How to configure and sync your Etsy orders to Merchize?

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Connecting Merchize to Etsy will allow users to 2-way synchronize products and orders, manage the listings and fulfillment from within Merchize.

This following tutorial just explains how you can connect your Etsy store with Merchize to fulfill your Etsy orders.

For creating and syncing listings to Etsy: Learn more about How to create Etsy products from Merchize.


⚠ Important: To use Merchize Fulfillment service, you need a Merchize account at least the Lite Plan. You can go to, log in with your Email account, then create a store and contact Merchize support via chat to activate your store.


Sync orders automatically and fulfill from Etsy:

If you have a Etsy store, and you have sold from some particular listings in your store, follow this step-by-step guide for Etsy Integration with Merchize to fulfill your order.

Step 1: Signing in to your Merchize account. In the Integration section, select Etsy. Click “Connect to Etsy” to start integrating your Etsy store with Merchize.

(If you haven’t had Merchize store yet, you’ll first need to create one here)

Step 2: Next, you’ll be asked to log in to your Etsy account (if you aren’t already logged in). After that, you will be asked to allow access – click on Allow Access to proceed with the integration.


So you have successfully connected your Etsy store with Merchize and are ready to sync and fulfill orders. Orders on Etsy will be synced automatically every 5 minutes.

***Attention: This applies only to orders that meet the condition where the buyer has already “paid“, the order is “unshipped“, and most importantly, the order was created “after the connection" with Merchize.

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