How To Integrate The Feature Of Adding Multiple Facebook Pixel ID

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Merchize will apply the Add Multiple Facebook Pixel feature to support sellers in collecting user data on websites and supporting optimising ads.

Case 1: Add Facebook Pixel ID for Store

  • Step 1: Log in to
  • Step 2: Setting → Tracking → Facebook Tracking → Add Facebook Pixel ID

Case 2: Add Facebook Pixel ID for Collection

  • Step 1: Log in to
  • Step 2: Collection → Add Facebook Pixel ID

Case 3: Add Facebook Pixel for Product

  • Log in → Product
  • You can add Facebook Pixel for the old products or when creating new products that can be Regular Product or Personalized Product.
  • The location will be displayed on the screen of creating a new Regular Product to add Facebook Pixel ID for this product after creating. It’s the same when creating the Personalized Product.

Same with Store Merchize Normal, on Merchize POD Platform, the steps of adding Facebook Pixel ID will be applied identically to Product, Collection and Store.  

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