How To Create Free Shipping Code For Built-in Payment Store

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I. Purpose

The seller who is selling with Merchize BP wants to reduce the shipping price for the buyer when the value/quantity of the order reaches a certain value.

The shipping discount will be calculated directly into the seller’s profit

II. Settings

Settings: Go to Discount => Create Discount


– Seller can turn this freeship discount feature to “on” or “off” at any time.

– Use the same discount code as other normal discounts.

– You can put up to 100 characters on the textbox, which can be left blank, this value is not required.

Free shipping code

III. Store Front

Discount information will be displayed on the screens:

  • Product detail


  • Click “Add to cart” → show “Mini cart”
Free shipping code
  • Click “Card”  → show “Your card”
  • Note: 
    • In case there is more than 1 available freeship discount code: take any discount code.
    • Not applicable to orders purchased from upsell/cross-sell.

IV. How To Calculate Profit for Freeship Orders

  1.  Calculate and show the discount value on orders:
  • Product list
  • Order list
  • Profit
  1. Principles of handling:
  • The profit calculation formula for orders with freeship discount code: Profit = (retail price – (base cost – fulfillment discount) – shipping cost) *93% – (base cost thank you card * quantity of thank you card).
  • Other values still use the old formula.
  • Shipping cost: ship value before applying a discount of the order.

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