Create a Manual Order in Merchize

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Manual Orders are orders created directly in Merchize, not imported from a connected store.

This guide will show you how to add manual orders one at a time. You can upload multiple orders at a time with a CSV file.

To create a manual order:

  1. Click Create Order in the Orders tab

2. In the “Create Order” page, select the “Click to Add” button, then the Product Panel will appear, you can locate or search the products you wish to add.

You can add any of your existing store products to a order. Choose variants: Size, Color,… for products and then click “Add to Order“. After that, you can adjust the quantity of the product or remove the product from the Order List.

In addition, if you want to add more products as desired using the “create new product” button at the top-right of the Select Product panel.

You can choose “Create Regular Product” or “Create Campaign” in Product section, as specified in the following screenshot:

The “Create Campaign” feature can be used to:

– Create Product Mockups (Follow this full instruction to use Mockup Generator on Merchize).

– Create one or multi types of product at a time.

After the product is created, you can click “Request sample" button and go back to Create Order screen.
Select the product then continue to Shipping and enter shipping information, simply fill out all of the required fields. When you finished, tap “Create Order“.


3. View the order detail page

The new order appears in the Orders tab of your account’s dashboard.

The Order Detail page will show the order information along with its payment status.

You will also have the option to cancel or edit shipping information, artwork,… when possible.

4. Edit tags (if necessary)

With orders created manually, you can only edit your tags after the orders are created on Merchize’s system.

For TikTok orders using Seller Shipping option, “tiktok" tag must be added to the Tags section.

tag edit   

Automate the Fulfillment Process

By default, if this is your first use Merchize fulfillment, you need to Turn on “Enable” Fulfillment By Merchize feature (in the Setting > Fulfillment page). This will take you automatically push the order requests to us.

(If you want to get your orders processed manually, or apply custom fulfillment progress, you need to contact Support Team to request appropriate configurations).

*Permissions to change setting apply only to admin/manager role of the store.

Payment Processing I FAQs 

How can I pay for my order?

From the Billing Page, click Topup in Credit section. Fill out the attached billing form to submit your payment.

Note: Currently, you can only use the Store Balance to pay for orders.

If you want to get invoices paid for immediately, you can add funds to your store in advance. While you still have an active balance, any leftover funds will be refundable & you will be able to withdraw it.

Learn more about how does the Merchize billing system work.

When am I charged for my order?

You may need to wait for the invoices issued after we processed your orders.

Please note that your order will remain on hold need payment until we receive the check with the correct order total. The time it takes to see your payment reflected in your balance depends on how you use payment option.

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