

Expanded customization options such as embroidered monograms, meaningful dates and graphical images command higher price points for potentially 60% or greater profit margins. And on-demand fulfillment means no unsold inventory or upfront costs outside materials.

Embroidered hoodies attract buyers wanting memorable keepsakes. Interest in customized gear is up as buyers desire unique style. Smart sellers can boost sales and revenue.

embroidered hoodie


Personalized posters hanging photos of family, spouses and loved ones really bring a cozy feeling to the home. You need to prepare good sales and marketing skills. Selling posters can bring huge profits to individuals or businesses.

Especially if you know how to advertise, you don’t need to import goods, just test potential products. If the product sells well, you can scale it up larger.

Craft posters in any size from A5 to large-format A1. Choose between high-quality unframed paper prints or framed canvas gallery styles. Even offer digital downloads for mobile or desktop backdrops. This flexibility caters to diverse aesthetics while supporting premium markups between 30-50%.

Printed on heavy 230gsm resin-coated photo paper or fade-resistant canvas, these posters feature strikingly vibrant color replication and lasting durability with protective finishes. Produced entirely on-demand, quality is assured while eliminating upfront inventory costs.

As mass-produced décor gives way to personalized style, posters provide an accessible medium for original designs, photography or artistic prints. Sellers can easily tap this multi-billion dollar home furnishings boom by exploring trending themes or niche interests via an enormous array of printable artwork genres and styles.

With demand rising faster than ever, global poster sales expected to reach $7.5 billion by 2027, stylish custom wall art prints promise strong profitability for years ahead.

Poster valentine

Canvas Prints (Museum Wrap) (0.75in frame)

Canvas Print printed on demand is hung in special positions in the house, making the house beautiful and lively. The global prints market nears $41 billion, fueled by rising consumer interest in rare, one-of-a-kind home furnishings. Canvas prints meet this demand for self-expression, printed digitally on durable 310gsm Oxfords with vivid lifelike replication.

Sellers can offer prints mounted onto 0.75-inch pinewood frames featuring corner wraps creating the illusion images continue around the edges. Unique pieces like custom pet portraits or artistic renderings supporting markups between 40-60%.

This way you can create one-of-a-kind original products, with the same effort but with more profitable results.

Canvas Valentine

Ceramic Mug (11oz)

As demand for customized drinkware accelerates, ceramic mugs present lucrative POD potential. With the global printed mugs market expected to reach $10.3 billion by 2028. Therefore these versatile 11oz mugs support millions of design applications for personal and commercial buyers alike.

This is one of the key products of some businesses being fulfilled at Merchize. Crafted from high-fired stoneware boasting durable chip-resistant properties, vibrant sublimation printing creates fade-resistant microwave and dishwasher-safe mugs. Premium white gloss finishes allow any artwork, logo or photograph to pop.

For sellers, ceramic mugs are highly customizable across styles and themes to suit evergreen gift-giving occasions or everyday use. With low materials costs support healthy 45-55% profit margins on premium personalized pieces.

Ceramic Mug (11oz)

Hard Plastic Phone Case

With mobile protective cases projected to hit $33.7 billion by 2029, offering customized phone cases in online store presents huge lucrative potential. As new phone models are regularly released, it’s time to change the phone case to personalize the customer’s style.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a smart mobile phone. By highlighting your store in a special niche, you will attract a huge number of customers.

Hard Plastic Phone Case suitable for the latest iPhone and Android devices. By manufacturing on-demand with base costs around $3.75 per unit. With retail prices between $15-$25 for these rare, the profit margins range from 45-55% per sale.

custom hard back clear phonecase

Tote Bag

As demand surges for reusable totes over single-use plastic, customized canvas tote bags promise lucrative POD potential. With the global bag market expected to reach $19.5 billion by 2028, eco-conscious personalization makes these totes highly giftable keepsakes.

Crafted from 100% durable canvas, these roomy totes comfortably fit everything from groceries to gym gear. Bold sublimated prints create vibrant edge-to-edge designs, available in two sizes. Sturdy webbed handles and a snap closure add convenience while resisting everyday wear.

For sellers, totes provide a timely product marrying style with eco-values like sustainability. On-demand production means no wasted inventory while low material costs support 50%+ profit margins on creatively customized bags.

Offer artistic prints and patterns or launch branded merchandise collections featuring trending imagery. Companies and communities want ways to visually express their messages. As reusable totes gain share over disposables, sellers can capture significant profits.

travel tote bag ideas

Custom Shape Decal

As more and more people own cars, customized shape decals provide a high-margin POD product to explore. Allowing personal photos, graphics or logos to be reproduced on durable, waterproof vinyl material is a unique highlight for your customers.

