Create & Import orders for FBA Fulfillment

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1. Import a CSV of your order information:

Below are the steps to prepare your file:

We recommend that you start by downloading an example CSV file: Go to Admin Dashboard > Orders > Select Import External Orders > Download

Here is a list of the data you need for the CSV import. You have to enter required information in Required fields, and can leave Optional fields blank.

  • mockUpFront (required)/ mockUpback/… :Link of the preview image.
  • designFront (required)/ designBack…: Link of the printable file. This should be in the form of URL image link (PNG or JPEG file). You can use any cloud services (for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc). Please make sure you have adjusted your settings to allow us to gain access to the file.
  • type (required): Example: T-shirt; Mug,…
  • title (required): Example: Women Black T-shirt; …
  • SKU (optional): For your reference only
  • fnSKU (required): A unique identifier of the package on Merchize. Each row required different values.
  • size (required): Size of the particular line item.
  • color (required): Color of the particular line item (For product with no color base, example AOP products, you can input “White" value)
  • quantity (required): Quantity of the particular line item.
  • labelUrl (required): Link of Amazon Shipping Label File (required .PDF file) that you had created & printed on Amazon Seller Account before.

After orders are imported, if all information is correct, they will appear in Order import log page.

If you have an errored order, you will see it appear under the Failed tab.


2. Fulfill & Manage Orders:

You’ll see the order details by clicking on the Order Number in Orders Section.

For each successful imported order you’ll see in “fba" tag. If you want to add more tag for orders, use your own tags (not use these system tags: Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Ebay, Woocommerce, Shopbase, Csv)


At the Order Progress section near the top of the page shows all the main events that happen to an order from the moment it is created to delivered.

Merchize will then map & invoice for you orders. (Please notice your invoice within 24 working hrs)

Once paid, we can start process your orders, the Fulfillment Cost of package will show up in the right panel of Order Detail.

After orders are pushed to production, you will receive a Box Information & Tracking Details.

Configure location of your shipments – go to edit “Shipping to:" & attach Shipping Label File (Only allow users to edit Shipping Address at one time)


Then Comfirm changes will sync to Merchize Integrated Fulfillment System.


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