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Merchize has supported the feature of bulk importing products using CSV files.

With this feature, you can let Merchize automatically bulk import products from your other stores without having to manually copy/paste links anymore.

A sample CSV file would look like this, where the first line “url, title, collections, tags" is for the system to recognize the values ​​below. From the following lines, you just need to fill in the relevant information in the correct order of url, title, collections, tags. If Collections and tags have more than one, they must be enclosed in quotes and separated by commas:

If you view in Excel, it will look like this:

After preparing the CSV file, you just need to select this file in the Bulk Import section of Merchize and the system will automatically import the items you have listed in the file.

How To Create a CSV File?

You can create with any text editor, or with Excel.

For Excel, you just need to create a new sheet, in the first row you fill in the values: “url”,”title”,”collections”,”tags” and then for those cells, you fill in your information of items you want to import.

Finally, when finished editing, you choose Save As… and then choose the format as CSV.

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