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To upload artwork of the product, you can upload artwork based on Product or Order.

1. If you want to upload artwork based on Product, please follow the instructions

Step 1: Open Product > Click the product needed upload artwork

Step 2: Upload artwork based on each product section (Front, Back, Sleeve, Hood).

If you upload artwork at Product, the next orders included this product would automatically save artwork as product. When upload artwork of Product, the Popup Confirm would display as:

When you delete the Artwork from menu, Products will display with the content as:

(*) Note:

    • When you upload artwork by Product, subsequent orders containing this product will default to save Artwork by product.
    • Changing the artwork in Product will affect unfulfilled orders and subsequent orders that have artwork saved with the product. Orders with custom artwork will not be affected.
    • Deleting Product artwork will not affect orders to save artwork by product. These orders retain the existing artwork until it is replaced by new artwork.
    • If you need to change or delete artwork with fulfilled orders, please contact the support team for support.

2. If you want to upload Artwork based on Order, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open Order > Click Order for upload Artwork

Step 2: Upload artwork according to each part of the product (Front, back, Sleeve, Hood). After clicking on the part you want to upload Artwork, a Popup message will appear as follows:

Uploading Artwork in Order will only be applied to that order, other orders’ artwork will still save artwork under Product.

Deleting Artwork by Order will also only apply to that Order.

After finishing uploading artwork based on order, notice of changing artwork for only this order will be displayed.

The Dashboard screen of Order will displayed products included Artwork as follows:

The Order Detail will display Orders saved Artwork based on Product or Order.

(*) Note:

    • In case you want to change the Artwork in the Order, you will have to go to the correct Order to change the Artwork. Changing artwork in Product will only apply to unfulfilled orders, not to existing Orders.
    • In case Order/Product has uploaded artwork but then deletes all artwork, when you re-upload the first artwork, a popup will be displayed allowing you to choose to save the Artwork by Order or Product as below.

Above are the steps to help you upload Artwork by Product and Order. If you need direct support, please contact the Merchize Support team.

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