General Introduction to Merchize Store Administration

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Here is the general guide on how to use the Merchize’s system.

Access Merchize’s Store Administration

To access Merchize’s store administration, visit the link: This is where you will manage all your stores on the Merchize system.

You will then be directed to a sign-in page to sign in with Google. Please log in with the email you used to register to use Merchize.

đăng nhập store merchize

After that, you select the existing store that has been created and linked to your account. For example, we have the store “TestStore –” already created.

General Introduction to Store Administration

Next, you will be directed to the store admin page.

After logging in to Merchize’s store administration, you will see the admin interface as follows:



store merchize

The left column includes the menu functions you can perform. These functions are basically usable and are being gradually improved with extra features, including:

  • Home: General administration of all statistics that relate to your store (CR, traffic, etc.)
  • Orders: Manage order status, customers…
  • Importer: Update your import and export of shirts from other platforms
  • Products: Statistics of products being sold in the store.
  • Collections: Categorize products into specific collections in order to search information conveniently.
  • Billing: Control the fulfillment costs as well as transaction costs. It is also a pre-paid recharge place.
  • Integrations: Manage integrations you’re using with the Merchize store.
  • Settings: General configuration of your whole store. In the Settings section, there are sub-items like:


  • General: Add, edit, delete the general store information such as store name, logo, favicon, banner, address, shipping information, denomination type, etc.
  • Tracking: Store tracking tags such as Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Pages: Redesign the elements that appear on your Merchize store’s website.
  • Fulfillment: Enable the Merchize’s fulfillment service
  • Payment: Configure your customer payment system in your store including Paypal and Stripe. Paypal has a sandbox system to test before your store goes into operation
  • Shipping: Manage how to ship orders to customers including setting up “free shipping” or shipping costs at checkout
  • Accounts: Manage your store accounts
  • Customize Theme: Design a theme for your store
  • Online Store: Design your store display
  • Checkout: Customize your store checkout process
  • Email Templates: Edit your email messages to your customers after each buying process such as purchase confirmation, shipping, abandoned packages, and more.

Hopefully, the above useful information will help you install Merchize store admin in the most convenient and fastest way.

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