Add WWW To Your Store

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Basically, when you complete the 3 steps in the guide to creating a store, you can access your store at your domain in the form

However, if you add WWW before the domain, you will get a 404 error – default backend when accessing. This is because the WWW has not been set up yet.

To set up WWW, it’s very simple:

  • Go to the Page Rules section in CloudFlare

  • Select Create Page Rule.

  • Fill in the setting information according to the following instructions:
    • In the If the Url Matches section, enter the domain with WWW and followed by /*. For example, here my store is, it will be filled in as*.
    • Then the settings are: Select Forwarding URL and 301 – Permanent Redirect.
    • Below enter your domain, for example:
    • Then select Save and Deploy.

That’s it, when accessing, your store will still show up instead of 404 error – default backend.

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