How To Create Free Shipping Code For Built-in Payment Store

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Encourage purchase and optimize conversion rate for your Merchize Storefront by offering Free Shipping discount. 

With our Discount setting, sellers will be able to create free shipping discount codes, select applicable countries, and set minimum requirements and usage limits for each code.

To create Free Shipping Discount code, navigate to Discounts from the menu sidebar. Then, click on “Create Discount” button.

discounts code

Follow the steps below to set up your Free Shipping discount:

1. Enter your discount code

You can also click on “Auto generate” to create a random code for your discount.

2. Select “Free Shipping” in the “Types” section

3. Select Apply Countries

  • All countries: Free shipping code is available for all orders to all countries available for shipping
  • Specific countries: Free shipping code is only available for selected countries. You can either search for countries or browse countries from our list.

4. Set up minimum requirements

There are three options available:

  • None
  • Minimum purchase amount ($)
  • Minimum quantity of items

5. Set up Usage Limits (if any)

This allows you to limit the number of times the discount code can be used.

6. Set up Display

You can choose to show this discount code on your product page or not.

To complete setting up your Free shipping discount, click “Create discount”.


  • To deactivate Free Shipping discount code, select “Deactive” from the “Status” dropdown on the discount setup page.
  • To delete Free shipping discount code, click “Delete discount” button.
  • “Custom eligibility” is set to “Everyone” by default.

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