Account Suspension and Restoration

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Our system will send your store to temporarily suspend mode in the following cases:


1. For The Storefront Plan:

It’s likely due to overdue invoices. You’ll need to pay your amount to reinstate your account.

Learn more about How does the Merchize billing system work.


2. For The Fulfillment Plan:

If there’s been no activity for a period of four (4) weeks. 

You will receive an notice email from Merchize with details about the suspension in advance. You may also see a dialog in your Merchize Admin Dashboard displaying the status of your store. 

After receiving the notice email, you will have 7 more days until the supposed suspension date. To continue your subscription and avoid the suspension, you can take some of the following actions.

These activities can be classified into four categories: order-related activities, product-related activities, payment activities and cross-channel integration activities:

  • Order-related activities: create, import, update or sync orders.
  • Product-related activities: create, import, update or sync products.
  • Payment activities: deposit, billing, or transfer payments.
  • Cross-channel integration activities: connect Merchize account with external channels.


Note that the account is only temporarily suspended. The data and resources of your account will not be lost. You can restore the account at any time by contacting our support team.

Or if you want to request expansion of the default subscription period, please contact us to assist you.

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