How To Create and Change Static Pages on Merchize (Shipping, Policy, etc.)

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When creating a store on the Merchize platform, the system automatically generates a series of static pages to comply with the regulations of stakeholders such as Google Shopping, or to ensure legality. These static pages also play a great role in increasing the store’s credibility with customers and are the base for handling customer dispute, return, refund cases. However, because each store will have a different way of working, selling different types of goods, etc., some stores will have the need to change the content of static pages accordingly. For example, Dropshipping sellers will need to change the shipping price and shipping time because dropship products will have different shipping times, specifications, and shipping fees than POD products. There are also stores, Google Shopping requires some additional information (eg return, refund, etc.) that the store owner will want to change the static page content. To change the static page content, you can go to page Settings > Pages.

This is the static page content management section. you can see information of static pages such as name, slug (behind the link), and update time. Now, to edit the content on any page, you can click on that page to start changing the content.

This is an example of a change in the content of the Help Center page. To ensure the change of the store (for example, if you want to change the support email later, change the tag line of the store, the name of the store, etc.), Merchize has added a Variables item. You can copy/paste the variables according to the instructions below to display the correct information recorded on the system, ensuring the information is consistent after each change. For example, you are currently using email support as [email protected], in a static page you can write: “Please send us an email at [email protected].” – Or you can also write: “Please send us an email at {email_support}”. Visitors will then also see the text “Please send us an email at [email protected]”. After you have finished changing the content, click Save.

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