How To Connect PayPal Account To Pay Subscription & Transaction Fee Automatically.

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🇻🇳 Click here for the Vietnamese version For the convenience of subscription and transaction Fee Payment and to save time for sellers, Merchize has updated the function of connecting PayPal accounts to pay automatically.  Once your account is connected to Paypal, the monthly subscription payment will be automatically processed. Connection to Paypal is only needed if you are subscribing to our Storefront plan. Otherwise, it’s totally free to fulfill via Merchize.
  1. The PayPal automatic payment is “for Subscription and Transaction Fees only". With Fulfillment Cost, the system will pay via top-up balance as usual.
  2. To ensure smooth automatic charging, you can connect 2 Paypal accounts at the same time. The payment will be charged directly on your Primary account first, then on the PayPal Backup account. In case, both your Paypal accounts are inactive, we will use the Balance account to pay the fees.
  3. Note that this is a guideline for adding a Paypal account to pay the fees during the time you use Merchzie services, not to receive payment from buyers. To receive payment from buyers, you need to config your account according to this guideline: Set Up Payment in Merchize Setting – To Receive Payment From Customers
  How to Connect a PayPal Account?  To connect the PayPal account, go to Setting → Billing, it will display a information panel as below:

After filling the information in Payment Method, your Paypal account has connected with Merchize to pay subscription and transaction fees automatically.

(*) Note: Transaction and Subscription fees will be pay directly from your payment account in the following 3 cases:

  1. Pending account of transaction and subscription fees over $40 will be paid automatically
  2. Once you register a new store, you have to pay immediately even if the fee is less than $40.
  3. When the transaction and subscription fees are due, Paypal account has to pay the full amount owed, even less than $40

When charging unsuccessful, the system will try to charge on sub-account and balance account. If all your accounts cannot be charged, the system will send email notification in the next 3 days. If overdue 3 days, the billings have not been paid, the system will automatically suspend your store. Thus, please keep your balance and store-connected Paypal accounts have enough money to pay the fees so as not to be interrupted during the service use.

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