F.A.Q About Fulfillment Procedure On Merchize

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1. How to Process your First Order on Merchize account?

For your first use fulfillment by Merchize, you might want to automate your order processing by turning on the following settings:

  • Turn on “Auto-fulfillment” feature for your store, you need to contact Merchize Support Team (via live chat or in-person directly). This allows your orders will be automatically send to Merchize Integrated Fulfillment System.

(If you want to get your orders processed manually, or apply custom fulfillment progress, you need to contact Support Team to request appropriate configurations).

Click on the chat box in the right corner of the Seller Dashboard screen or Merchize Website to contact our fulfillment team.

2. Does Merchize Have the Feature of Updating the Product First and Providing the Artwork File Later?​

Yes, we do. When you have an order for a product for the first time, you need to access the order to add the artwork file for the product. The next time there is another order for that same product, Merchize’s system will automatically use this artwork file to fulfill the order.

3. Are Orders Fulfilled Through Merchize Automatically Added Tracking? ​

    • Orders from eBay, Shopify, Amazon and WooCommerce are automatically added tracking after fulfillment and have a tracking number.
    • If you fulfill it manually, the system supports Export Orders file to manually add tracking to your store.

4. Does the Customer Receive a Tracking Notice?

Merchize works on the principle that if orders are generated from a system, that system is responsible for updating changes to customers. So:

    • If customers buy directly on Merchize, they will receive an email notification when the order has a tracking number.
    • If the order is imported from another platform, then Merchize will not send a notification to the customer.

5. Is It Possible To Fulfill Products That Merchize Has Not Produced Yet?

For products that Merchize has not yet produced, we will assist you to fulfill according to the prices of other suppliers (CustomCat, etc.) and the tracking number must also follow that supplier.

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