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Step 1: Verify the store with GMC

One of the Merchize strengths is using Content API to connect with Google Shopping instead of using file XML.

  • Before connecting your Merchize store with Google Merchant Center account, you need to verify your store website with that GMC account. Choose “Fix it”
  • You are transferred to the new screen to verify the purchasing website. Choose :I have access to my server” → Add an HTML tag to my homepage.
  • Copy the code in the brackets, after the word content, in this picture is S9mSKx0X_4lL_mbegr7IkVEEhue55iTorLREzrTjbI0. Paste into Google site verification code in Setting of Merchize and save.


  • Go back to the main site of Google Merchant center, choose Verify URL, choose Claim URl. If your account has 2 green ticks, the process is successful.

Step 2: Create Feed for Google Shopping on Merchize

To create Feed for Google Shopping, you access Integrations → Google Shopping. Here are 2 options that you can use to create Feed and connect GMC, you should use 1 of 2 options only.

Option 1: Use API

  • When you go to the Google Shopping tab, you click on the “Authorize” button and log in your Google account which is used to create an account on Google Merchant Center. So your store has connected with Google Shopping and every change on your store will be updated, synchronized with Google.
  • Merchize is just a supportive platform which can help you to connect with Google Shopping. We not provide Google Shopping account, you can refer more information about Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center here
  • Now you can update your products, feed is approved. The system will update products on feed every 4 hours. Your first step is setting up Shipping and Tax as the following instructions to avoid the errors for the first time on feed.

Option 2: Use Product Feed

In the way of CSV file exporting, there will be 2 options of feed exporting, including:

  • Create general CSV

You can generate product Feed on your store into a CSV file to submit on GC by pressing “Generate CSV”. 

  • Create CSV by Date, Collections, Tags

You can choose export feed file to CSV file by date, collections and tags with some simple steps:

  • Choose criterias such as time, collection, tags
  • Press “Generate New Feed”

Created feed will appear in the Feed Exporter panel. When generating, the status will be Pending. When the process finishes, you can refresh and click on the link to download Feed and upload on Google Shopping. The maximum time for Feed generating is 1 minute.

→ 6 main filters when generating Feed into the CSV file by date, collection and tags include:

  • All: all the status
  • Pending: the system is pending
  • Processing: the system is processing
  • Done: the system has finished exporting Feed and ready to download.
  • Cancelled: sellers cancel Feed export command
  • Failed: the system cannot export Feed.

Fixx Disapproved Product Error In Shopping Ads

From the second picture, you can see 54 products which are updated on Google Merchant Center but all of them are disapproved on Shopping ads. To fix it, on Shopping ads choose Diagnostics → Item issues. This part will list the errors and warnings for your products. Some of common errors are:

  • Missing value (miss shipping, tax information) – To avoid this error, you can set it up from the beginning.
  • Missing required attribute (miss the compulsory attributes such as age, color, gender, size)

Image not retrieved (cannot find image)

1 – Fix “Missing value” error (Shipping)

  • Go to Shipping → Services, create the new Shipping Service
  • Fill in the following information:

     + Name: arbitrary naming, for example I name it Standard Shipping.

     + Areas is United States (or other countries to which the orders need to be shipped)

     + Currency: USD or your chosen country currency.

  • In the Shipping rate label, I will choose to charge shipping fee according to the number of products, click on Number of items.
  • In the new shipping rate table, fill in the shipping fee for the items. The US shipping fee for the first shirt is $4.99. 
  • With the shipping fee for 2 or more items, you can fill in as you like: $7, $8, etc as long as the number is higher than platform’s price $6.98 (=$4.99+1.99). This fee is only displayed for customers on Google Shopping, so that they can imagine the price range of the shipping fee. When customers place an order, Merchize system will automatically calculate the exact shipping fee. The shipping fee, which is set in this section, does not affect the actual shipping fee that the system needs to calculate
  • In the Holiday shipping cutoff, choose Clear and ignore.

2 – Fix “Missing value” error (Tax)

On the homepage of Merchant Center account, choose Tax → Settings → Configure no nexus for all states (Not apply tax in all states).

3 – Image Not Retrieved. 

This error is caused since Google hasn’t crawled all photos yet. You need to wait a little longer for the system to crawl all the photos, then there will be no more errors. 

4- The Warnings Of Missing Product Attribution.

If the products are set up with all required information such as: age, color, size, genger, the corresponding information will be automatically generated when uploading on the system. So, if you get a warning, you need to check the setting up of product information. 

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