Amazon Integration: Connect & Fulfill Orders Automatically

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Before you get started

If you plan to automatically sync Amazon FBM orders to Merchize for fulfillment, you can enable this setting.  You can submit orders to Merchize manually by importing CSV or creating order directly on Merchize Account.

The Amazon integration is only used for sending orders to Merchize for fulfillment.

Here is step-by-step guide for Amazon Integration with Merchize:

Integration Setup

Step 1: Go to “” to access Merchize Dashboard and then click on Amazon under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar:

Step 2: To connect to Merchize, you will need Amazon Marketplace ID, Store Name information related to your Amazon Seller Account.

Enter your Marketplace ID & Store Name in these following fields.

Select the “I have read and agreed with the documentation” statement, then click Copy Amazon App URL’ to get Authorized Link.

Step 3: Open a new tab (or use dedicated IP/VPS), paste the link copied in the previous step. You will be prompted to login to Amazon from here.

NOTE:  If you use VPS, other IP or proxy service to access to your Amazon Seller, you need to open the right VPS/IP used for that Amazon account you connect with Merchize (This is essential to avoid being suspected of unusual IP addresses or prevent multiple store associations if you connect different accounts.)

Then you will need to review the permissions being granted to Merchize related to your Amazon account.

Approve the connection by clicking Confirm & complete the setup process.

When your Amazon account is displayed on the right side as shown above with the status ‘Active’ and action ‘Sync’, it means you have successfully connected your Amazon store with Merchize and ready to sync and fulfill orders. Orders on Amazon will be synced every 5 minutes.

  • You can see list information about accounts which are connected to Merchize. You can disconnect if you want.

Now, when you have an order on Amazon, you can see immediately in the order section of Merchize, along with the order tag in the form “amazon_your_amazon_account_name”.

Automate the Fulfillment Process

By default, for your first use fulfillment by Merchize , you need to Turn on “Enable” Fulfillment By Merchize feature if you want to automate your order processing.

(If you want to get your orders processed manually, or apply custom fulfillment progress, you need to contact Support Team to request appropriate configurations).

As Amazon orders are fulfilled, Merchize will send the tracking information back to your Amazon account and notify your customers.

Can I create products on Merchize and sync listing to Amazon?

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have the listing integration feature yet. The “integration” between Amazon and Merchize is now basically a one-way thing, just enabling you to sync orders only. So you can’t get products created on Merchize account automatically synced & published to your Amazon store.

If you want to get our mockups of your custom products to see how they’ll look once printed or for listing purposes, there are currently two options:

  • Using Merchize Mockup Generator inside your browser: This tool helps to quickly visualize your ideas, and you can easily create multiple products with the same design. Then, download the mockups to use on your Amazon store or other online storefronts, social media channels.

     For more detailed instructions, check out this Mockup Generator guide.

  • Using .PSD mockup version included in each product link: In our website catalog or this folder, you’ll find a wide range of products –apparel,  home decor, accessories, and more. For all the mockups you create, make sure that your design is created according to the Merchize Design Guide.

(You can also use your own unique mockups as long as they are appropriate for Merchize product details & print files).

Then you will have to create your listings/or edit the thumbnail of items in Amazon manually as per usual, and directly upload the mock-ups you had captured via Merchize before.

If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Requesting Other Features

If there’s a particular features that you would like to recommend, you can submit a request to our team for review. We do strive to make as many user-centered features available as possible.

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