Guideline To Integrate Email Marketing Klaviyo Solution On Your Merchize Store.

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Merchize has our email system to send abandoned checkout emails, order confirmation emails, tracking update emails, etc. However, to fully leverage the power of email marketing, many sellers might want to utilize a professional email marketing solution such as Klaviyo.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that allows e-commerce businesses to automate their email campaigns. Powered by Merchize integration, sellers can utilize this platform to create more efficient and powerful email campaigns for your Merchize store.

How to integrate Merchize with Klaviyo

To integrate your Merchize store with Klaviyo, you will have to:

  • On Klaviyo: Create a Kaviyo account > Log in to your account > Connect to your Merchize store.
  • On Go to Settings > Email marketing > Enter the API key of Klaviyo.

1. Set up a Klaviyo account:

  • Register and create a Klaviyo account at:
  • Set up your Klaviyo account:
    • What’s your website address? (Enter the domain of your Merchize store.)
    • Which category best describes your business? (Select “E-commerce”)
    • Which e-commerce platform do you use? (Choose “Other”)
  • Click “Continue”.

At this point, you have finished all the steps required on Klaviyo. Now, let’s head to to start integrating Merchize with Klaviyo.

At this point, you have finished all the steps required on Klaviyo. Now, let’s head to to complete integrating Merchize with Klaviyo.

2. Integrate Merchize store with Klaviyo

  • Log in to your account at
  • Go to SettingsEmail Marketing
  • Enter Klaviyo API Key (Click on the link on “Find your key here” to get the API key for integration)
  • Click “Save”

This is the page interface to get the key. Copy the key in the Public API key/ Site ID section and paste into settings on Merchize.

Your store is now connected with Klaviyo. When events (checkout, order, view products, etc) occur on your Merchize store, such information will be sent to Klaviyo. From your Klaviyo account, you will be able to view all these activities on your website and adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.

For specific guidelines for each Klaviyo feature, please contact Klaviyo support or view on Klaviyo website

List of Tracking Events

Here is the list of events that will be synchronized into the Klaviyo platform.

  • Active on Site
  • Viewed Product
  • Added to Cart
  • Checkout Started
  • Placed Order
  • Ordered Product
  • Cancelled Order
  • Fulfilled Order
  • Refunded Order

Note: For each event on Merchize store, you will get a number of related data.

For example: With Placed Order, you can see the ProductID, ProductName, SKU, quantity, Item price, Category, etc.

Explore data from Merchize store in Klaviyo

1. Profiles

“Profiles” page displays information about individual users in your store. The information includes user email, phone numbers, locations, account creation date, latest account update date.

  • On the left sidebar, under the “Audience” section, click on “Profile”.

Profile on klaviyo


  • By clicking on each user profile, you will see the full details of user activity history (or events) on your website.

2. Metrics

Metrics provide an overview of all events on your website. You will see a list of event metrics that are collected through the integrations.  

event metrics

  • On the left sidebar, under the “Analytics” section, click on “Metrics”.
  • Click on an event metric you want to check from the list. On selecting an event metric, you will see the full analytics of that event.

3. Flow

Klaviyo will automatically send emails to customers based on the flow you create on Klaviyo, for instance, Abandon checkout, Thank you email,…

You can go to Browser Ideas to browse pre-built flows from the library.

  • Click on “Browse Ideas”

  • To filter flows compatible with Merchize integration, select “Custom Ecommerce Cart” from the “Integration” section.

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