  • Market Size and Customization: The global decals market nears $28 billion is a lucrative environment for those who want to sell personalized décor. Just selling a small amount to a specific customer segment of that $28 billion is a huge success for you.
  • Production and Profit Potential: Crafted from premium 5-7 year exterior-grade vinyl, digital printing creates accurate color replication without fading or peeling. With low base costs around $3 per unit, when you sell custom decals can retail from $7-$12 for 60-75% profit margins.
  • Ideal Applications: Car mods, laptops, phone cases, walls, mirrors, mugs, windows – the options are endless. People’s aesthetic needs are higher, so owning personalized items helps confidently express themselves to outsiders.

As buyers increasingly value unique style, custom cut decals promise strong sales.

custom shape decal

How to calculate a profit margin for your product

Let’s say you’re selling a Unisex Hoodie within the United States from a locally-based Print Provider, and you’re aiming for a profit margin of 40%. To calculate the selling price that achieves this margin, you’ll first need to determine your total costs.

calculate a profit margin for your product

Step 1: Calculate Total Costs

  • Initial Product Cost: $18.99
  • Shipping Cost: $8.49
  • Marketing Cost: $2.00
  • Additional Fees (e.g., transaction and marketplace charges): $3.55

Total Cost = $18.99 + $8.49 + $2.00 + $3.55 = $33.03

Step 2: Calculate the Selling Price

To calculate the selling price with a 40% profit margin, use the following formula:

Profit Margin = (Retail Price – Total Cost) / Retail Price

In this case, we want the Profit Margin to be 0.4 (40%). Let’s solve for the Retail Price:

$33.03 x 0.4 = $13.21

Therefore, to achieve a 40% profit margin, you should set the selling price of the Unisex Hoodie (total cost + profit margin) = $33.03+13.21= 46,24$.

What makes a good high margin ecommerce product?

Choosing high profit margin products is key for ecommerce success. Ideal high margin products have:

  • Low Production Costs: Inexpensive manufacturing or sourcing enables competitive pricing while still generating big profits.
  • High Perceived Value: Unique features, premium quality, or strong branding justify higher prices that boost margins. Customers will pay more for products they see as valuable.
  • Niche Market Demand: Targeting specialized niche products faces less competition and serves dedicated customers who pay a premium.
  • Customization Opportunities: Customized products like custom text and picture allow you to set higher prices than regular products.
  • Scalability: Products with production that can be easily scaled up are ideal. With the ability to scale from 100 orders to 1000 orders quickly without wasting too much human resources and resources.

Ultimately, what constitutes a “high" margin varying by industry, but aiming for an average of around 40% is a solid target for many ecommerce businesses.

Sell high margin print on demand products With Merchize

Harnessing print-on-demand (POD) through Merchize lets sellers easily access ecommerce profits.

  1. Browse Extensive Product Catalog: Access Merchize’s 350+ item catalog spanning apparel, phone cases, art prints and more high-margin POD categories.
  2. Sign Up for Free Seller Account: Register for an account to access Merchize’s suite of design, production and selling tools.
  3. Choose Products to Customize: Determine relevant niches and select items to personalize with custom branding and unique touches.
  4. Add Differentiated Designs: Utilize user-friendly editing tools to add text, graphics, color schemes and refine imagery. Build customized offerings.
  5. Connect to Ecommerce Platforms: Sync inventory with platforms like Etsy, Shopify, Wix and eBay. Generate listings and optimized pricing.
  6. Manage Automated Fulfillment: Merchize handles end-to-end production and shipping through integrated global POD partners.

With robust creation tools and built-in sales channels, Merchize simplifies tapping into customized print-on-demand ecommerce. Design boutique products and watch the profits roll in!

As demand for unique, customized products accelerates, print-on-demand offers online sellers access to highly profitable merchandise opportunities. By leveraging user-friendly creation tools and integrated global production networks, ecommerce merchants can easily develop differentiated product lines serving niche audiences or personalized gifting trends to drive sales and revenue growth.

Benjamin Nguyen is a pivotal Search Engine Optimization Leader at Merchize, he dedicating his efforts to providing valuable resources to those in the Print On Demand industry. Gleaning from years of hard-earned experience in both the publishing and writing industries, Benjamin shares his wealth of knowledge through meticulously crafted marketing tips, insightful selling guides, style & trend advice, and indispensable e-commerce tutorials.