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Set Up General In Settings

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When you access Settings -> General, you will see some store settings information on the right side of the display screen.

Specifically, the General section includes the information fields you need to complete as follows:

1. Store Details 

Merchize and your customers will use the information below to contact you if necessary, including:

  • Store name: Your name store.
  • Tag Line: The products that your store focuses on selling.
  • Support email: Email address when contacting customers.


2. Store Appearance


  • Upload Logo: Logo displays in the website.
  • Upload Favicon: Icon displays for the website.
  • Upload Banner: Banner displays for the website.

3. Store Address

In the Store address section, you need to fill in some information such as:

  • Legal Name of Business: The legal business name
  • Phone: Phone number
  • Address: Address
  • Postal / ZIP code: Postal code
  • City: City
  • State: State
  • Country: Country


4. Time zone

You should pay attention to the time zone according to the target customers.


5. Store Currency

The in-store currency is USD.


Hopefully, the above information will help you set up the store as conveniently and as quickly as possible.

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