Launching Upsell And Cross-Selling Features V1

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When customers experience shopping in online stores, they often see banners advertising more expensive versions of products or products that may be related to what the customer intends to buy. That is the Upsell and Cross-Selling trick that stores often use to stimulate user shopping behavior and earn high profits.

To create an opportunity to increase sales and upsell sellers, Upsell and Cross-Selling features have been introduced. This article will detail the steps for seller Merchize.

1. Manage Offer

Offer management module allows Seller to view, create, edit and delete offers at will.

To create a new Offer for a customer, Seller follows these steps:

Step 1: On the Dashboard, in the Upsell Offers section on the bar, select Create new offer

Step 2: Fill all information into the provided Form

    1. For Basic Information
    • Name:¬†Seller enters the name of the Offer, the seller can search it from the Offer list in his store. This name will not be visible to the client.
    • Priority: The smaller the number, the higher the priority. For offers with the same Upsell trigger, they will be displayed in the order of priority of the Offer first, then the order of priority of the Product.

    1. For Upsell trigger
    • Trigger location: Seller chooses the display location of the Offer on the Thank you page or Order confirmation email.
    • Trigger products: Seller can choose All products (to apply the offer to all products) or Specific products (to apply the offer to less than 10 products of your choice).
    • Minimum purchase of: The minimum number of items of the order.
    • Minimum subtotal of: The minimum payment condition of the order.

    1. For Upsell offer: Display title, description, product and discount of the product to meet the offer.

In the Offer products section:

    • Recently purchased products: Offer is applied to the product that the customer has just paid for.
    • Specific products: Seller chooses up to 10 suggested products for customers to buy after the customer has paid for the order.
    • Discount: Value % discount of the product offered exclusively to customers after paying for the previous order.

Then the seller clicks Create offer to save the offer.

Step 3: Edit, delete and change status of the offer.

    • To edit the Offer information,¬†seller¬†selects the Offer list, clicks the offer name.

After editing information, select Save offer. The system will display the Offer updated successfully.

    • Change offer status by clicking Offer that you prefer to change, select¬†Active/Deactive,¬†click¬†Save offer.

Or from the offer list, click Offer -> Bulk action, change status to Active/Inactive.

Seller could delete offer by 2 steps:

    • From the offer list, tick the offer which seller prefers to delete, click¬†Bulk action -> Delete offer.

Or from the offer list, click Bulk action -> Delete.

2. Buyer purchases product to meet the offer

2.1 At Thank You Page

At the Thank you page, after the customer pays the product value, the screen will display a Popup showing the product(s) that satisfy the offer conditions that you have set up from the beginning.

In the satisfied product images, they will be arranged in the order: Variant -> Gallery.

2.2 At Confirm Email

The following customer email section will display the products offered, and the products that have been paid for on the product page.

After the customer clicks on any offered product, the purchase page will immediately appear.

Hopefully this new feature will help sellers get more sales, as well as give buyers an enjoyable shopping experience.

If the seller has questions about the product’s features and fulfillment needs, please contact Merchize’s support team for the fastest support.

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