How To Edit Store Homepage on Merchize

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There are 3 main steps:

  1. Change general settings (store name, slogan, email, logo, banner, favicon, store address)
  2. Show products in Editor pick
  3. Show collection on homepage

1. Instructions for Changing General Store Settings

After logging in with your account to the Merchize Seller page at, you can change the general store settings. Go to Settings -> General and change the information for each item in turn.

Store details

  • Store name: enter the store name
  • Tag line: slogan for the web
  • Support email: customer support email

For example in this photo, my store name is “Modern Time”, the slogan is “All you need is here”, email is [email protected].

(Note that all information in the image is for illustrative purposes only.)

Store Appearance

  • Upload Logo: change the store logo image. Size should be Horizontal rectangle, height 40px.
  • Upload Favicon: change the icon image to display the store. The size should be Square, 80×80px or 100×100px.
  • Upload Banner: change the banner store image. Banner size is 1425x420px.

  • Also, the optimal size of the cover collection is 270x340px.

Store Address

  • Legal name of business: enter the legal business name.
  • Phone: phone number.
  • Address: address.
  • City: city.
  • Postal/Zip code: postal code.
  • Country: country.
  • State: state.

For example, in the picture, I enter the shop address as follow:

  • Timezone: Set the time zone. You should pay attention to the time zone according to the target customers’ reach. The example here is the US time zone.

  • Store Currency: The currency in the store. Here the currency is USD.

2. Display Products In Editor’s Pick

To display products for Editor’s Picks, you need to import products into the system. 

  • After you have a product, from the Seller page, select the Products item on the menu, then find the product you want to display on the Homepage, click to edit that product.

  •  In the product edit page, in the Display section, select Add to homepage if you want to display the product in the Editor’s Picks section, then click Save.

3. Show Collection On Homepage

  • To set up a collection for your store, From the Seller page, you choose Collection, then to create a collection, you choose “Create Collection”. Or if you have created a Collection before, you can click on the collection name you want to display to edit.

  • In the picture, I choose Family collection, here I will add a photo, description for the collection and select Add to the homepage, then click Save.

So we can quickly add products to the home page and create collections or change store information. Here are a few example images of my homepage after editing.

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