Set up custom fulfillment workflow with conditional logic

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When assigning how your products need to be fulfilled at Merchize, now you can set up conditional fulfillment automatically.

This new feature gives you a streamlined workflow to push order fulfillment requests to our fulfillment system that satisfy specific rules. 

This configuration just affects your fulfillment workflow if the orders are still in  “Validating”  & “Schedule“ process.

See more about:

The order detail page will show: Orders & items details, customer information, packing, production processing, and shipping.

The stages of order fulfillment include the following processes:

1. Receiving:

After the order is placed, created, imported or synced from other channels, it has to go to your Merchize order management dashboard.

2. Fulfillment Request Processing:

  • Automatic fulfillment: you need to Turn on “Enable” Fulfillment By Merchize feature (in the Setting > Fulfillment page). Based on your selected order approval settings, the requests will be automatically pushed to us.
  • Manual fulfillment: you will manually assign orders and items to be fulfilled. (If you want to apply custom fulfillment progress, you need to contact the Support Team to request appropriate configurations).

Order Status Column Descriptions:


when all items in your order have artworks (printable files),

at least one item in your order doesn’t have artworks,

your order hasn’t added any artworks.

Make sure to add the print-ready files associated with each item you want to fulfill.


This feature helps Sellers confirm if there is a problem with the US shipping address through the Smartystreets tool, thereby reducing the rate of returns, shipping to the wrong address, etc.

See the details here


Display “paid" or “pending" payment transactions, the orders that not directly placed in the Merchize storefront will be automatically marked as “paid”.

To Fulfillment: 

At this stage, it may take about 5 minutes (As per the default settings) to send the order (that match default approval conditions: Address has been marked as “US valid", “Others" or “Buyer confirmed" & Artwork “Completed“) from your store to Merchize fulfillment system. (You can choose your preferred time by changing the options in the Fulfillment setting page).

To learn more in-depth information about Fulfillment Request Processing >> Read here 

3. Order Fulfillment Processing 

Understand the Order Fulfillment Status & Progress:

  • Awaiting Production

When your order request has been sent to our fulfillment system

The status under ‘To Fulfillment’’ column will change to “Pushed” , and the status ‘Fulfillment’’ column should be updated to “Unfulfilled”.

When we receive your order, then process & invoice for your orders.

If your balance has enough funds available and there are no issues, the next status should be “Fulfilled” (whole order) or “Partial" (selected items).

If the order is “on hold”, indicates that the order couldn’t be sent to production due to an issue. (We may occasionally place your order on hold due to lack of balance, print file issues, product confirmation and similar.)

If the order is “hold”, indicates that you took the action “pause order”  (If you want to resume process you can click the “resume order” in the upper right-hand corner of the order information section)

  • In Production

After production begins, the order progress will display an “In Production” status, and the tracking number of the package will be generated and should appear in the order details.

The production time may vary, but usually takes between 2-7 business days.

  • Shipping

After the order is produced, then the shipping label is printed & your package is ready to ship.

At this point the status will change to “Shipment started”.

  Default Workflow:

  • Automatic fulfillment: when you Turn on “Enable” Fulfillment By Merchize feature (in the Setting > Fulfillment page). All the orders placed, created, imported or synced in your Merchize account will be automatically pushed to our fulfillment system, based on default approval conditions: Address (has statuses of “US valid", “Others" or “Buyer confirmed" ) & Artwork (“Completed").
  • Manual fulfillment: you will manually request orders and items to be fulfilled >> Go to Manual Fulfillment section to follow the detailed instructions. 

Create your custom workflow

Begin by navigating to Setting > Fulfillment > Conditional fulfillment in your Merchize Admin.

When creating fulfillment rules, you’ll want to try to ensure that your rule set accommodates all possible order scenarios. It’s extremely important that any overlap between rules is intentional so that the wrong orders will be sent to our fulfillment system.

1. First, you can choose the first rule this can be one of two options:

  • AND – will only be true if all the rules are true
  • OR – will be true if any of the rules are true

After you have selected this type of rule, all subsequent rules must either all be AND or all be OR.

You can add multiple conditions or subconditions: up to 10, with the use of the AND and OR options.

“OR" conditional logic rules are applied in the top to bottom order.

2. You will be able to establish fulfillment rules based on Product Title, Product tag, and Order Tag.

Product Title

You can edit the Products/Items from the Order Details Page (click to the eye icon besides the item title)

Product Tag

Order Tag

3. Select the operation to perform between

  • contains
  • not contains

4. Then provide a “Value" you wish to use. Text values are supported.

  • To add another row to your condition, click add +Rules
  • To add a group with subconditions, click add +Groups

You can also make changes and delete x Rules and Groups.

Click Save when you’re finished.

We highly recommend you test out your Conditional Logic rules by first saving your rules, then running with your test orders.

Important Notes

With the conditional workflow, it may take about 5 minutes – as per the default settings (*) to send the order from your store to the Merchize fulfillment system that matches these approval conditions: 

  • The order is still in the  “Validating”  & “Schedule“ process.
  • The order includes address that has been marked as “US valid", “Others" or “Buyer confirmed“.
  • Custom conditional rules are applied.

(*) You can choose your preferred time to send a fulfillment request by changing the options in the Fulfillment setting page.

Push Order Fulfillment manually

Push single order

Go to Orders page

Click the “Push order" button, after confirming, the order will be sent to our fulfillment system immediately.

Push orders in bulk

Go to Orders page

You can push orders to fulfillment in bulk by filtering and selecting multiple orders at once (using the checkbox on the left side of the order list column) and then clicking the “Push Orders" button in the dropdown Action menu.

Complete the confirmation when the pop-up dialog appears.

If your request has been disapproved, you will receive email and notification in the upper-right corner.


Important Notes:

With the manual push workflow, the order must follow these approval conditions: 

  • The order is still in the  “Validating”  & “Schedule“ process.
  • The order includes addresses that have been marked as “US valid", “Others" or “Buyer confirmed“. (This feature has the default ‘Enable’ setting, you can disable it here, in the “Address Validation" section)
  • The order has been “paid”.
  • Your order has added artworks (printable files). 

After a pushing job has been processed, you can see the Pushing Status in the “To Fulfillment” column.

The orders in gray “pushed” are those where all the data has been pushed successfully. In red “failed”, there is an error that occurred. (to view all the “Failed" pushing orders, go to the filters on the top section of the Order table, and select the “Failed" status in the To Fulfillment dropdown).


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