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In order to support sellers who are selling on ShopBase who need to fulfill through Merchize, Merchize has updated the fulfillment integration feature for ShopBase.

When connecting a ShopBase account with Merchize, people can:

  • Manage orders, add multiple ShopBase accounts to Merchize securely.
  • Sync and fulfill orders on 1 or more of your ShopBase accounts.
  • After syncing and starting to fulfill, Merchize will update tracking on your ShopBase order. With direct sync orders from Shopbase, the second tracking will not be updated to shopbase.
  • Synchronize personalized order information from Shopbase to Merchize store.

Connect With ShopBase

To connect ShopBase with Merchize, the first thing you need to do is create a Private App in ShopBase Admin to get the ShopBase API Key and Password.

You can create Manage Private Apps section in the Apps feature of ShopBase.

After that, fill in the information such as App name, emergency email, and set the permission for ShopBase to create App as shown below. Then you will get ShopBase store API Key and Password.

After you get your API Key and Password, log in to your Merchize store at

Next, fill in the information in the table on the left as shown below to connect the Merchize store with ShopBase.

After filling in the information, it will take about 1-2 minutes to connect your ShopBase account to the Merchize store.

The interface management page when connecting ShopBase with Merchize as shown above will have two main parts:

    • The left part: there are instructions for connecting to ShopBase.
    • The right part: Lists information about the accounts that are connected to Merchize and you can disconnect anytime you want.

When the status is active (connected successfully), every time there is a new order on ShopBase, you can see it right in the order section of Merchize, accompanied by the tag of the order in the form of ‘shopbase_your_shopbase_account_name’.

When you go to view each order, you can also see the Shopbase tag and in the order_history section, it says this order was imported from ShopBase. Now you just need to upload artwork (front/back) to this order to start fulfilling.

In about 15 minutes to 2 hours, Merchize will fulfill this order and update the tracking code information into the order on ShopBase for you, helping to reduce the risk of dispute or return due to late tracking.

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