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To pay service fees for Merchize as well as the fulfillment fees, you need to log in to and go to Billing.

Here, you can see full information about Merchize’s fees, be it Platform subscription or fulfillment service. You can also see your credit history or see your next bills.

The payment section works quite simply: In “Credit”, you can top up money to your account, after that the system will use your balance to pay the subscription fee, transaction fee or fulfillment fee.

Notes regarding the Top up process 

  1. Our accountants will check and approve payment 4 times per day at: 8:30 am, 12:00 pm, 03:00 pm and 05:30 pm (GMT+7 time zone).
  2. When you have top up your store but have not spent it all, you can withdraw at any time. Thus, to limit the delay in processing your order due to insufficient funds, Merchize recommends that sellers can top up a large amount of money to gradually spend for fulfillment and withdraw when needed. 
  3. Because of the large volume of transactions, sellers please specify your store link in the transfer content so that our accountants can know to approve the right store.  
  4. When bank transfer or PO transfer, there will be a certain delay since the bank holds money before transferring to Merchize, our accountants will approve after the bank finishes the transferring process. For example, you transfer at 9:00 am but the bank holds until 01:00 pm to finish processing, then our accountants will approve at 03:00 pm.
  5. When doing the interbank transfer, the transaction code of sending bank and receiving bank is different, so you need to specify your store link in transfer content so that our accountants can check it correctly.

To top up your account, it has 3 options:

  • Payoneer (PO) transfer
  • Paypal Mass Payment transfer
  • Bank transfer (Vietnamese bank account only)
  • Pingpong transfer

1 – Payoneer (PO) Transfer

In Credit, you choose Top up and following the guideline, including:

  • Payoneer transfer regarding the account [email protected]
  • Save the Transaction ID
  • Fill the Top up form the amount of money and Transaction ID. Or for easy checking, you can fill your Payoneer in the “Note” section.

In order to Merchize can quickly verify your payment, please follow the instructions and fill in the full information as above. Avoiding the situation of transferring via Payoneer but not filling the top-up form will cause difficulties in the verifying process.

2 – Bank Transfer (Only for Vietnam Dong Currency & Vietnamese Banks)

Note: The bank transfer approach is now applying for Vietnamses bank account only

In “Credit”, you choose Top up and do as guideline, including:

  • Bank transfer as the below information:
  • Save your transfer information
  • Fill Top Up form the amount of money. For easy checking, fill your transaction ID in the “Transaction ID” section. In the “Notes” section, fill the transfer content “transfer for store”

In order for Merchize to quickly verify your payment, please follow the instructions and fill in the full information as above.  Avoiding the situation of transferring but not filling the topup form will cause difficulties in the verifying process.

3 – Paypal Mass Payment Transfer and Goods and Services Transfer:

Merchize has one more transfer approach via Paypal for sellers.

Note that: You will be charged an additional amount of your Paypal transaction as a processing fee. There are two payment options via Paypal:

  • Mass Payment (free processing fee for limited time from Dec 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023
    ) via PayPal: [email protected]
  • Goods & Services (processing fee is 4%) via PayPal: [email protected]

4 – Pingpong Transfer:

To transfer top-up via Pingpong, please do as follow:

  • Make a transfer to this account: [email protected]
  • Save your Transaction ID
  • Fill the top-up amount in Topup Form as well as your Transaction ID. To make it easy to double check, please note your Pingpon email to the “Note" box.  

If you have any trouble processing payment, please contact Merchize’s support team.

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